My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 252

Chuck laughed, he was also surprised. Sun Shangxue came to the house for the first time, he caught her in the toilet, and saw the dance of Sun Shangxue in the room last night.
Chuck thought, his subconscious eyes wandered around Sun Shangxue. Sun Shangxue found it and was annoyed, “Did you watch enough last night?”
Chuck blushed.
Sun Shangxue is really complicated, she wants to go crazy!
“Where to go?” Chuck asked.
“Your wife’s restaurant, I’ll help design,” Sun Shangxue closed his eyes.
Chuck didn’t read it and drove Sun Shangxue to the restaurant. Sun Shangxue got off the car and Chuck asked, “Hey, how much do you owe?”
How to say Chuck was full of eyes last night.
“Do you want to help me back?” Sun Shangxue turned back.
“Lend it to you,” Chuck shook his head. How many millions would it take? That Chuck is not that extravagant, help her back first, let her rent out, then Chuck can live with Yvette.
“No, I’ll find a way for myself, and don’t think you see me undressing. If you see anything, you will buy me with money and tell you that I am not a chicken,” Sun Shangxue said coldly, turning around. Inside the store that has not been renovated.
Chuck was helpless, he didn’t mean that, how could he use Sun Shangxue as a chicken? It was just the last time I caught her, and I watched it yesterday. Chuck felt guilty, so Chuck said that.
How to say, she is also Yvette’s girlfriend.
Chuck drove to find Aunt Logan, but this time, the phone rang, it was Yolanda, Chuck answered.
“Chuck, are you free now? Come to the square, I have something to tell you.” This is Yolanda’s voice.
Listening to her tone, it seemed like something was wrong. Chuck said of course that he would be here soon, hung up, and Chuck called Aunt Logan again.
“Hey, Ceer.” Logan was gentle.
“Aunt Logan, I am going to the square over in the morning, something is wrong.”
“Well, you’re busy, I just fell asleep.”
Chuck was a little apologetic, and he didn’t let Aunt Logan go back, but at the end he didn’t have time to accompany Aunt Logan, Chuck sighed. “Aunt Logan, sorry,”
“Sorry what? I’m okay, you are busy with you.”
Hang up the phone, Chuck drove to the square.
Logan put down his phone here and chuckled, “What is this kid doing so politely?”
She started reading, but she was thinking about where to go with Ce’er in the afternoon?

Yvette was busy in the company’s office and took over the company again. There were so many busy things. The company’s business has improved. She was pleasantly surprised. In this way, the company can earn about 100,000 a month.
Yvette supported his chin. “It’s all my husband who helped me. I can’t let my husband down.”
At this time, when someone knocked on the door, Yvette calmed down, “Please come in.”
The door opened and a man walked in. Yvette accidentally stood up and hurriedly greeted the boss Wilbur Wendel of the square came over. She was surprised, “Please sit down, President Wang.”
Wilbur Wendel sat down, yes, he was beaten by Zabrina in public yesterday. That kind of humiliation made Wilbur Wendel go to the extreme. Chuck said it, so he almost caught up with his favorite Zabrina and failed. Because Chuck failed without promise.
He must also expose Chuck!
Let you also enjoy failure, but he is cautious, so come alone to find Yvette.
He knows that Chuck has a deep background. How could he not have any plans?
“General Yvette, I came here today to say something to you.” Wilbur Wendel said.
“You said.” Yvette rallied, although he was not a “Baller”, but he was also a good friend of his husband Chuck, not to mention the owner of this square.
“But before saying that, I want you to promise me one thing.”
“it is good.”
“Don’t tell Chuck, I said these words.”
Yvette was puzzled, but the good days in her heart were also aroused, and she nodded, “Okay,”
“If you say it, Chuck will be killed by the car.” Wilbur Wendel continued.
Yvette frowned, “Mr. Wang, what do you mean?”
She is a little annoyed, why do you say that her husband? ?
“You definitely want to know what I told you, but I don’t want Chuck to know that I said it, so you have to give me a guarantee, otherwise I won’t have a guarantee, I won’t say it, and I won’t tell Chuck. The policy is what I said is not enough?”
Yvette shook his head, “No, I don’t want to know about my husband’s affairs in this way.”
She all got angry directly. If he were not Chuck’s friend, she would directly let Wilbur Wendel leave.
What is this nonsense? Cursed her husband was killed by a car?
Wilbur Wendel smiled, “Really?? Ha ha, if I tell you, I am not the square owner, do you believe it?”
Yvette froze, “What do you mean?”
“I’m interested in knowing? I said it all, you absolutely want to know,” Wilbur Wendel laughed deeper, “I tell you, this square was indeed mine, my dad’s, that’s mine, but some time ago I bought it. Do you want to know who this person is?”
Yvette nodded subconsciously, “Who is this person?”

Chuck drove to the square, and he went upstairs to Yolanda’s office, “Lu Yuwen, what happened?”
Chuck came in and saw that Yolanda’s eyes were red. What happened? Chuck closed the door and sat curiously. Yolanda rarely had this kind of situation. She was cheerful and optimistic.
How could this be the case at this time?
“Chuck, I have to go back for a while, so I can’t do the planning over there, and I can’t do the square over here. I have to go back for a while,” Yolanda was sad. She stayed up late last night on the planning side What to do, but suddenly received a call from his father.
She fell in the middle of her family, and Chuck knew this at the beginning.
“Daughter, I was deceived and lost more than 5 million. Daughter, you want to help me…” This is what Yolanda’s father said.
Yolanda was anxious when he received the call. His family used to have hundreds of millions of people, but the company’s poor management led to a sudden loss of funds. The company dragged on for more than a year, and the bankruptcy was heavily in debt.
His father had been thinking about a comeback, so he often did business, and the more he lost, the more he lost. Lu Yuwen lost more than 5 million this time. Yolanda didn’t know what to do, and his father was cheated.
She saved more than 300,000 in her hand, and it was not enough to call back, and she played last night.
She had thought about letting Chuck help, but she couldn’t open the mouth.
Chuck was surprised, Yolanda did a good job, why didn’t he do it suddenly? “What happened.
Tell me, I will help you.”
Chuck was fancy with Yolanda’s strength. This woman is absolutely limitless in the future.
Chuck thought of letting her be her right hand.
“I…” Yolanda shook his head, “Chuck, I can’t tell, can I ask for leave? Can I do it in half a month.”
Chuck was helpless. “Yolanda, just say something. It’s okay. Say, are we friends?”
Yolanda was moved. Yeah, Chuck is his own boss and his friend.
“My dad was cheated.” Yolanda worried.
“Is it alright?” Chuck asked, was this cheated?
“People are fine, but they have been cheated a lot of money.”
“How much?…… Say, it’s okay.” This Yolanda, the value that he brings to himself in the future is great, Chuck knows.
“Five, five million.” Yolanda spoke intermittently.
Chuck smiled, “Aren’t you going to take five million on the square account?”
Chuck thought it was tens of millions, but for Yolanda, who fell in the family, it was a huge sum of money.
Yolanda moved, “Thank you, I will return it to you.”
Chuck laughed, “Planning the land, managing the square, and giving you more than the end of the year.”
Chuck originally planned to give Yolanda the end of the year by the end of the year, and now it can be issued in advance. After all, Chuck has other plans. Yolanda will be very busy and stay up late will be very large. Besides, Chuck is in charge of Yolanda got it, and then set up the company, and she managed it.
Yolanda was so moved that she didn’t know what to say, but just felt like following the right person.
“How far is your home? I’ll drive you to solve this matter. By the way, see if there are any projects on your side.” Chuck said.

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