My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 258 & 259

“Your niece? That Lu family’s Yolanda? Isn’t her family run out of money?” The big man frowned and looked up at him in doubt. How many millions can live in this kind of community?
“Her family is out of money, but she was lucky to find a rich boyfriend,” said the little aunt, and she still had doubts in her mind, that hanging sample will have money?
But what can we do now? Do you want to be photographed?
“Rich boyfriend? Yolanda heard that it’s very beautiful. It’s not difficult to find a rich one. OK, you take us up to find her! Remember, I can’t borrow the money. Dahan sneered.
The little aunt cried even more. She didn’t have any thoughts in her heart, because she had said that she would never come here again, and she still treated Yolanda so much and mocked Yolanda’s boyfriend. Will Yolanda help them? ? Will you borrow money?
The big man slapped it out, “Fucking, I want to waste my time? Come on!”
The younger sister screamed and covered her cheeks, crying harder. She begged, “Please don’t hit me.”
“Scrumbling, who do you want to fight? Quickly lead the way!” Dahan was impatient.
The aunt cried and led the way.
At the door of Yolanda’s house, these big men even questioned, “Aren’t you lying? Lu Yuwen really has a rich boyfriend, will the Yolanda family live in such a place?”
Such a place is so broken, there are no elevators, how is it possible? They didn’t believe it at all.
“Me, I’m not sure if her boyfriend has money, I…” Auntie Zhiwuwuwu.
The big man slaps angrily, and the aunt screams and falls to the ground.
“You play with me?? Drag away, take a picture of her, and I will come in person!” Dahan ordered.
“Ah, no, you let me ask, what if her boyfriend is really rich? Please, please.” The little aunt pleaded.
“Then knock on the door soon?” Dahan was impatient.
The little aunt cried and got up from the ground. She knocked on the door, and the door opened quickly. The door was opened by the puzzled Yolanda. She just heard a sound at the door. She was still curious about what happened. She froze when she opened the door. …My little aunt? ?
“Yolanda, save your aunt.” The aunt said with a cry.
Both Lu Yuwen’s mother and father heard the movement and came out, seeing such awkward aunt, they were both stunned, what happened, when they just went down, it was okay, how did it take more than ten minutes, it became like this ?
Chuck also got up from the sofa.
“Auntie, what’s wrong with you?” Yolanda sighed.
“The slut in my family gambled, lost money, and owed money. You have to save me. I have no money to pay. They will take pictures of me and pull me to sell, Yolanda, save my aunt.” She wept bitterly He has been grieved to the extreme, his life has changed a lot, and his ups and downs have been too big.
“Yes, lend to her if you have money, otherwise you will see her fruit photos later, it will be interesting,” these few big men entered with a sneer.
Yolanda frowned.
“Did you just say you didn’t come to our house?” Yolanda’s father snorted.
“Brother-in-law, I’m wrong, Yolanda, I’m wrong,” the aunt cried even more.
“Are there any? No, Lao Tzu is about to take a picture of you!” Dahan is impatient. What money can he get from living in such a place? He is increasingly disbelief.
“Don’t!” Auntie cried and shook her head, “Yolanda, help Auntie.”
“How much do you owe, Auntie?” Yolanda asked.
“Nearly eight million! Not much.” The big man spoke for his aunt.
“What? Eight million?” Yolanda froze, and her parents were stunned.
The little aunt cried.
“Auntie, I don’t have so much money, no.” Yolanda shook her head, to be honest, she was really sad just now, and was so insulted by her aunt. The key is that she was very good to her aunt when she was a child. More than one million yuan of her new year’s money was used for her, but how did the aunt return it?
Boom yourself out.
“Yolanda, look at me as your aunt, save me, save me.” The aunt was anxious.
“I really don’t.” Yolanda shook his head.
“How about your boyfriend? He has, he has! Do you let him lend me? Okay?” Aunt’s prayer looked at Chuck.
Chuck was expressionless.
Yolanda shook his head.
The little aunt ran to Chuck and wept, “My husband said you are rich, you lend me money!”
Yolanda’s parents looked at Chuck in surprise, is it rich? How rich is it? ?
Chuck shook his head.
“Do you have any money? I have money to lend to me, I am your aunt!” said the aunt crying.
“You are not my aunt.” Chuck shook his head. Such a woman is also worthy of being her aunt?
“You are Lu Yuwen’s boyfriend, I am your aunt, yes!”
Chuck still shook his head.
“You, you don’t have money, do you? I said, you can’t have money, impossible! That slut wants me to find you, ask you a poor ghost to borrow money?? Pretend to be your uncle!” Auntie Crazy scream.
“Auntie, you are too much.” Yolanda was really angry, actually said Chuck.
“It’s all poor ghosts, what did I do, and actually be relatives of you poor ghosts?? You can’t get it out of eight million, why don’t you die? Why don’t you jump upstairs?” Aunt screamed.
She is really ridiculous. She actually believes in her husband’s words. Whoever believes in this kind of money will have money?
“It’s only eight million, are you like that?” Chuck calmly.
“You’re going to die! The old lady can still owe eight million, you can’t take out eighty thousand, eighty thousand dollars, go to die!” The aunt cried and screamed, she was desperate, she was going to be photographed fruit, how? do?
“I have money! Uncle and aunt, I came to your house for the first time today. I didn’t prepare any gifts. I can only honor one red envelope to you.” Chuck said to Yolanda’s parents with a smile.
The two of them froze.
“Pretend!” The aunt cried and roared, she was desperate, this person is still pretending? !
“Yolanda, I transferred the money to a card, you give your uncle and aunt!” Chuck took out his mobile phone and transferred 8888888 to Yolanda.
Yolanda froze, ding, her phone rang, she opened it and froze again.
These big men came over in doubt and saw Yolanda’s account reminder, they were stunned for a while, “Hey, I really transferred the money, and it’s still 8 million!”
These big guys revisited Chuck, they couldn’t see it in their hearts, they were dressed so ordinary, they actually had so much money!
A red envelope is actually more than 8 million! Nearly nine million.
Yolanda’s parents and chin fell off in shock. They came over and saw their daughter’s mobile phone. They were shocked. They really turned around. The boyfriend they were looking for was so rich.
The little aunt hurried over and grabbed Yolanda’s cell phone to watch. She was stunned, shocked, and really turned, she thought it was wrong, but really!
This hanging person actually has so much money!
The aunt came back from the shock, and there was hope in her heart. She cried and ran to Chuck again. “You were so rich, you lent me, lent me,”
It’s really unbelievable. Yolanda was so lucky to find a Baller with a shot of 9 million!
“You asked me to lend you money?” Chuck expressionless.
“Yes, I’m your aunt, lent me eight million, please? Please.” The aunt begged.
“I have money, but why should I lend you?” Chuck asked.
“I am your aunt, you should lend me money, we are relatives!” said the aunt crying.
“Really? Do you still know relatives? Then why don’t you lend money to Yolanda?” Chuck asked.
“I…” Auntie Zhiwuwuwu, “Yolanda has such a rich boyfriend, you don’t need me to borrow money.”
“Really?” Chuck suddenly smiled. “I have money. Does it matter if you borrow it?”
“Of course, if you have the money, of course I can’t borrow it! Don’t say it, lend me the money.
I’m your sister-in-law anyway. Please, I kneel for you.” The sister-in-law cried. Kneel, is this enough?
When mother Yolanda came to borrow money just now, she didn’t let her kneel down, but now she kneels down, you will definitely lend it to me, because it is a relative, you are your aunt! !
When this woman hit Yolanda just now, he wanted to slap her, but she took care of her. She was Aunt Yolanda, so Chuck didn’t do it.
Now want to borrow money? There are no doors.
“Wow, woo…” The little aunt cried bitterly, “Don’t do that, I have kneeled for you, you should lend me money!”
“Who are you? Let me kneel and let me borrow eight million for you? What are you? It’s no use giving me a kowtow.” Chuck shook his head.
Just kidding, eight million? What does this woman think she is? Kneeling makes you rich
“Don’t treat me like that, woo.” The little aunt begged, and she would be photographed without borrowing money, and she wouldn’t.
She regretted that when Chuck passed, she didn’t have a better attitude towards Chuck, but it was no use regretting this time.
“I don’t have money, they will take my fruit photos, and they will take me to the club, no, you have to save me.” The aunt held Chuckdu legs, crying and begging.
“What’s the matter to me? You are shameless, still care about these?” Chuck shook his head.
When the woman went down just now, the shrew cursed like a stair in the stairs. This shameful thing was done, and she was afraid to take pictures. ?
“No, I…” She got up, crying and begging softly, “I beg you, or will I stay with you for a few days, will you lend me money?”
She thinks that although she is forty years old, she is well-maintained and is no different from a
30-year-old woman. This young man might like a woman who still has such charm?
Being watched by a person for a few days and playing for a few days is better than being watched by all friends.
“Are you sick?” Chuck frowned.
Aunt Yolanda has a good figure and a woman’s charm, but she is Aunt Yolanda. How could Chuck have that idea?
When he went to her house just now, he did not look at her more.
“Wow, woo, what do you want?” The aunt collapsed.
“I won’t lend you money, don’t bother me.” Chuck shook his head. The woman was annoyed. If it was a man, Chuck had already slapped it out.
The aunt sat paralyzed on the ground.
“Play with me?” A few big men came over, glanced at Chuck, raised his hand and flicked the aunt, slammed.
The aunt screamed on the ground and wept.
The big man looked at Chuck, “Brother, don’t you really lent her money?”
He speaks politely, and there are nine million people who can do anything. He must be like this!
“Why should I lend her?” Chuck shook his head. Such a person still let her die.
“Okay, brother, I don’t have to ask too much. I’ve heard that she has the same character as shit. I don’t lend her what she deserves. Fortunately, she has a good figure. A few bosses took her fancy… Not much to say. The brothers dragged her into the car. Lao Tzu took a photo of her first, covered her mouth with Lao Tzu, and screamed just to fight!” Dahan said.
Several big men immediately grabbed the younger sister. The younger sister struggled to call for help. A younger brother slammed it out with a slap. The younger sister screamed and passed out.
“Drag her.”
Several big men dragged the little aunt out, and soon there was a sound of driving downstairs.
Chuck sat down. Such a woman should give her a lesson. However, both Yolanda and her mother were moved by her heart, and she just wanted to stop it.
Yolanda sighed, “Mom, Dad, go in and rest.”
“But your aunt.” Her mother was worried, and finally sighed. When they entered the room, they looked at Chuck a few times. They still couldn’t believe that their daughter actually found such a rich boyfriend.
“The money I just gave you, I don’t need it anymore.” Yolanda came over. She was really a little flattered. Chuck had already borrowed 5 million. Now she has given nearly 9 million. She can’t afford it. .
“No need.” Chuck smiled, the money Chuck is certainly useful.
“Okay, then I won’t get any salary for ten years.” Yolanda said solemnly, how can she get the money?
Chuck smiled, Yolanda was capable, and the money made Yolanda completely stubborn to himself and work for himself. This money is still worth it.
“Chuck, you will wait, I will tell my parents, and then we will go back by car now,” Yolanda said and walked into the room.
Arriving in the room, the two elders hurriedly said, “Daughter, you can’t take this money. He has already paid your dad five million.”
“Mom, I know, you can rest assured, I know how to do it.” Yolanda said, she really loved her mother, after so many years, suffering so much, she vowed to let her parents go again Have a rich man’s day.
Her mother was relieved, “Then the two of you have left today, aren’t you two couples? Just stay in your room,”
Yolanda blushed and shook his head, “Mom, we went back, there is still something.”
She couldn’t imagine what it would be like in the same room as Chuck. Isn’t it embarrassing to die?
“Okay, be careful on the road.”
“Yes, you rest early, we went back.” Yolanda said and came out.
“You can go.”
Chuck nodded, and the two went downstairs. Chuck also thought about Yvette’s phone call. She said she had something to tell herself. What was it?
Chuck also wanted to go back early, but when the two were going to take the bus, Yolanda suddenly saw a message in his group. Is there a nightclub to be transferred, nightclub? Yolanda knows that this is the best nightclub for business here.
She asked, “Chuck, there is a nightclub to be transferred. Are you interested?”
“Nightclub?” Chuck was surprised, is this irregular?
“Yes, this nightclub is our most profitable side.” Yolanda introduced, Chuck smiled bitterly. “This, it shouldn’t work, my mother will tell me when she knows.”
My mother has the ability to drive herself successfully, but will her mother agree?
The bar is about the same, so you can take over, anyway, you still have 8-9 billion.
Yolanda smiled, “Well, then we can go back.”
Chuck had no opinion, he had long wanted to go back to see Yvette, but this nightclub, Chucksi wanted to go, see if there is time to come and see, the location is good, you can do something else.
The two walked to the side of the road and waited for the bus. Chuck thought that it would be inconvenient to buy a new car in the past few days.
“Hey, it’s Yolanda? Isn’t it right to go back to the city? Get in the car!” A Mercedes suddenly stopped in front of Yolanda. Yolanda knew that this was his classmate.
It was a beautiful woman who spoke.
“How about Chuck?” Yolanda asked Chuck’s opinion. It was really inconvenient to take a taxi at this time.
Chuck shrugged and had a ride in the wind. What did he not like? The two got on the bus.
Driving is a handsome guy.
“Yolanda, is this your boyfriend?” the beauty asked with a smile.
“No, my boss,” Yolanda shook his head. At this time, there is no need to pretend.
“Boss?” The beauty showed strange, the boss didn’t even have a car? What kind of boss is this?
She didn’t take it through, and did not expect Yolanda to be so vanity.
The handsome man who drove looked at Chuck, and continued to drive without speaking.
“Where are you going?” the beauty asked.
“City Square.” Lu Yuwen moved out of school in recent days because she graduated, so she sometimes sleeps in the office, and sometimes she just goes home.
“No problem,” the beauty nodded, “Hubby, send them to the city square.”
Yolanda suddenly thought of making a movie. She whispered, “By the way, the filming on the side of the square seems to have ended yesterday. Has any other movie come to the square recently to film the scene?”
Chuck thought, this matter is enough to tell Aunt Logan, let her talk to her film company just fine, how to say Chuck has no plans to invest in movies recently.
“Well, if there are still film crews coming to the scene, then there will be a lot more people in the square.” Yolanda said that there has been a lot more people recently, the square has slowly risen, the next step, if there is any big supermarket If you enter the square, there will be more people.
Chuck nodded.
The handsome man driving smirked, with a sneer.
The beautiful woman turned her head to smile and looked at Chuck again. There was a little contempt in the depths of her eyes. “Yolanda, you talk about the square. Is your boss the boss of the city square?”
Yolanda was embarrassed. Her voice was very low just now. Since she was heard, she nodded,
“Yes, this is my boss and Chuck, the boss of City Square!”

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