My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 243

For a moment when Xiao Shan’s feet kicked out, he felt that his shoulder was particularly painful. He looked back and found Logan’s hand clutching his shoulder. It hurts!
“Logan, what are you doing? Do you still want to hit me? Don’t forget my dad but you, ah…”
Xiao Wan’s arm was hard, and Xiao Shan was thrown to the ground.
Xiao Shan grinned and nearly fainted.
Queenie was stunned, but this is a big man close to 1.8 meters, so he was left on the ground? ?
“Without uncle, I would have killed you.” Logan shook his head.
With a cold voice, Xiao Shan felt terrified.
He couldn’t face Logan at all, this look was too scared.
He got up from the ground, “Logan, I see how you explain to my dad.”
Xiao Shan is going to call his father over, joking, Logan, but my dad is your elder, do you dare to do it to me? He said he was going to die?
Logan stared at him with a pair of beautiful eyes, Xiao Shan shivered back, “Logan, do you dare to hit me?”
“Cer, what’s going on?” Logan softened.
Chuck said things, Logan nodded and walked in front of Xiao Shan, “do as he says.”
“Logan, you are arrogant!! My dad but you… oops.” Xiao Shan didn’t finish the words. Logan squeezed his neck, Xiao Shan was afraid, and felt the fear of death.
“Uncle is useless. You shouldn’t kick my strategy. He can’t kick you. You can’t touch him with a single hair.” Logan’s voice was particularly cold.
This is the first time Chuck looked at Logan like this. It was so different from her usual gentleness. Chuck felt her fighting. Sure enough, Logan was a master of fighting. Everyone like Xiao Shan, as long as Logan was willing, he could kill him all at once. .
“No, Logan, I was wrong, I was wrong, I lost money.” Xiao Shan said hardly.
Loganmei looked at Chuck, “How much do you need?”
“Three million don’t count.” Chuck thought for a moment.
Xiao Shan is angry, three million? ?
“Enough? Strategy?” Logan asked, his voice beautiful and gentle.
“Enough is enough,” Chuck thought, 1.7 million as compensation, almost.
“Okay.” Loganmei stared at Xiao Shan, “Cer said he wanted you three million yuan, change money!”
Logan let go of him, Xiao Shan fell to the ground, coughing painfully, he got up, stared at Chuck, asked Chuck’s card number, Chuck asked Queenie to give the card number, Queenie was confused, she shook her head and said no.
Chuck was helpless and could only tell his card number. Within a minute, there were three million more cards in it!
“I bought my clothes back, don’t you want me to take off, hum, if it is not Logan, do you think I will lose money today? You are not eligible to let me lose, including your mother!” Xiao Shan Lengheng left .
Chuck actually wanted to stop him, but he thought about it, but he got all the money. Chuck asked Queenie’s card number, leaving the 1.3 million just now. Chuck prepared to give all the remaining 1.7 million. Queenie, Chuck didn’t want to see her work part-time anymore, it was too hard.
Queenie felt totally dreamy. Chuck asked, she gave it. Chuck passed the money on. Chen Qing Qing had the arrival information on her mobile phone, and she froze, “Chuck, you,”
“It’s okay, you deserve it,” Chuck comforted, feeling guilty. Why would she be in the bathroom that day?
“But,” Queeniehoro dreamed.
“Shut up first, all right,”
“Chuck, am I dreaming? Are you really rich second generation?” Queenie muttered to himself.
“Well, yes.” By this time, what could Chuck hide?
“So this one million or so is nothing to me. You keep it well, and your sister wants to spend money too?”
Queenie bit her lip and heard Chuck confess in person, she felt that the gap was widening.
“Chuck, I will be busy first,” Queenie said.
Chuck wanted Queenie to stop taking part-time jobs. No need, Queenie said, “This aunt’s hotel, I will be very happy to work part-time, and I should help.”
Queenie said thank you to Logan, and then went to work.
Chuck was helpless.
“Cer, let’s go to dinner, I’m a little hungry.” Logan said softly, she wanted to go back to rest early after eating.
“Well, Aunt Logan.” Chuck also felt hungry, and he and Logan returned to the table again. After the two had finished eating, Chuck drove Aunt Logan home, and today the hotel is definitely full and no place to live .
“This is the balance!”
At the end of the banquet, Xiao Shan took out the card coldly. This hotel, let alone hold a banquet here, even if he lives here, he will not come back.
But a temperament woman came over, it was Karen Lee.
Xiao Shan frowned, “Who are you?”
Karen Lee reached out and picked up the card. “You just wanted to beat my son?”
“Oh, it turns out that you are Karen Lee.” Xiao Shan sneered. “Why did you come out and want to avenge your son?”
“Your Xiao’s company’s company’s earnings are not good, otherwise I just bought it.” Karen Lee said, playing Xiaoshan’s card with his finger.
“Haha! Your son is bragging, you mother is more fond of bragging, do you know how much my Xiao’s company is worth? Do you want to buy it? Do you have that money?” Xiao Shan mocked.
“I know, the number of companies added together, the first is about 15 billion. Now that a few years have passed, the remaining half will be worse next year. Your ability is very poor.” Karen Lee said.
Xiao Shan frowned, “Are you investigating me?”
This is a matter for his Xiao family, who was so clearly known to an outsider?
“I’m not interested in investigating you. I really used it to investigate people. China is one of the few. You don’t count. First of all, your father is Logan’s elder. I won’t move you Xiao family, but you, I don’t guarantee it. ,” Karen Lee continued to play Xiaoshan’s card.
Xiao Shan sneered, “You don’t guarantee? Then what do you want to do to me? I want to see and see.”
Can someone move him in this place?
Xiao Shan turned his head and was immediately startled, because he didn’t know when in the future, there was a group of people in black staring at him. That murderous look, Xiao Shan was almost scared to pee. Who are these people? ?
As a rich man, he felt sweating behind his back. Such a group of people, like a killing machine, never contacted him.
“What do you want to do? Kill me?” Xiao Shan was exasperated.
“Kill you? What qualifications do you have for me to kill?” Karen Lee shook his head. “I just want you to know, my son, are you worthy to fight?”
This is a cold, cold from the bottom of my heart, Xiao Shan trembles sitting on the ground, shaking all over, and at this moment, he feels offended by someone he will never offend.

Chuck drove Logan back, he planned to go home, because he was guilty of Yvette, so he did not want to do anything else, and tomorrow, he decided to still buy the land of Xiaoshan, as for the money, tomorrow morning to find his mother to count Too.
Let Yolanda go over the land and see what the end does.
“Cer, let me drive.” Logan said suddenly.
Chuck accidentally stopped at the side of the road.
“Cer, come here,” Logan said, and of course Chuck nodded and opened the door. Logan moved her body and moved directly from the co-pilot’s place to the driver’s seat. Chuck, who had just come over here, just saw Logan’s white long legs exposed by this action. Chuck looked stunned.
“Ceer, do it in.” Logan said, Chuck recovered and opened the car door to sit in. His mind was full of the pictures just now. His eyes couldn’t help but look at Logan next to him, but the skirt was just right. Cover up.
Logan drove suddenly, Chuck was scared, and asked Logan what happened? This speed is like drag racing, boom!
The car was suddenly hit, Chuck frowned, looked back, and was shocked, because there were actually three or four people behind the car driving overbearing. There were no people on this road. It was the suburbs that passed by. What do these people want to do?
Xiaoshan people?
Chuck was annoyed.
“Cer, sit tight, these are people who are looking for me, I’m sorry to have troubled you.” Logan felt uncomfortable, she felt uneasy when she was eating, so she wanted to go home early, but did not expect to be too early Yes, these people started.
Chuck shook his head, “Aunt Logan, are these people your enemies?”
Does anyone dare to do anything to Aunt Logan? Do not die? ? boom!
After the car crashed back, Loganmei shot out the killing machine and drove quickly.
The car is galloping on the road!
But on the road, an excavator suddenly rushed out and stopped the car. Logan stepped on the brakes and the car stopped. She looked at the back and found that the car behind was directly blocking the backward road and was surrounded!
Loganmei was cold, but said softly to Chuck, “Cee, don’t be afraid, wait for me in the car for a while.”
Logan said and opened the door.

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