My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 233

Yvette Ranmei stared at Chuck, “Are you taking me to your square?”
Full of doubts.
In her view, the last time she said that the beautiful rich woman was Aunt Logan, she was bored.
Can all those lies be told? Now I have to take myself to his so-called square? What to do? Waste your time?
“Yes, don’t you believe it? I will take you now.” Chuck said, Yvette Ran’s current attitude made Chuck have to do this.
He came to help Zelda, but Yvette Ran, the host of Zelda, was so annoyed. Chuck didn’t make it clear, so not only could he not help Zelda, but it also harmed Zelda, so that she didn’t even renew the contract Maybe.
“No, you are wasting my time.” Yvette Ran shook her head. If it was not Zelda’s request, she would not come back here today.
“Yvette Ran, you misunderstood me a lot.” Chuck sighed. When meeting at the farmhouse, Chuck didn’t say anything from beginning to end, she misunderstood.
Is Chuck the most wronged?
For no reason, she was regarded as being adopted by Aunt Logan, but Aunt Logan is so good to herself and willing to promise anything. In this respect, Chuck himself hopes to be kept by Aunt Logan.
“I haven’t misunderstood you at all. I’ve seen through all these days that I used to be a good high school classmate, and it’s what it is now, with a lot of lies! I don’t know the shame of the man!”
Yvette Ran was disappointed.
She doesn’t want to talk anymore, what else can you say about such a person?
Zelda was shocked. The two were classmates, but the misunderstanding was too deep.
“Ginger…” Zelda wanted to speak for Chuck.
“It’s needless to say,” Yvette Ran went out, Zelda sighed, it seems that the restaurant’s contract has expired, so he can only choose to leave.
“Sister Zelda, wait a moment.” Chuck said.
“Chuck, don’t grieve yourself for helping me,” Zelda felt more distressed about this. Just now that Chuck was said by Yvette Ran, she was also distressed. She felt that Chuck would be grieved for herself. I don’t want Chuck to talk about it anymore. I feel that no matter how my restaurant is, I can’t be wronged to Chuck!
Chuck went out and had to help Zelda this time.
He chased it out, and at the door, he walked to Yvette Ran’s luxury car. “Jian Ran, why do you look at me that way? I feel like being held up like that?”
Chuck was particularly helpless.
“Yes, your first is not the rich second generation, the second you are under 20 years old, where did you buy the BMW Seven Series? Where does the money come from and what square?”
Yvette Ran was impatient.
“I have already said that I am a rich second generation.” Chuck is really speechless, he said clearly at that time.
“Don’t say it!” Yvette Ran loathed, “You pretended to have no money when I was teasing me?
You’re really too careful.”
Chuck knew that if he continued to say this, Yvette Ran would only deepen his prejudices.
Chuck was so misunderstood, he was also annoyed, he said, “You are rich second generation, you are not allowed to be rich second, right?”
“Not allowed, but why are you? Who are your parents?” Yvette Ran was impatient.
“I tell you, your dad’s company will be acquired by my mom.” Chuckping calmly.
Yvette Ran’s family is worth more than two billion yuan. Tell me about it yourself. Wasn’t it bought casually?
Yvette Ran was even more disgusted, “Chuck, you really made me understand the extent to which a man lies!”
My dad’s company is worth hundreds of millions, can you buy it? Do you think selling vegetables, let’s talk about it, but also want your father to sell them intentionally?
Does this man brag about making drafts?
“Keep off, I never want to see you again!” Yvette Ran said in disgust and started the car.
At this time, the two cars came in from outside, and Yvette Ran was stunned because one of the cars was actually his father’s car.
What is his father doing here?
She opened the car door and went down, warning Chuck, “I tell you, my dad is here, you must not say what you just said, my dad will find someone to clean you up!”
After that, Yvette Ran walked towards his father.
Chuck touched his nose to clean up himself?
He was quickly stunned because the car that came with her dad opened the door and a tall beautiful woman came out with rich lines and hip lines no worse than European and American women.
Why is she here?
Yvette Ran’s father, Yvette Zi, smiled, “President Murong, is this the street you are looking at?”
“Well, it’s okay.” Murong nodded, and the assistant behind her took out the document.
“This is an acquisition contract, and the specific price, you see.” Murong Qing said.
Yvette Zi immediately took a look at the contract, and he was very satisfied with the price.
Basically, all the shops on this street had recently expired. It happened that Murong Qing proposed to buy his street, and he had the sale. The thought is lost, and the price is very good.
“Specifically, please ask President Murong to talk to our company in detail!” Yvette Zi rejoiced in his heart that the price was 10% higher than the market price. It seems that Murong Qing wants to develop here in the long run.
“Yes.” Murong Qing had no opinion, but she saw a restaurant in the distance, and she smiled at the corner of her mouth.
“Dad.” Yvette Ran came over. She was too curious. What did your father and the woman talk about just now? What’s the contract again, is it because my dad wants to sell it, so he doesn’t want to renew the contract with other shops?
“Daughter, let me introduce to you, this is President Murong… President Murong, this is my daughter Yvette Ran.” Yvette Ziwei introduced.
Murong Qing nodded to Yvette Ran.
Yvette Ran is also polite. Of course, she can see the temperament of Murongqing. She must have more money than her family. That can’t offend her. She must lower her posture.
“Hello President Murong.” Yvette Ran politely said.
“Hello.” Murong Qing turned her eyes, and suddenly saw Chuck, she was stunned.
“President Murong…” Yvette Ran continued to want to speak, but Murong Qing shook his head,
She walked in front of Chuck in diameter, Yvette Ran was stunned, and immediately disgusted in her heart, wouldn’t this Murong president also support Chuck?
Where is Chuck? It was actually adopted by so many rich wives.
“Dad, what’s going on?” Yvette Ran pouted.
“Hush, this Murong President is going to buy our street!” Yvette Ziwei said, he saw Murong Qing diameter went to Chuck, he was surprised, “President Murong is worth ten billion, she can go by herself. It seems that this young man also has a background. Daughter, let’s get to know this young man in the past.”
“What do you know? This is my classmate. He was adopted by a rich woman.” Yvette Ran was not happy.
“Don’t talk nonsense.” Yvette Ziwei is serious.
“Dad, I didn’t talk nonsense. He was just adopted. I have seen it. This President Murong used to be the one who had adopted him before. What do you know about such a person? I don’t want to say a word to him.” Yvette Ran Shook his head.
“Daughter, don’t talk nonsense! I think this young man is rare, you misunderstood him.” Yvette Ziwei is an old river and lake, how can he not see it, the kind of indifference in Chuck’s eyes? This is not something that ordinary people can have.
“Not at all!” Yvette Ran disagreed, how could he be misunderstood? The lies are continuous.
“Don’t talk about it, come here.” Yvette Ziwei was serious, Yvette Ran pouted and walked unwillingly.
But when she came over, she heard Murong Qing saying, “You came here and came to buy this street? Do you want to grab it with me again?” what? He bought this street? how can that be possible? What else is “robbing with me again?”
What does this mean?
Yvette Ran was stunned.
“No.” Chuck understood that Murongqing, who was everywhere in the acquisition, took a fancy here. It seemed that he had almost talked about it. This street should be Murongqing’s.
With Murongqing and Zelda, how can you continue to open this restaurant?
“You bought this street?” Chuck asked, he must fight for Zelda.
“Yes, do you want it?” Murong Qing said softly, as if asking a trivial little question.
Chuck shook his head, how could he have the intention to buy this? Although it was enough to give my mother a phone call, Chuck didn’t want to buy it here.
“You just want me to give it to you.” Murong Qing continued. what? Yvette Ran was shocked, this street is also hundreds of millions of dollars, actually told Chuck? Yvette Ran was completely embarrassed, what happened?

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