My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 231

Chuck had a sweet dream, and actually dreamed of being with Logan, but surprisingly, he didn’t do anything, as if he couldn’t move, Logan took care of him so gently.
Chuck felt that this dream was too comfortable and did not want to wake up.
He opened his eyes, and actually saw Loganzheng sitting on the sofa, looking at the book with the cover in English. He was surprised, what happened? what happened? How did you live here?
Chuck is embarrassed, because his dream is too that, he is embarrassed to face Logan.
“Aunt Logan.” Chuck whispered, his head hurts, what happened? And he was injured in his hand, he was beaten?
“Cer, are you awake?” Logan raised his head and immediately came over from the sofa with concern.
“Aunt Logan, what’s going on? How did I sleep? And shouldn’t we go shopping?” Chuck couldn’t think of anything. He only remembered meeting Lara and Charlotte, so he came to Logan , Prepared to take Logan to go around, but how did she fall asleep?
“Yes, but you fell dizzy on the road, and I will bring you over.” Logan smiled. She saw Chuck’s eyes haggard, but her eyes were not red, indicating that the medicine was all gone.
Logan’s heart was relieved, hoping that this medicine would have little effect on Chuck’s body.
Chuck was embarrassed, he actually fell down? Yeah, it’s normal to fall accidentally in places like this scenic spot, but I fell in a dizzy mood. How bad it is!
“That’s sorry, Aunt Logan, I’m going to take you to go shopping, but I didn’t expect it, actually…”
Chuck felt guilty. It’s 7 or 8 in the evening. How can I take Logan out?
“It’s okay, does your head still hurt?” Logan reached over and pressed Chuck’s forehead. This hand was really like milk.
Chuck’s heartbeat accelerated, feeling that his heart was about to come out, Logan was too gentle, he shook his head, “Aunt Logan, I’m not in pain,”
“That’s good, Ceer, are you hungry?” Logan withdrew his hand, Chuck’s forehead wasn’t hot, it should be almost as good.
Chuck felt his stomach hungry, as if he had just exercised all afternoon, his body was still very tired.
“A bit.”
“Then let’s go to dinner,”
“En.” Chuck got up from the bed, but still had little energy, and stood up and sat on the bed.
Logan hurried over to support Chuck. “Cer, you are waiting in the room. I’ll pack it outside for you. ”
“Thank you Aunt Logan.” Chuck was embarrassed.
“Good boy, lie down and wait for me, I will come back soon.” Logan smiled and shook his head to stand up and went out, Chuck lying on the bed, he collapsed, Logan has been taking care of himself? Chuck felt beautiful.
Soon Logan came back and Chuck ate and still felt weak. Logan said, “Don’t worry, you can sleep here today and rest in peace. I will live next door and call me if there is anything.”
Chuck hesitated, why are you so tired? As if sleeping, he was helpless, did he exercise too much recently? It should not be.
Chuck didn’t think about anything else. Where did he think he was actually being drugged? He was a man. He didn’t think about it at all.
“Okay.” Chuck nodded hesitantly, how could he say that he was powerless as if he collapsed.
“Then I’m next door. If something calls me, sleep peacefully. It’s okay.” Logan walked out with a smile.
Chuck can only call Yvette and say that he will not go back today.
He really couldn’t get back to this situation. He hung up the phone and lay in bed, falling asleep, so tired.
Logan’s ears were pressed against the door to listen to Chuck’s movements, breathing evenly.
This was asleep, fortunately, it was fine.
Logan was relieved and she returned to her room.

Yvette was lost. Was it the reason he brought Sun Shangxue back? Chuck was angry, so he didn’t go home today?
But Sun Shangxue was very helpful to him. How could he not comfort her when she was frustrated and difficult?
Yvette couldn’t do it.
“Your husband will not come back today?” Sun Shangxue asked, she murmured in your heart that you dare to come back? I was sorely caught in the toilet last night. Did you practice bone claws?
“Well, Shangxue, you can live in peace,” Yvette thought that Sun Shangxue had been thinking too much and could not afford Sun Shangxue.
“I can’t live all the time. I went to find a job in a few days and then moved out.” Sun Shangxue thinks so, how to say, she is actually very tangled in her heart Chuck’s performance in Beijing, of course, she thought Chuck was a man of skill, so she envied Yvette to find someone like Chuck, and she thought about what should Chuck Ze do if she was her boyfriend. ?
After grabbing it a few times last night, Sun Shangxue was instinctively angry, and she didn’t understand how she slapped it.
The pain may have made her forget.
“It’s okay, my husband won’t mind, you live, live with peace of mind.” Yvette was worried, and indeed Sun Shangxiang thought about it.
Let Sun Shangxue now live out, she really can’t rest assured, because Sun Shangxue is now gone, and still owes debts, millions! She worried that Sun Shangxue would not be able to think about it, and she did not want to lose such a friend.
“Why don’t you join me now? My company is very busy, and my husband opened a restaurant for me, which is now being renovated.” Yvette said hesitantly.
“Restaurant? How much investment?” Sun Shangxue asked. In fact, she was also curious. Chuck was so capable, how could he still live in this kind of community?
It may be that when I met people in Beijing, and I didn’t have that much money, I just had good relationships.
So she thinks it may be an investment of around one million.
Mentioning this, Yvette was worried because she asked, the shop had a transfer fee plus a deposit, and the rent was more than one million. She hadn’t said the decoration yet. She also had a headache and was afraid of spending too much money. However, she is full of ideas, and she designs it by herself, at least 2.8 million upwards.
Yvette said, Sun Shangxue was surprised, “Your husband is so rich?”
Any restaurant is more than three million?
“Well, I don’t know where my husband got so much money? He also has a sports car, a BMW, and bought me a Mercedes.” Yvette said.
Sun Shangxue was shocked, this is more than 10 million!
“Your husband is definitely a rich second generation!” Sun Shangxue affirmed.
“No, he isn’t.” Yvette held his chin in his hand, husband, how could you be so rich suddenly?
She is really too curious.
However, Yvette sighed, is Chuck now in Zelda’s house?

In the morning, Chuck woke up to feel his strength. He took a shower and felt that he still had to take Aunt Logan to go shopping today. How could it be a waste of time yesterday afternoon?
Chuck knocked on the door and Logan opened the door, revealing that he was carrying a dimple Smiles, “How are you feeling?”
“Very good, Aunt Logan, let’s go shopping today.” Chuck suggested.
“Okay, listen to you.” Logan felt at ease, Chuck looked much better, but Logan was surprised, she thought Chuck’s physique should be weak for a few days, it seems that Chuck is Karen Lee’s son , Gene is also very good, have the opportunity to become a master of fighting!
Chuck and Logan ate breakfast and then started shopping.
Yvette Ran and other classmates I met yesterday are still here. This time, Yvette Ran will bear all the expenses, so I can stay for three days. Anyway, Yvette Ran is also a small money, but when she saw Chuck again, she Disappointed in my heart, such a man will not meet in the future.
Of course other students also saw it! They ridiculed that such a fair and honest shopping, it’s really shameless, the packaged ones are still showing off!
Yvette Ran shook his head in disappointment and didn’t want to say a word to Chuck anymore.
Yesterday she had said enough. She remembered what Chuck said yesterday. She was funny. I am also a rich second generation and there is a square…
Really! How do you say this?
Yvette Ran stopped watching Chuck and continued to play golf with his classmates.
Chuck thinks that this place is good. See if you can open a resort in the future, it should be very profitable.
At night, Chuck took Logan to go back, but he saw Yvette Ran just came over. Yvette Ran glanced at Chuck, shaking his head in disappointment, Chuck was helpless, took out the square contract in the car, and went to Yvette Ran by the car, Yvette Ran was impatient. “What are you doing? Want to say that you are the second rich?”

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