My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 255

Aunty wanted to know that, Chuck wanted to admit it. After all, this is not a scandal. What happened to him as a “boyfriend” of Yolanda?
“Auntie,” Chuckgang said, a BMW came out of the cell just now, and the window opened. It was Aunt Yolanda with strong makeup.
She looked at Chuck disdainfully, there was no car, poor ghost.
“Don’t hurry, I’ll be here right away. A few poor relatives are still squatting at the door. What are they doing? Waiting for the bus, they can still afford a car? Well, here, here.” The aunt said, and the accelerator stomped away. .
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Mother Yolanda saw it. Sighing again and again, “Really relatives, when it comes to money, her sister also dislikes herself, to know that her family used to help them, alas.”
“Auntie, don’t be sad.” Chuck had a deep experience. When he was in school, he was looked down on every day. Chuck Ze knew that kind of taste.
However, speaking of this, Chuck is thinking, does his mother have any sisters or sisters?
Chuck knows too little about this. I guess it does. Chuck also wants to have a cousin, cousin and cousin.
Of course, Aunt Logan is not counted. Aunt Logan recognized her mother as her sister, but Aunt Logan and her mother were not related by blood.
Yolanda’s mother sighed and felt very sad, but she also looked away. She enjoyed her glory in the first half of her life, and it was fine in the second half of her life.
At this time, Yolanda bought water and came back, “Mom, drink water,”
Auntie took a sip next, “Daughter, let’s go home first.”
“Yes.” Yolanda also wanted to meet his father. He must be very guilty, and his mother should have a good rest.
After a while, the bus came and three people went up. Fortunately, at this time, there were few people on the bus, and all three had a place to sit.
“Daughter, your boyfriend has a good personality.” Yolanda’s mother said.
Yolanda blushed and shook his head, saying, “Mom, you misunderstood, he is not my boyfriend.”
“What’s not? You still want to hide from me? He just said that he has been with you for several months. Why didn’t you admit it when you arrived?”
“Mom, it’s really not.” Yolanda was helpless. She glanced at Chuck sitting at the back, thankful.
“They don’t despise us, do you not recognize him yet?” Yolanda’s mother was a little angry.
“Mom, okay, is that okay?” Yolanda said, thinking that she had also acted as Chuck’s girlfriend before, and that’s fine.
“Alas, what should you do if your dad was cheated so much money this time? Your aunt doesn’t borrow money, we can’t find anyone else to help, what should I do?” She thought of this, her face was sad and her eyes were wet. What should I do?
She was worried.
“Mom, I really borrowed the money, he lent it to me,” Yolanda pointed to Chuck.
“What? Your boyfriend lent you?” Yolanda’s mother was surprised. She turned to look at Chuck again, and then shook her head with sigh. “Daughter, don’t lie to mom. Your boyfriend looks like an ordinary family. How could you lend you five?” One million?”
In her view, Chuck is too ordinary in wearing. How can he get 5 million at once?
“Daughter, Mom is not a person who thinks poor and loves rich. He just likes you. There is no need to lie to Mom.” Yolanda’s mother is serious.
“Mom, listen to me, he is rich, and I am still old…” Yolanda smiled.
How could your mother say that? Is Chuck too ordinary? She looked back at Chuck again, her fresh hair, handsome facial features, and she was very handsome. She looked very confident.
How could anyone with no money have such a look?
But she didn’t finish her words, her mother’s cell phone rang, and she took out her cell phone,
“It’s your dad’s…”
She answered, and soon panicked, crying when she hung up, “Daughter, your dad is blocked by someone. Now someone wants him to pay back, or he will cut off his hand!”
Yolanda was also shocked, “What?”
How could this be?
Is this a loan shark? Yolanda was anxious, “Where is Mom, Dad?”
“In the suburbs, what should I do, what should I do? Where do I borrow money now?” Yolanda’s mother felt desperate, five million, how to borrow?
“Mom, it’s okay, I will solve it. Let’s go to Dad’s side first. If we go late, Dad will have an accident,” Yolanda forced himself to calm down.
“Okay,” Yolanda’s mother decided in her heart. Let’s go to save people first. In case it doesn’t work, then she will be forced to die.
Yolanda stood up and ran to Chuck, “Chuck, my dad, my dad…”
“What’s wrong with Uncle?” Chuck was surprised, and Yolanda cried in a hurry.
“My dad was blocked by people and they asked for money.”
“Then go and give money.” Chuck stood up, this is not a joke, owes millions to others, others are angry and angry, who knows what can be done?
“It’s okay, I’ll go with you,” Chuck is serious, as long as the money is not enough?
Yolanda was moved to tears. The three of them got off at the next stop and drove the taxi to the place. It was a ruin-like place. Chuck took the two of them. Choosing such a remote place might not be so simple.
Chuck looked around and saw a piece of scrap iron. He put this not thick iron rod behind to prevent it from being needed.
After all this is done, Chuck can be assured that he can’t overturn the boat in the gutter, at least to ensure the safety of Yolanda and her mother!
“Go, let’s go in,” Chuck nodded, and the three went inside.
I saw about ten people like hooligans, guarding a middle-aged man in his 40s or 50s. He had been beaten with bruises and bruises on his face, and it seemed that he had been tortured. head.
Chuck looked around and looked at these ten people. In case someone else wanted something else, then Chuck was not quite sure to win. He now desperately needs to learn to fight with his mother.
With the strength of the mother, then these little myself, aren’t you just playing casually?
Chuck decided to find his mother to learn first this time, or two tricks with Aunt Logan!
“Slow, don’t you bring the money?” Headed by a strong man wearing a gold necklace, he looked like an upstart.
“Dad.” Yolanda was annoyed, and actually made his father look like this? “Why do you beat people? Why?”
She wanted to slap the upstart’s face in the past.
“Why?? I borrowed the money from this old thing. If I don’t pay it, I will not beat him?”
“Don’t!” Yolanda’s mother ran over crying. She was already haggard and could not bear such a blow.
“The money is here, swipe your card!” Yolanda took out a card and stared at him!
Yolanda’s mother is nervous, is her daughter really rich? She looked at Chuck again, and she sighed that Chuck was not like a rich man!
“Oh, where did the money come from? Wouldn’t it be to sell yourself?” The strong man looked at Yolanda with interest. Of course he knew Yolanda, otherwise how could he lend money to the old man? ?
“Shameless! Yolanda stared at him, “The money is returned to you, and my dad is immediately released! ”
The strong man turned his head away, and a younger brother came over to get the card next, but he did not forget to touch Yolanda’s hand.
This younger brother is like a horse. He hasn’t seen this kind of beauty. The woman in the club can’t compare with Yolanda in front of her! He certainly didn’t want to let this opportunity pass.
Yolanda frowned, Chuck saw it, and of course he couldn’t get used to it. When he came over, he slapped this younger brother!
This younger brother is a thin man. Where can Chuck stand like this? With a slap, everyone sat down on the ground.
“Grass mud horse!” Of course the little brother was annoyed.
He got up and stared at Chuck.
“Hands clean!” Chuck expressionless, such a person is really the life of a younger brother.
“Who is your kid? Who dare to beat me?” The strong man’s eyes shot cold, his younger brother was beaten, he didn’t come forward, how to be the boss?
“I’m not who. Your little brother doesn’t understand the rules. I will teach you and collect money and let people go.” Chuck’s eyes were cold, and the strong man frowned. “Collect money first.”
This little brother was reluctant, but he could only swipe his card first, and he was sure there were five million in it. He nodded.
The strong man accidentally glanced at Yolanda for a few more times, and smiled, “Five million? It seems that you are really selling it. How about it, and you are not interested in sleeping with me? I can afford it in the evening. “

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