My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 225

Chuck is embarrassed, what can he say? Is it that you have a special figure?
After all, he was really wrong last night. Chuck admitted that if Sun Shangxue was going to get angry, then Chuck accepted that he was not a rogue, and was originally wrong.
Sun Shangxue was in a bad mood last night, and she caught her inexplicably. She didn’t slap Chuck last night.
“I’m sorry, I thought you were Yvette, so I caught it wrong, sorry.” Chuck said.
The atmosphere is awkward.
Sun Shangxue glanced at Chuck without speaking.
Chuck was embarrassed, “or will I compensate you?”
After a few scratches, I got married and paid for it. How to say that I was still a stranger to her, what might have hurt her heart last night.
The main reason is that Chuck wants to seal her mouth. This must not be known to Yvette.
“What do you treat me? Chicken?”
Sun Shangxue stood up, drank the last soy milk and walked into the room without saying a word.
Chuckzheng lived, no, what do I treat you as a chicken?
However, Chuck was relieved, and if Sun Shangxiang pursued it, he would definitely not be able to refute the loss. Now that she meant it, just forget it. She lost the dumb.
Chuck heard the movement inside, and lying in bed, Chuck was relieved that she was sleeping and would forget about what happened last night.
Alas, Yvette is so nice, she should be given a room!
I don’t know how long Yvette intends to let Sun Shangxue live.
Chuck sighed, it should be a beautiful night last night, Yvette took the initiative, how beautiful and comfortable? Unfortunately, this Sun Shangxue was destroyed.
Especially helpless!
Chuck whispered to open the door and drove downstairs to her house. Today she took Aunt Logan to eat delicious food. Aunt Logan’s net worth is so rich. He thought about taking Aunt Logan to a place like farmhouse and eating something earthy.
Aunt Logan will definitely like it, Chuck goes upstairs to find Aunt Logan.
… at the same time.
Karen Lee and Betty are talking about this on the top floor of Yeshi Hotel.
“Logan’s character will accept the young master?” Betty is a little curious. She knows Logan better and knows what her character looks like.
“I’m not sure about this.” Karen Lee shook her head helplessly. She didn’t go to the airport to meet Logan the day before yesterday, she should know what she meant.
“Logan’s character is very good, she may really be a junior, otherwise she may of course leave, so…” This is Karen Lee’s helpless point. The reason why she helped Logan before, the help between women is the main, Another thing is that Karen Lee was careful to train a wife for Chuck.
The kind that knows everything.
But the current progress seems to have no results.
“However, if the young master takes the initiative to do anything to Logan, what will happen to Logan?” Betty asked.
Karen Lee glanced at Betty, revealing strangeness.
Betty was embarrassed, “I mean, although Logan is 30 years old, it is top-notch in terms of maintenance. It is no different from a girl who is 18 or 9 years old. Young Master likes Yvette, then Yvette is not older than Young Master. Are you five or six years old? The young master may like this, the kind of younger brother… Maybe the young master has a feeling for Logan, but he has not expressed it…”
“I understand what you mean, but Ce Er did it, what did Logan react, I don’t say, but it was wrong, certainly not right, if other people did anything to Logan, Logan would kill his family, but Ce Er What has she done to her, what can she do? If Ceer did so, I would beat him hard and disrespect women.” Karen Lee shook her head.
Betty nodded and her face returned to normal. “So, shall I give them a chance to create a little?”
“Don’t, don’t do it! Logan’s cleverness is really rare, she knows any action, no need, I let her come over, just to let her start thinking about it, it’s not forcing her, not even for her, this kind of Emotional matters require the two of them to cultivate themselves slowly.” Karen Lee has a firm attitude.
“Yeah, but I’m afraid Master can’t help but do anything to Logan,” Betty said. After all, Logan is so perfect for her as a woman, appearance, figure, temperament, and personality, which Men don’t get emotional?
Chuck may not be able to control what Logan does, which is a normal man’s nature.
“Forcing? He dared to do this! I just…” Karen Lee frowned, but quickly sighed, “Oh, follow the fate! By the way, how is Yvette doing?”
“A bit confused, she really has a problem…” Betty became cautious.
Karen Lee shot a ray of fine light in his eyes…

Chuck went upstairs, knocked on the door, and Logan opened the door. Today she was wearing casual clothes. A woman of her temperament would not wear an exposed, perfect temperament, but loose sportswear could not cover her. The attractive figure, especially the legs, is perfect.
Smelling the fragrance of Logan, Chuck remembered the dream he made last night. He dreamed that Logan was taking a shower, but Chuck couldn’t imagine the pictures he hadn’t seen before, so the scene last night was surrounded by water vapor, especially fragrant.
Chuck shook his head, can’t think about it!
“What’s wrong? Didn’t you sleep well at night?” Logan smiled, his temperamental smile always attracted people’s attention.
“No, no.” Chuck no longer wanted the picture of dreaming last night. Logan trusted himself so much that he didn’t lock the door at night. How could he think about her?
My mother knows that she will kill herself.
Chuck thought this way and calmed down in his heart, but what he didn’t know was that the impulsive seed buried in his heart had germinated after that dream last night, and it was thriving…
“Well, then go on, I’m ready,”
Chuck said he wanted to go to the toilet, Logan smiled and said yes, Chuck went to the bathroom, and he thought abnormally in his heart, whether Logan was here at night or in the toilet in her room?
What the hell is she thinking about?
Chuck slapped himself, don’t think about it!
After using the toilet, Chuck and Logan went downstairs and drove Logan to a farmhouse.
However, what Chuck didn’t know was that Zelda heard the movement of the door and she came out of the house and sighed softly. …
After that night, did you plan to ignore me?
She wanted to contact Chuck, but how to speak? She went downstairs and went down to her company, but when she went there, she was nervous and even anxious because her restaurant seemed to have a problem…

“Cousin, what are we doing here? It’s expensive and there is nothing to watch.” In the farmhouse, Lara grumbled.
Charlotte was not in a good mood. In addition, the milk tea shop had a good business recently, and she made money, so Lara took Charlotte out for a walk. Charlotte said that she wanted to go a little further, so she found it here.
Charlotte sighed. After giving Chuck the last time, Chuck ignored her. She really felt lost and disappointed.
“Cousin, are you thinking about that liar?” Lara pouted, how could she not see that Charlotte looked upstairs as long as she was in the store, isn’t this upstairs Chuck?
“No,” Charlotte sighed.
“What’s wrong? Don’t lie to me, can a woman deceive a woman?” Lara said with a lip.
There are different opinions.
Charlotte thought of a way to look at Lara seriously, “You, do you really like Chuck?”
Lara blushed, how to say, like, Lara discovered this more and more, Chuckshuai, and rich, Lara liked it.
It’s just that she recently sent WeChat to Chuck. Chuck ignored her and she was also lost.
She is helpless, Chuck is a liar, now her cousin and herself actually like you, what should I do?
“I have a solution, but it depends on whether you want it or not.” Charlotte said.
“Cousin, you said,” Lara was shy, but she couldn’t help asking.
Charlotte said in her ear, Lara blushed, “Yeah, cousin, how can you do that? Chuck will be angry when he finds out.”
“It’s okay, it depends on whether you want it or not.” Charlotte is very serious.
Lara bit her lip. What her cousin said just now made it difficult for her to speak. When she considered, she suddenly enlisted, “Cousin, look, is that Chuck’s car?”

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