My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 234

Yvette Ran thought about it, there are only two possibilities, that is, Chuck’s charm is too great, which led the Murong president to spend hundreds of millions to please Chuck.
But is this possible? Yvette Ran came up with this idea herself. She denied it herself. How many small faces can be found for hundreds of millions? ?
How could Chuck get to such a charming point?
Then there is the possibility that Yvette Ran might not even believe it That is, Chuck is really a rich second generation, then President Murong has sent hundreds of millions of dollars to a rich second generation for his own company, so that his company can develop better, then this makes sense.
But is it?
Yvette Ran’s mind is already confused. If Chuck is really a rich second generation, is that BMW seven series really his own? Also, he said the square, does he really have?
Yvette Ran shook his head, no! He is definitely not!
After three years with Chuck, he really can’t hang the wire anymore. Without the temperament of a rich second generation, how could he be a rich second generation?
Yvette Zi didn’t make a mistake if he looked at Chuck again!
“No,” Chuck was speechless. Why did Murong Qing do what?
Send yourself a street? Didn’t she save her twice? that’s it? Murong Qing said it too!
“Just whatever you want.” Murong Qing’s expression remained the same. She knew that Chuck would definitely not want it. He didn’t lack the money. Of course, he wanted the best. Then he didn’t owe him anything.
“But you bought this street, what are your plans?” Chuck certainly asked Zelda. In case Murongqing had other ideas, then among Zelda’s restaurants, the one with the best business would not be able to open.
“What do you want to ask?” Murong asked lightly.
“Zelda’s restaurant lease has expired, I want to ask…” Chuck didn’t need to hide it, just say it.
“No renewal.” Murong Qing shook his head.
Chuck is speechless, so simple.
This is harder to deal with than Yvette Ran.
“Of course, if you sell me your square, then I can continue to renew her contract.” Murong Qing continued.
Chuck shook his head, the square is now profitable, and will only make more money, he will definitely not sell it!
Yvette Ran’s jaw next to him would fall off in shock, what? President Murong said to sell me your square? ?
So, does Chuck really have a square? ?
Is he really rich second generation?
He was not adopted? That beauty is really his Aunt Logan?
Misunderstood him? ?
“Square? This young man seems to be super rich for the second generation…” Yvette Zi sighed.
How much does a square cost, how could he not know?
At this young age, there is a square, so his parents can’t imagine it.
“Dad, do you know his parents?” Yvette Ran was at a loss.
“I don’t know, but there is a square, and people who let President Murong, who is worth 10 billion, treat like this, do you think his parents will have less money than President Murong?”
Yvette Ziwei said.
“What? Dad, do you mean his family has 10 billion?” Yvette Ran was completely ashamed.
Yvette Ziwei shook his head and continued, “It should be more than that, I tell you, President Murong bought our street, but it was 10% higher than the market price, so the square that acquired him must also exceed the original price. The difference is between 500 million and 600 million. Even if it is only increased by 10%, it is close to 700 million. He doesn’t mean anything at all. What does this mean? It means that 700 million is nothing in his eyes…”
“Then he really is the second rich man like me?” Yvette Ran muttered to himself.
“Wrong daughter, he has more money than our family. In your eyes, you are just a second generation of Xiaofu. It’s nothing.” The gap between Yvette Ziwei and his head is huge.
Yvette Ran muttered to himself, “Dad, he just said that his mother can buy our company.”
“What?” Yvette Zi was taken aback, and his company spent too much effort. If it was taken by others, it would be over.
“Daughter, what did you do? Why the hell did we buy our company?” Yvette Zi sweated.
“I.” Yvette Ran was bitter, and she regretted that when Chuck said that he was also a rich second generation, why didn’t he believe him?
Did you say so much to disappoint him? ! Yvette Ran felt ashamed.
“How do you continue to renew Zelda’s contract?” Chuck can only compromise.
Murong Qing did not speak, “Let me think about it,”
“Don’t forget, you still owe me to sleep with me twice.” Chuck whispered, he can only say this.
“Don’t forget.” Murong Qingmei glanced at Chuck.
“Then you renew Zelda’s contract, and I won’t sleep with you.” Chuck said.
“Then I should thank you?” Murong Qing shook her head. She frowned. She turned and walked into the car. Chuck was anxious and followed Murong Qing into her car.
Yvette Ran is stupid. Is Chuck and President Murong so familiar?
“What are you doing?” Murong Qing was angry.
“Don’t do anything, don’t forget, when I made my car last time, I still wet my car. I didn’t even look for you. I’m so generous to you. What happened to Zelda’s contract renewal?… …Huh, why did your face suddenly turn red?” Chuck said in an accident, because Murong Qing heard the first sentence, his face was unnatural, and he was cold just now, and he blushed all at once, was he angry?
“Shut up!” Murong Qing was angry and shy, he actually said that, he was wet last time, but he dreamed of it.
Chuck is obedient and certainly obedient.
“Go out!” Murong Qing’s voice cooled down.
“Then you agreed?” Chuck really didn’t want to stay here. After all, he hated Murong Qing, but for Zelda, he couldn’t help it.
“Don’t renew the contract, didn’t you hear it clearly?” Murong Qingmei stared at Chuck.
Just kidding, she wants to buy here, in addition to the good business here, she also wants to retaliate against Zelda.
Chuck is quiet, he is thinking of a way, Murongqing’s attitude is too firm, and it may be related to Zelda. How to say, Zelda and Murong Qing have hatred, revenge is normal, and the woman’s heart is elusive.
“Go out!” Murong Qing continued, Chuck gave her a glance, opened the car door without speaking, Murong Qing frowned, your character did not talk back? Are you talking again, maybe you are annoyed by you, just agree?
“Driving!” Murong Qing closed his eyes, inexplicably upset.
The car left slowly.
Murong Qing left.
Chuck saw meditation.
Yvette Zi smiled for coming, Chuck gave him a look, this should be Yvette Ran’s father, “Good uncle,”
There must be some politeness, how to say he has a good attitude.
“What did my daughter say, don’t put it in her heart, she lost it inadvertently.” Yvette Ziwei said, he was worried about his mother Chuck’s discomfort, so he bought his company, his decades of hard work It’s gone.
Yvette Ran was cautious and bowed her head without saying a word. She is now insane. She never thought that Chuck would have more money than herself. Is this a dream? Why is this dream still awake?
“It’s okay.” Chuck shook his head. He didn’t pay much attention to Yvette Ran’s words.
“That’s good, you talk, daughter. I’m going back. I have to talk to President Murong in detail.”
Yvette Ziwei was relieved and Chuck’s expression told him that he could be at ease.
When his father left the company, Yvette Ran was more restrained.
Chuck thought how to say to Zelda? He didn’t plan to take Yvette Ran to his own square anymore, because this street is not hers anymore, so what waste of time?
Chuck went inside.
“Chuck!” Yvette Ran called.
Chuck turned back, “What are you doing?”
“Don’t you say you want to take me to your square?” Yvette Ran said, still holding a glimmer of hope in her heart.
“No time,” Chuck shook his head, Murong Qing was so determined, he had to find a way.
“Then where is your square, I’ll see for myself.” Yvette Ran bit his lip.
“Don’t you believe it? What else do you see?” Chuck wondered, what use is it?
“I… a little unbelief.” Yvette Ran whispered, why, he has more money than himself, but when he was studying, he could not even see at all?
“If you don’t believe it, don’t believe it,” Chuck said and walked inside, without any further proof.
Yvette Ran felt ashamed, you just wanted to show me! What do you say now, even if you don’t believe it? What do you mean? You are the rich second generation and look down on you? ?

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