My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 253

Chuck thought that if you bought it over there, it must be the result as soon as possible, then Yolanda still can’t take a break here. It is best to resolve it this afternoon and continue planning tomorrow.
So Chuck only asked how far Yolanda’s family is.
Yolanda hesitated and said, “It’s not too far away, but the road is not very easy.”
The BMW 7 Series of Chuck has been scrapped and has not been dealt with, so there is only one sports car with a low chassis, which is not suitable for taking a bad road, so Chuck simply decided to accompany Yolanda to go back by car.
Being cheated, Chuck was not at ease and Yolanda went back to deal with it by himself.
Many people take care of it, let’s talk about it, not too far away, if it goes well, you can come back tonight.
“It’s okay, then I won’t drive anymore. You’ll pack up. Let’s go now!” Chuck said.
“Yeah.” Yolanda was ready long ago. She and Chuck went out. Yolanda went to arrange today’s affairs. She quickly got on the bus stop on the roadside of the square.
There are many people in the bus and the peak of work, so it is very crowded. Chuck took the handrails and saw that Yolanda was crowded. He pulled her over and let her stay by her side.
Take advantage?
There are many people, crowded, Chuck and Yolanda inevitably have physical contact, Yolanda backed away embarrassingly, but the crowded people may not allow her to do so.
She leaned on Chuck to the station.

Yvette recovered from the shock, “You mean, the boss of the square is my husband??”
Just now, when she learned this from Wilbur Wendel’s mouth, she was unbelievable and impossible to her.
The day before yesterday, when Zelda said that she was leaking, she wondered if her husband, Chuck, would be the owner of the square? ?
When this idea came out of her mind at that time, she denied it herself. How could it be possible?
Chuck bought a sports car, BMW, bought his own house, and rented a shop for himself, which is tens of millions, but the money is still very different from a square.
After all, a square is 670 million!
How could my husband have so much money? ?
However, now Wilbur Wendel has said that his husband took over the square, and his husband is now the square owner!
She is really unbelievable, but when she thinks of Chuck’s series, she slowly believes herself.
Without billions of dollars, how could it cost more than 10 million in more than a month?
Moreover, every time Chuck is in the square and in the office of Yolanda, this is not part-time, but management, as the boss is managing the entire square!
But where did Chuck’s money take over such a large square? ?
Yvette was puzzled.
“Yes! This square was just followed by Chuck. Why didn’t he tell you?” Wilbur Wendel smiled.
The reason he told Yvette, in terms of his understanding of women, he thought Yvette was No money.
So tell her to let her know how many things Chuck concealed from her!
Yvette may be angry, then she may break up with Chuck, a man has concealed you so much, it is not sincere!
Yvette sat on the sofa, “No, my husband didn’t tell me.”
Yvette suddenly understood that he was able to renew his contract. What the “Ballers” did was even done by the owner of this square.
But where did Chuck’s money come from? Chuck is the second generation of rich? No, Yvette knew that Chuck’s parents gave up Chuck from an early age and left when they were born. At that time, Chuck’s grandfather said that Chuck’s parents fled, so how could Chuck be a rich second generation?
Yvette didn’t understand it.
“That’s strange, why didn’t he tell you?” Wilbur Wendel laughed.
“I don’t know.” Yvette was stunned.
“I tell you well, Chuck knows a big man in the capital, his surname is Tang, and his name is Logan. All of this may be given to Chuck by Logan.” Wilbur Wendel said, after all, his dad said, he was at the time. It was Logan’s phone call, so he sold the square to Chuck. Wasn’t Logan given him?
Logan? Yvette didn’t reach that level, she hadn’t heard of it, she was only at this moment, and thought Chuck was really mysterious.
“I also tell you that the scene filmed by Zabrina is also invested by him behind the scenes. Why didn’t he tell you this?” Wilbur Wendel continued to add.
Yvette shook his head. Apart from being shocked, she had nothing else to think about. Investing in movies? This is not what the average person can do. No wonder his husband Chuck knows Zabrina.
Seeing Yvette’s complicated ignorance, Wilbur Wendel knew his goal was achieved, and he smiled, “Okay, I will tell you the matter. If you tell Chuck that I said it, then he will be punished when he goes out. The car was killed.”
Yvette came back, frowning, “Why are you telling me?”
“Because I want to tell, remember Ha, you said, Chuck will be killed by the car.” Wilbur Wendel smiled and went out, what he thought, “Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you, Mo Zi The reason why Yi’s restaurant is able to come in, you know, Chuck is the owner of the square, he can let anyone in.”
Yvette was exasperated, “Do you want to yawn my husband?”
“What am I doing with him? I don’t have that ability. The Logan behind him is so powerful that you can’t imagine it. I won’t provoke such a person, so why would you let me promise me and said, he would He was killed by a car.” Wilbur Wendel said and went out.
Yvette sat paralyzed on the sofa, the shock continued again, and she muttered, “Hubby, what the hell are you hiding from me?”
After a while, she went downstairs to Yolanda’s office. At this point, Chuck should come to the square because he was the boss.
But when I reached the door, I found that the office door was closed. Where did this go? Yvette took out his mobile phone to call Chuck.
It took a long time to answer.
“Hey, wife,”
Yvette heard a very noisy voice, she asked, “Hubby, where are you?”
“On the bus.”
“What’s your husband doing on the bus?” Yvette asked.
“That BMW was hit by a crash, it can’t be driven, and the sports car can’t be driven. I’m going to a place with bad roads, so I have to take the bus.”
“Well, husband, will you come back tonight?”
“Okay, husband, be careful on your way, I have something to ask you at night.”
Hanging up the phone, Yvette glanced around, this square was actually her husband…
Here, Chuck hung up the phone, and the crowd of people squeezing the bus looked at Chuck with contempt. What BMW was hit? Can’t drive a sports car? Why did you come by bus? This is pretending, no grade!
These people disdainful eyes.
Chuck was too lazy to ignore them. He got off at the station and transferred to the station. After half an hour, he arrived at Yolanda’s house. This road is under construction. It’s really hard to walk. If you drive in a sports car, you can’t go.
“Chuck, my house is over there.” Yolanda showed the way. Chuck looked over and went home with Yuwen.
But knocking on the door, no one opened, Yolanda can only call, asked her mother where, and soon Lu Yuwen hung up the phone.
“My mother went to find my aunt. My aunt has money. My mother wants to borrow it.” Yolanda sighed and lost. She thought she was useless and asked her mother to borrow money with her face down.
“Where is that?” Chuck asked.
“It’s not too far, you can go on foot.” Yolanda said, Chuck nodded and said to go and see.
Soon Chuck and Landing Yuwen arrived at her little aunt’s house, which is also a community, and is considered a rich person.
Chuck and Yolanda went up, and Yolanda knocked on the door.
Opening the door was a young woman still with charm, this was Yolanda’s aunt.
“Auntie, let me introduce, this is my old…” Yolanda introduced, but her aunt glared at Chuck,
“No need to introduce, it seems.”
Yolanda sighed, “I’m sorry.”
Chuck shook his head, it was nothing, and it was not seen by others, and the two came in.
Yolanda saw her mother, she walked over, “Mom.”
“Daughter…” Her mother shed tears. She came and asked, but Aunt Yolanda didn’t borrow it.
Five million was not a small amount. She didn’t believe that Yolanda could afford it, so she didn’t borrow it.
“Yolanda, let me tell you the truth. Your dad is done. It’s not as simple as owing five million.
You don’t want to come to my house from today.” Aunt Yolanda said coldly.
Just now she wanted to rush Yolanda’s mother away, but now Lu Yuwen came, and brought a boy? what is this? Yolanda boyfriend? She shook her head and didn’t work well. What boyfriend did she talk about? And looking for such a boyfriend?
She stared at Chuck with contempt in her heart.

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