My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 254

Yolanda sighed. When the family had money in the past, the younger aunt came to borrow money, and they did not give it back. Now, the younger aunt actually said so, and Yolanda was cold.
“Mom, let’s go back.” Yolanda pulled his mother.
I can imagine how my mother’s attitude was wronged by her mother’s attitude when she didn’t come.
Her mother shook her head and her eyes were red. She panicked in her heart. If her sister didn’t help, she didn’t know who to go to.
She has no friends in her family. She has no other choice at all. If she doesn’t ask for her sister, who should she ask for? ?
She fell down on her knees, “Sister, you should help me this sister, last time, I haven’t asked you to return me 20 million before you borrowed me, you should pay me 5 million, OK?”
“No. Before, you said you didn’t want me to pay back the 20 million yuan. Now you want to repent?” Auntie shook her head indifferently. “Don’t come again, I won’t lend you any money, nothing.”
“Sister.” Yolanda’s mother cried.
Yolanda was busy supporting her mother, “Mom, don’t do this, I already have 5 million.”
She really felt that she was useless. Her mother actually had to kneel, but she could not think who she should go to if Chuck did not help herself this time.
“Daughter, really?” Yolanda’s mother wept with joy.
“Really.” Yolanda nodded.
“Really? That’s rich, then leave this place as soon as possible. What are you doing here?” Aunt sneered. Five million is not a small amount. Who can lend it to your family? Are you stupid?
“Auntie, you are really too much.” Yolanda was angry.
“Excessive? This is the society now. My family has money, but your family has no money. You should know this. This is the gap. You can’t climb the gap. Don’t come to my house. You are cheating on my own. Don’t say Me, this is my home, you get out!” Aunt hummed, her face disdainful.
She still has to go shopping with her friends for dinner. There is no time to waste time with these poor relatives.
“Auntie, we are relatives anyway. You really don’t need to be like this. You forgot that our family used to be so good to you. Now that you are so kind to my mother, how can you be like this?” Yolanda was rarely angry, but she couldn’t help it today. .
“What’s this? What was good to me before? How did you treat me? I begged you to treat me?
No, it’s you who came together to treat me, you gave me the initiative, and now you give me something It’s mine, do you still want to go back? Impossible! Get out of my house!” Auntie sneered.
“Alas.” Mother Yolanda sighed, desperate in her heart. She felt that her daughter could not find anyone to help. The reason why she just said that was because she didn’t want to be too embarrassed in front of her aunt.
“Daughter, let’s go.” Yolanda’s mother knew that it was useless to kneel again. People would never borrow money.
“Mom.” Yolanda’s eyes were wet. She suddenly felt that her mother was only in her forties. The hair in her work was so white. She felt the sadness of her mother and she felt heartache.
“Let’s go.” Mother Yolanda sighed, her tears flowing out in disappointment.
She didn’t want to stay here anymore. She was insulted, but still had no results.
Yolanda thought her mother was so sad, she wanted to comfort her mother. “Well, mom, we went back.”
“Hurry up, I have to go shopping with my friends and delay me for so long. Next time I come, I will bomb you out.” The aunt said coldly, staring at the ground and showing her disgust, “You, you have never seen a high-end carpet Really? Don’t know the rules? Actually walked in, who wants you to come in? Look, I’m so dirty on the carpet! Dirty!”
The little aunt exclaimed angrily, but this wool carpet cost her more than 10,000, and now she was trampled like this, she was heartbroken and died.
Chuck looked down at his feet, and it wasn’t very dirty. It was normal for the wool carpet to have footprints.
Yolanda helped his mother out and looked back at her aunt.
“What else are you looking at? See how you make my woolen carpet look, especially your boyfriend, with a sour look on his face. Don’t walk in if you haven’t seen high-end carpets!
Squat outside, this is where you can come in. Poor ghost! Don’t hurry up, be careful I let you lose money, hum, you can’t afford to lose it as you look, get out!” Aunt stared at Chuck with a look of disgust.
Who? Even if you don’t invite yourself, you’ll stain your own expensive carpet.
Yolanda was angry, but her mother was angry too, maybe she didn’t sleep well for a few days, she was so angry that she passed out, “Mom, Mom…”
“Yolanda, let’s take the aunt to the hospital.” Chuck saw that her mother was too laborious and was so disgusted by her own sister, so she was dizzy, which could be serious.
“Good.” Yolanda was also anxious and even more distressed to her mother. Since she didn’t have any money at home, her mother was really struggling to the extreme. To know that her mother was rich wife at that time, she didn’t do anything.
Chuck held her aunt down and Yolanda followed her anxiously.
The aunt closed the door in disgust, the phone rang, and she answered, “Hey, I’ll be here soon.
Oh, don’t mention it. Just a few poor relatives came to borrow money. I’m sick of it. Of course I won’t borrow it. In that way, I can’t turn over in my life,… let alone them, I’ll be here…”
Chuck took the aunt downstairs, but after shaking, the aunt woke up and Yolanda worried,
“Mom, I will take you to the hospital.”
“Farewell, I’m fine. It costs money to go to the hospital.” She shook her head, sad and bitter.
Yolanda cried, “Mom,…”
“Auntie, go to the hospital, check it out.” Chuck cares, seeing her like this, Chuck remembers that when he didn’t want to buy medicine when he had a cold, he didn’t have money, nor did Yvette. At that time, Yvette had just started a business and owed money to others.
“No, don’t waste money, daughter, just buy me a bottle of water,” said the aunt.
Yolanda knew her mother’s personality. She said no if she didn’t go. That’s why she didn’t go.
Yolanda hurried to the roadside to buy water.
Chuck helped her aunt sit in the chair of the bus stop. The aunt looked at Chuck, “Are you my boyfriend?”
Chuck is embarrassed. Of course he is not. Yolanda is a strong woman. She may not even plan to find a boyfriend.
“Thank you for being willing to come back with her in this situation.” The aunt sighed. It was a real hardship. She felt that her daughter could find such a boyfriend. She was very pleased.
In her view, Chuck looked down to earth and was very suitable for her daughter, but she felt guilty. Because of the situation in her family, if other boys had already ran away, Chuck was good.
Chuck was so embarrassed to say that, he simply came to accompany Yolanda to solve things, how to say that there is very busy there, the square, and the newly bought land, all need to be dealt with.
“Auntie, it should be.” Chuck said.
“No, lad, you are a good person, by the way, how long have you been with my daughter?” She looked forward.
Chuck was embarrassed to say that he was not a couple. He could only say, “A few months.”
“A few months?” Aunt wondered.
“Um. A few months, don’t worry, Auntie, Yolanda is already rich.”
“Rich?” Aunt sighed. “My daughter has been very sensible since she was a child. Her university money is earned by her part-time job. She gives me money every year. She has a good ability, but five million is not a small amount. I remember her. Last month, she said that she found a new job and paid more than 10,000 yuan. Where did she go to find more than 5 million?”
She thinks that it was Yolanda who just found himself downstairs, so she said that she found the money, but how could she find it?
She sighed, and the tree fell apart.
“Someone gave it to her.” Chuck didn’t say that it was given by himself. It was unnecessary.
Anyway, it was enough to solve the problem.
“Give it?” Aunt worried. She was worried that her daughter was on the wrong path. Although she believed her daughter, but what was the situation forced, what could her daughter do?
“Boy, you and I have a good talk, who gave my daughter’s money?” Aunt worried, she shouldn’t ask Chuck, she knew that this would make their feelings wrong, but she asked Chuck , Who else can I ask?

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