My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 256

“Keep your mouth clean!” Chuck said coldly.
“Oh, do you still want to give her a head start?” The strong man sneered, feeling uncomfortable, and a few younger brothers came around.
“Release!” Chuck’s face did not change color.
“Release people?” The strong man disdains, “Five million principal is paid, but what about interest? One hundred thousand interest a day? He borrowed a total of fifteen days! 1.5 million, give money! ”
“You!” Yolanda was angry.
Yolanda’s mother was stunned. Does her daughter actually have 5 million in her card?
“If you don’t give money, your dad can’t leave today!” The strong man sneered. “Of course, if you stay with me for a few nights, what if I give you a discount? Haha!”
“You are shameless!” Yolanda was annoyed. She really didn’t expect that, 1.5 million!
Chuck drew her behind.
“Do not let people go!” Chuck stared at these people.
Sure enough, his hunch is correct. These people will really be fooled. Five million have been collected. Now it is still 1.5 million in interest?
Is it clear?
“Your boy is looking for death, right?” The strong man came sneeringly, carrying a steel pipe, his face murderous, and all the other brothers came around with fierce eyes.
“Go to hell!”
Chuck grabbed the iron rod behind him and smashed it out.
Oops! Hitting the strong man’s head, he burst into blood immediately, sitting on the ground with a buttocks, shocked, he was beaten?
“You, go up, abolish him, abolish him!!!” The strong man was annoyed. Why was he beaten like this?
The other younger brothers were also ashamed, and they rushed up.
“Yolanda, take your uncle and aunt.” Chuck yelled, let him kick him out, and said.
A little brother screamed and fell to the ground while covering his stomach.
Chuckke doesn’t have any intention of closing up. How heavy is this foot? How can a thin man resist it? It’s good to not be dizzy.
However, seven or eight people used steel pipes to fight Chuck. He was a bit unable to carry it.
He was beaten a few times, and Chuck gritted his teeth. Fortunately, he learned boxing for a few days.
He was beaten, but there were also three people wriggling and screaming on the ground, holding his bloody head.
“Come on, Yolanda! You go first!” Chuck yelled. Although he said pain, he was excited by the fight, and he felt it was interesting to fight.
Yolanda’s eyes flashed urgently. She ran over to untie her father and let him take her mother away. She picked up the stone on the ground and helped Chuck. She couldn’t leave like this, leaving Chuck here alone.
Chuck’s accident, Yolanda came, and he couldn’t care what the man did. He lifted his legs and kicked his crotch. Several screams of tears and tears rang in this ruin.
Yolanda saw a person who ran to Chuck and wanted to attack. She screamed and smashed the stone out of her hand. Hey, this man fell to the ground and passed out.
Chuck was relieved, and he blew himself up, but after so many people were stunned, Chuck felt that he would be a master of fighting with his mother in the future?
“Chuck, are you okay?” Yolanda ran over. She saw Chuck sweating. This was because he had beaten too many people. He was beaten a few times, and it hurt.
“It’s okay, you go out quickly.” Chuck said, he had to talk to this person, otherwise Yolanda’s family would be restless?
“No, how can I help you leave me alone?” Yolanda shook her head, she could never do such a thing.
Chuckduo gave her a few glances and walked in front of this strong man. The strong man was also shocked. How many of his little brothers were so stunned?
“You, what do you want to do?” The strong man stood up, covering his head.
Chuck kicked out, and the strong man screamed and fell to the ground, “Don’t hit me, don’t hit me!”
“Do you know who I am?” Chuck squatted down and stared at him, his eyes cold.
“I don’t know,” the strong man shook his head, but at this time, the coldness in Chuck’s eyes scared him.
He felt like an ant for a moment.
“If you trouble Lu Yuwen again, I will let you know who I am!” Chuck stared at him, smashing the iron rod in his hand to the ground, and the strong man was scared to death.
He felt fear, “No, no.”
“Remember, provoke me, I want your whole family to die!” Chuck stood up, and for a moment, like the king, Yolanda was dumbfounded. She had never seen Chuck like this. Such a look, even her All felt fear.
The strong man’s face was scared, Chuck stared at him for the last time, turned and said to Yolanda, “Let’s go out.”
“Okay.” Yolanda recovered and followed Chuck. The strong man got up from the ground, and other younger brothers also got up. These younger brothers covered their stomachs and covered their heads, but they were all frightened. “Boss, we will find someone to scrap him!”
“Yes, this kid actually hit us like this! Can’t swallow this breath!” said a bloody young man fiercely.
The strong man slapped it out!
The little brother was forced, “Boss, why are you hitting me?”
“This person is not simple, let’s not provoke!” The brave man had a lingering fear. His eyes were so scared just now. He had the kind of eyes he saw when he saw Hongye Jingcheng.
“Why? Isn’t this kid able to fight? Let’s call twenty brothers and be sure to kick him out of shit!”
“It’s not that simple. This person may be the same kind of person as Hongye in the capital, so I can’t afford it!”
“What? Hongye?” These little brothers were paralyzed on the ground. They were loan sharks.
How could they compare with Hongye in Beijing? They are not qualified, they stomped their feet, but people who want to die!
The strong man nodded, “Yeah, people like Hongye…”
At this time, Chuck, Yolanda, and her parents had walked to the side of the road. In the traffic stop, Lu Yuwen’s father was embarrassed to talk, but her mother was different, and she was more and more satisfied with Chuck. She felt that her daughter was looking for Boyfriend is very good, his daughter is lucky.
Soon, the car was stopped, and Yolanda and Chuck sent them both back, but when they got home, it was almost dark. Chuck thought of Aunt Logan. That’s bad. When he arrived at Yolanda’s house, he used the excuse to go to the toilet. Call Aunt Logan to apologize.
Of course Aunt Logan will not be angry anymore, and she smiled and told Chuck not to think much.
Chuck was relieved. Hearing the gentle voice of Aunt Logan, he took off his clothes, and his back was green. He was beaten with a few sticks just now. At this time, he finally started to hurt, and Chuck was suffering.
“What’s wrong?” Logan heard Chuck’s grinning voice. She cared.
“It’s fine.” Chuck certainly didn’t want to say that he was beaten.
“Cer, be careful.” Logan was worried. She felt a little uneasy in the afternoon. She was waiting for Chuck to take herself out to play, but she didn’t have an afternoon. She was still a little disappointed, but she was even more worried about Chuck. Did something happen?
“Well, Aunt Logan, you go to bed earlier.” Chuck said.
“it is good.”
Chuck hung up.
But when he went out, he heard the noise, and he doubted to come out of the bathroom.
I saw Aunt Yolanda actually came to the door. What is this for?
“Grass and mud horses, you poor people, you owe money to her mother to solve it by herself, now everyone has found me.” She was angry, just a good shopping just now, and was threatened by someone in the alley, saying that she didn’t even pay the money. What money do you owe? ? She was scared to death, and when she left, she immediately thought of Yolanda’s family.
She felt implicated.
But she didn’t know that it was her who was looking for!
“Auntie, our money has been paid off.” Yolanda explained.
“Pay it off?” Auntie slapped Yolanda heavily, and Yolanda’s white net cheek immediately appeared a slap mark. Yolanda sighed. This was afflicting the younger aunt. She felt guilty, so she didn’t plan to return, she shook her head. , Our money really paid off.”
“Are you paying off in the afternoon? Do you think I’m stupid? Where did you get the five million? Go steal, grab, or sell?” Aunt stared at landing Yuwen.
“Auntie, don’t go too far.” Yolanda stared at her.
“Too much? Your gangs, I am threatened by people, why don’t you die? If you can’t afford the money, you can jump off the building, then you don’t have to pay it back!” The aunt screamed in exasperation, how could she have such relatives? ?

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