My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 242

Chuck understands what happened, but how could Queenie throw the red wine on him carelessly?
Queenie, who works part-time, will certainly be especially cautious, which is certainly not that simple.
When Chuck saw that Queenie was in tears, Chuck felt hurt. You must know that Chuck asked Queenie for the first time.
“Queenie, wasn’t it intentional?” Chuck asked her gently.
“No, I was carrying wine, and he suddenly bumped into it,” Queenie wiped her tears and shook her head. She must be very cautious about her part-time job. Especially in this kind of place, she knows that they are all rich people. Split spirit.
“Well, it’s all right,” Chuck comforted.
Queenie shed tears silently, but felt that Chuck’s comfort was particularly tender.
“It’s okay? You didn’t hear me clearly? My suit is…” Xiao Shan sneered, okay? ? is it possible!
If you break your things, no matter who you have to pay, no one can run, let alone just a little waiter?
“More than one million? Isn’t it customized?” Chuck looked at him.
“Do you remember! Pay it!” Xiao Shan walked over, “Don’t think of it, because no matter who it is, I can’t play it in front of me!”
“No matter who it is, I can’t rely on it in front of me.” Chuck said lightly, “You hit her, and you still want her to lose money?”
“You are blind, right? Who the fuck said I hit her? My suit is more than one million and I lost money!” Xiao Shan narrowed his eyes.
Chuck gave him a glance, “Come on, let’s handle it alone.”
Xiao Shan sneered, “Why, do you still feel ashamed? Huh, if it weren’t for my father’s birthday, I’m going down here?!”
Chuck took Queenie to the side, away from the people eating.
Xiao Shan followed, he did not want to disturb his father’s Yaxing.
“Card number.” Chuck calmly.
Queenie panicked, so much money! Over one million, Queenie shook his head, “Chuck, too much money,”
“It’s okay,” Chuck smiled slightly.
Queenie bit her lip and felt guilty in her heart. She found that the distance between herself and Chuck was getting bigger and bigger.
“It’s your kid’s acquaintance!” Xiao Shan sneered, don’t you try? You will never die!
He said the card number, and Chuck turned to him according to the card number.
After receiving the money, Xiao Shan smiled with satisfaction, “Let your waiter friend be careful next time, this time it is lucky, and next time you meet other people, it is not as simple as losing money.”
He said he would return to the banquet, but Chuck said quietly, “The money is lost, and the next thing is not over yet.”
“It’s not over?” Xiao Shan turned his head, his face was disdainful, “Then you talk about, why is there no way to end?”
“I lost you money. First of all, take off your clothes! I bought your clothes for more than 1.3 million. Now it’s mine. What are you doing with my clothes?” Chuck asked.
“Hehehe, play this suit for me, right?” Xiao Shan was abusive, so he has seen more routines, but no one has been able to let him take off his clothes.
“Want to let me undress, you are not qualified yet, please comfort your waitress girlfriend!” Xiao Shan outlined a smile.
“You hit her, the wine is spilled, you have to pay for this money!” Chuck continued, ignoring his words.
“Haha!” Xiao Shan laughed, thinking he heard a joke.
“Red wine is spilled on the ground and the floor is messed up, you have to pay for this too!”
Xiao Shan sneered, “You said let me take off my clothes, which is still a reluctant reason. You said that I should pay for red wine. This is also a reluctant reason, but the red wine is scattered on the ground and the floor is messed up. What’s the matter with your mother? The floor? Is it yours?”
This joke is so interesting, he suddenly felt that Logan’s nephew had something wrong?
“The floor is not mine,” Chuck shook his head.
“It’s not yours, you made me pay a hair loss? Boy, would you want to pretend to be in front of your waitress girlfriend?” Xiao Shan sneered. No one pretended to be so in front of him for a long time.
“You said so much, do you think I will bird you? You call Logan, I will not bird you.” Xiao Shan shook his head, ready to return to the banquet.
“The floor is indeed not mine, but…”
“But what?” Xiao Shan sneered. “But the floor is your waitress girlfriend who dragged it with a mop, so I stained the floor that your girlfriend dragged, so is it yours? Haha!”
He really wanted to laugh.
“No, the floor is not mine, but it’s my mother.” Chuck said calmly.
“Your mother?” Xiao Shan froze, frowning immediately.
Queenie froze, what do you mean? Chuck’s mother’s floor?
“What do you mean? This restaurant is your mother?” Xiao Shan asked, full of doubts.
“Yes, the hotel is also my mother.” Chuck continued.
Queenie was shocked, what? Chuck’s mother? how can that be?
Xiao Shan shook his head, his tone more suspicious, “I heard about this hotel, but a woman named Karen Lee bought it for more than three billion yuan. Is this woman your mother? Are you kidding me?”
He must know the news, but he was not called when the hotel was feasting.
“No, Karen Lee is my mother.” Chuck said calmly.
“Do you think I will believe?” Xiao Shan was surprised, and sneer came out again. “A five-star hotel like this has at least tens of billions of dollars. Do you think I will believe you have such a rich mom? You pretend Are you forced to get used to it? You want to say Logan, then I absolutely believe it, but it’s your mother, do you think…”
“Young Master.” The manager of the hotel restaurant came over and called Chuck respectfully.
“En.” Chuck nodded.
“Master, what are you, what do you need?” the manager asked. “If you are not used to today’s dishes, I will let the kitchen cook make other things for you.”
Today’s dishes are mainly light, she thinks Chuck is not used to eating.
“No, you are busy with you.” Chuck shook his head.
“Well, what do you need to do, Master?” the supervisor said with a smile. She then said to Xiao Shan, “Mr. Xiao, what do you think of the banquet tonight?”
Xiao Shan was surprised. This supervisor, but the person who talked to him on the banquet, she was called Master Chuck. Is this hotel really Chuck Ze’s mother? Karen Lee is his mother?
The most shocking thing is to belong to Queenie. Recently, Chuck suddenly became rich. She thought that Chuck met someone, but no, it turned out that Chuck was a rich second generation, and still a super rich second generation.
This huge gap made Queenie feel ashamed.
“It’s alright, very good.” Xiao Shan said.
“Then you are busy.” The supervisor left with a smile.
Xiao Shan stared back at Chuck again, “You can’t tell, the hotel is your mother’s.”
“Lost money!” Chuck said.
“The hotel is your mother, what about?” Xiao Shan sneered, what is it? Your mother is worth 10 billion, I am the same, what is it?
“It is Logan that I will give Logan face, I don’t know Karen Lee, and I want to make me lose money, ha ha, there is a five-star hotel you think it’s amazing?” Xiao Shan sneered, he just did not get involved in the hotel industry. If he wants to open a hotel, even if it is a five-star hotel, it is a matter of minutes.
“If you do something wrong, you have to lose money. It has nothing to do with being amazing.”
Chuck shook his head.
“Send you two words, don’t pay! How can you take me? Well, I need to take off my clothes, I need to pay for red wine, and I need to pay for the floor. Who do you think you are? Lao Tzu does not bird you! I’m telling you, I’m maddening, and I won’t give you money for the banquet today!” Xiao Shan sneered.
“I won’t try it for you.” Chuck sneered.
“I still want to threaten me?” Xiao Shan disdained, he turned and prepared to go back to the banquet, but how could Chuck do so? When he came over, he stopped him, Xiao Shan laughed, lifted his leg and kicked it out.
Queenie scared her mouth.
“Fuck! Dare to block Laozi’s way, Laozi kicked you!” Xiao Shan kicked out, Chuck’s eyes cooled down, ready to give him a punch.
Such a person, Chuck is no problem now playing two or three.
“Xiaoshan, how dare you kick!” A voice came from behind, Xiaoshan frowned, turned to look, Logan came over.
Of course Chuck stopped. How to say this Xiao Shan is also a relative of Logan.
“Logan, you have to tell my dad to say, I will kick it now. How can you dare to treat me?” Xiao Shan sneered and kicked his feet.
Just kidding, my dad is your elder. How dare you dare to deal with me today for a kid? ?

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