My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 232

“Yvette Ran, you don’t believe that, you see this.” Chuck handed over the irrigation contract.
Yvette Ran was impatient. “Enough! I really thought you were such a person. Meaningful? In high school, where did that simple you go? Now the fostered, with this personality? You let me down! ”
She slammed on the accelerator and left. She had something to deal with. There was a street in her own house. She had just received a call. A restaurant on this street had an accident. She had to deal with it. ‘S boss is called Zelda…
When Yvette Ran left, Chuck was speechless and could only close up the contract.
“Want to hook up with Yvette Ran? They are the second generation of rich people. What’s more, they don’t have the habit of supporting men.” Yvette Ran left, these students must come over and give it away, because Yvette Ran All the money spent has been given, and they can play for another day tomorrow.
“Yes, you want Yvette Ran to support you? You don’t want to look at your hanging style!” The other students were sour.
Chuck is still here, indicating that he and the beautiful rich woman also stayed last night. Was it raining over last night? When they think of this, they envy jealousy. Why can Chuck find such a rich woman? ?
Chuck glanced at them, “Support Nima!”
Chuck hurriedly sent Logan back. If he didn’t go home today, Yvette would think more, so he didn’t want to waste time on these people.
Chuck opened the door and sat in, took Logan to drive away.
These students are angry!
“Fuck! He actually cursed people? It’s really fucking damned!”
“You still want to talk about quality with XiaoBettyan?”
“That is, people like him are so shameless, I feel sick to say a word to him, let alone say, let’s go to the hot spring! Hee hee!”
“It’s good to have such rich second-generation classmates like Yvette Ran. You can play casually for these three days. Students, are there any rich second-generation students that will continue to fly us the day after tomorrow?”
“No more… how can there be such a rich second generation?”
“Don’t Chuck say that he is the second generation of rich?”
“Haha, laugh to death! If he is a rich second generation, I will immediately go to eat Xiang!”
The students laughed and ridiculed the most. They went to the hot spring and made a joke. Will Chuckhui be the second generation of rich?
They didn’t believe it!
Chuck drove Logan back by car, and still had a great time shopping today. Logan has been laughing and telling the truth, with such a woman who loves to laugh, it will really make life better.
“Aunt Logan, you have a good rest.” Chuck said, how to say, a little bit reluctant.
“Okay, drive carefully.” Logan smiled and opened the door. Chuck explained that he would take Logan to play elsewhere, because Chuck didn’t know that Logan would stay here for a few days.
“Okay, listen to you.” Logan nodded.
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, Logan closed the door, Chuck was ready to go downstairs, but when the elevator door opened, the elevator door opened, Zelda walked out tiredly, she did not see Chuck, she walked confusedly .
Chuck was surprised. What happened to Zelda? What happened? should.
“Sister Zelda, what’s wrong with you?” Chuck cares, Zelda haggle, and Chuck also feels distressed.
“Ah? Chuck.” Zelda recovered and found out that Chuck had hope in her heart.
When she arrived at the restaurant yesterday, she discovered that she had a problem with a restaurant. Her landlord had to take back the shop. The contract expired, but Zelda’s restaurant was renovated last year. At that time, the landlord promised to renew the lease, so she would renovate. , But it is now due, no longer rent, you have to take it back.
Zelda found the landlord. But there is no way, she is very worried, and another restaurant is also in trouble. An employee accidentally encountered a customer while serving food, and was scalded. The key is that this customer is more powerful. What happened yesterday, she has already Three million has been lost. It’s not serious, but it won’t work, and I don’t know if it will follow.
“Sister Zelda, what happened?” Chuck cared.
“I.” Zelda felt haggard these two days. These two restaurants are the best in her business among all the restaurants. Now that something happened at the same time, Zelda sighed and she said it.
Chuck was also worried.
“It’s okay, I’ll go see the landlord with you tomorrow,” Chuck said. Good morning, let Aunt Logan wait for a while.
You can’t watch Zelda go wrong.
“Thank you, I asked her to meet at eight in the morning.” Zelda moved.
“Well, you tell me the address of your restaurant, I will go tomorrow morning.” Chuck asked, Zelda said, Chuck remembered, “Sister Zelda, you have a good rest,”
Chuck took the elevator and Zelda moved back to her home.
Chuck drove back, it was already more than nine o’clock in the evening, he opened the door and saw Yvette waiting for himself, and the door was closed, Sun Shangxue should be inside, Chucknan, this woman did not tell Yvette Right?
Chuck walked over and Yvette hugged Chuck and said to him, “Hubby, I’m sorry, I left you cold.
I will sleep with you today.”
Chuck was powerless, he really didn’t know what was wrong, his body was extremely tired, he was all weak, and he didn’t have much energy. He just wanted to sleep. Of course, Chuck didn’t know that Charlotte’s medicine was too fierce and made him empty.
“Hubby, Sun Shangxiang is asleep, there can be no sound, then I will help you.” Yvette whispered, blushing.
Chuck really had no energy, “My wife is very tired.”
Yvette was lost and tired. Was it too tired last night with Zelda? She was wronged, she was not intentional, how could Sun Shangxiang not care?
“It’s okay, then I will hug you and sleep.” Yvette closed his eyes. She didn’t sleep well last night and hugged Chuck to sleep. She was at ease.
Chuck wanted to sleep long ago, and closed his eyes and fell asleep. In the morning, Yvette awakened Chuck. Chuck woke up tiredly. Yvette kissed Chuck and said, “Get up.” I’ll make breakfast.”
Chuck looked at the time and it was almost as agreed with Zelda. He shook his head and said something was going out. Yvette nodded disappointedly, “Well, husband, drive carefully.”
Chuck said yes, brushing his teeth and leaving in a hurry, drove to Zelda’s restaurant.
The location of this place is very good. Of course, Chuck knows that a house is hundreds of thousands of a month, can it be bad?
He got out of the car and Zelda was already waiting for Chuck. She was relieved to see Chuck.
Chuck walked over and agreed to be in the private room, Zelda took him in.
Outside the restaurant, a luxury car drove in, and a beautiful woman got out. Yes, this street was owned by Yvette Ran’s house. Her father asked her to take back the restaurant.
She walked in and pushed open the door of the private room, then she frowned, and Chuck actually saw Chuck!
She was disappointed in her heart, and even felt disgusted. She was not enough to be held by the beautiful rich woman, and she even found Zelda?
Chuck is also surprised. Is this landlord Yvette Ran? He was surprised, but he heard Yolanda say before, this street is a rich man, so is it her father?
Zelda was nervous.
“Miss Mo, what are you doing? How is he here? What does it have to do with today’s conversation?” Yvette Ran sat down.
“I’ll introduce, he is…” Zelda felt that her tone was wrong, but she could only introduce it.
“No, I know him.” Yvette Ran glanced at Chuck and shook his head to continue, “I don’t understand, what do you ask him to do? Cheer you up?”
Zelda was surprised, but she was also relieved, and Chuck was a rich second generation. She must have known Yvette Ran, but after hearing Yvette Ran’s last sentence, Zelda was surprised, was she in conflict with Chuck?
“Yvette Ran, let’s put forward the conditions, how to make her renew the contract?” Chuck didn’t want to delay the time, he had to take Logan to play.
“Conditions? In what capacity do you say this sentence?” Yvette Ran shook his head. “Seeing you again, you really let me down to the extreme, how can I know your classmates like this?”
Chuck was speechless, “Yvette Ran, you are too misunderstood about me.”
“Misunderstanding? Do you think it is a misunderstanding? Really, your lies come out!” Yvette Ran sneered.
“I’m not lying, I am really rich second generation, and…”
“Square, do you have a square, right?” Yvette Ran loathed.
“Miss Yvette, Chuck really has a square.” Zelda said.
“Really? You followed him to cheat me?” Yvette Ran stood up and didn’t want to talk any more.
“The contract has expired, you leave! Also, I hate people lied to me.”

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