My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 260

Yolanda’s beautiful classmates smiled, but with sarcasm, “Really? Then your boss is very rich!
All are square bosses!”
Her boyfriend’s mouth outlined sarcasm, what a joke? He hasn’t been to this square very much, but he also knows how much a square is worth. How can hundreds of millions of people be so ordinary? And there is not even a car?
Yolanda heard the meaning in this saying. It turned out that her classmates didn’t believe it. She couldn’t help looking at Chuck around her. The kind of look was confident. How could a rich person have such a look?
My classmates didn’t believe it, well, Yolanda was helpless, “Liu Jia, he is indeed the boss of this square.”
“Oh, don’t tell jokes at night.” Yolanda student Liu Jia shook his head and muttered in his heart.
Yolanda, are you necessary? Drive to bring you back kindly, you are still pretending to be in my husband’s car, it is boring, of course, she knows such a large square, how could it be so ordinary Chuck?
This is impossible!
Yolanda was even more helpless. She was a little guilty. She should not have said this in the car just now, which caused Chuck to be looked down on by her classmates.
Chuck does not matter, anyway, he will not have any intersection with these two people, of course, what he wants to clarify, no need, everyone who looks down on him, Chuck must clarify, that is not exhausted?
Liu Jia ridiculed more on his face, “Come here, you get off the bus, Yolanda, I will contact you in the future.”
“Well, thank you for bringing me back.” Yolanda said.
“Thank you.” Chuck also spoke. After all, he really took the ride and said thank you.
The two got out of the car and Liu Jia muttered in the car, “Hubby, she said he was the owner of the square, so can we park the car in their parking lot, can it be free?”
There is no parking nearby. They want to go out to eat something and go shopping.
“He is the boss? People are joking, are you kidding me?” Her boyfriend shook her head disdainfully, of course he didn’t believe it!
“Oh, ask, aren’t the two of you pretending to be forced, let’s let them pretend, otherwise it’s too hard to find a parking space.” Liu Jia said, “He really wants the square owner, so a word. ”
“Yes, you ask,” her boyfriend nodded.
Liu Jia opened the car window, “Yes, Yolanda, didn’t you say he was the owner of the square?
Our car parked for three or four hours, can it be free?”
“Yes, you just go in.” Yolanda smiled.
“Really? Don’t collect money when you don’t come out.” Liu Jia pouted.
“No, you can drive on.” Yolanda took out his mobile phone to call the person in the parking lot and reported the license plate number of Liu Jia’s boyfriend. This is really a matter of words.
“It’s really pretended that the phone is on the phone. Forget it, husband. You can stop here.
Collect money, just collect it. There is no other place to stop anyway. I think the square is not that person’s. “Liu Jia said.
Her boyfriend nodded, “What kind of friends are you all? Are you pretending to be like this now?”
Liu Jia is embarrassed, “Don’t talk about them, let them pretend, go on.”
“Okay, don’t tell your classmates to get in the car next time, let alone say, I just put on my car,” her boyfriend hummed, planning to drive down, but Liu Jia suddenly patted her boyfriend’s hand,
“Hey, see if that is the beauty of the movie star Ye Ye!”
“Where?” Her boyfriend looked over, and indeed saw a beautiful woman with a bump in the distance. He wiped his eyes and looked, it was really beautiful leaves. This figure is very good.
Why can’t men see it?
“It’s so beautiful!” He exclaimed. “How can a star like Zabrina come here?”
“You don’t know, I heard Yezimei is making movies here. I thought it was fake. I didn’t expect it to be true. Zabrina was actually here to make movies. Husband, you will wait. I will go down to sign. To take a photo,… ah, husband. Look, …” Liu Jia suddenly dumbfounded. She thought Zabrina was just passing by, but did not expect Zabrina to stop in front of Yolanda and Chuck.
What is this for? Why did Yezimei find these two people? Why! Was the man in the car just the boss of this square?
Her boyfriend was also surprised.
Chuck was helpless, “Who told you?”
Ye Zabrina came over suddenly and said directly that you are the square owner!
“Slightly, the man at the milk tea shop over there said,” Yezimei pointed to Lara’s milk tea shop over there.
Chuck looked over. Was Lara’s mouth so big? Well, I have to talk about you as a “Baller” on WeChat.
“Okay, what about you?” Chuck can only ask. He remembers that the crew should have left yesterday, ready to go ahead and continue shooting?
“Why do you say that the square is Wilbur Wendel?” Ye Zabrina was more angry about this.
“Wilbur Wendel likes you, so I…”
“So you give him your square to facilitate him chasing me?” Zabrinamei eyes appeared angry.
Chuck nodded, originally.
“You are very generous.” Zabrina Qing snorted.
Yolanda’s eyes turned, why is there a sour taste in this sentence?
Chuck coughed, and Wilbur Wendel was his friend, shouldn’t this trivial matter be?
“The leaves are beautiful. Really you, I am your super fan, can you sign me? Take pictures?” Liu Jia came over and looked forward.
Zabrina nodded her head and signed her. Liu Jia took out her mobile phone to take a picture.
Zabrina shook her head. “No, change the background. I don’t want to take a picture on the background of his square.”
Liu Jia was surprised, really? Just now Yolanda did not pretend to be forced. Is this square really his? ?
Liu Jia is almost…
Her eyes saw that Chuck was shining. What kind of car would such a big boss drive? Sure enough, he stopped the car on the roadside.
Liu Jia and Yezimei took photos, and Zabrina turned around and left, “Yes, the movie is about to go to your school for filming, but the school should not be yours?”
Chuck is embarrassed, shaking his head, school? Hey, it’s not bad to buy a private school. The enrollment is 10,000 or 20,000, and the tuition fee is 20,000 or 30,000 per year. Then it’s 400-
500 million a year.
Chuck was suddenly reminded by Ye Zimei, and indeed it is possible to ask about this matter.
“That’s good, the square is yours, and the movie investment is also yours. I thought the school was yours.” Zabrina said and left.
Liu Jia was shocked, what? Is the investor Ye Zimei the current film, Chuck?
My goodness!
He is so ordinary, why is he so rich?
“Liu Jia, don’t you go down?” Yolanda asked.
“Next, next, by the way, how much do you have on WeChat? I added you.” Liu Jia’s eyes shined, it was a square, and he was investing in movies. That was too much money than his boyfriend.
“Sorry, I don’t play WeChat.” Chuck shook his head and refused.
“Well, Yolanda, keep in touch.” Liu Jia got on the bus in disappointment.
“How is the square really about him?” her boyfriend asked.
“Yes, it’s his. Ye Mimei said that just now, and did you know? Zabrina’s movie is actually invested by him.” Liu Jia envied.
“What?” Her boyfriend was shocked and invested in movies? This is not what the average person can do, “What, so rich, why didn’t you drive just now?”
“Hubby, there must be Rolls-Royce, sports cars and the like, by the way, husband, would you like to buy a sports car,” Liu Jia looked forward to.
“Are you sick? Where can I afford it?” He shook his head. The car was still his dad’s, and he could only drive it out occasionally.
“If you don’t buy it, don’t buy it, why scold people.” Liu Jia was dissatisfied. “You see others, so rich, and their character is so good. Just now we said that to him, they didn’t refute us…”
“I’m going, people are so good, you go to him.” Her boyfriend was very hot.
“I just asked for it, he didn’t give it.” Liu Jia said the leak.
“You,” he was irritated, raising his hand to slap, “Get out!”
Liu Jia is wronged, no one has money, so bad temper?
Chuck came back by car, opened the door with the key, and saw Yvette sitting on the sofa,
“Hubby, are you back? I ask you something.”

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