My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 261

Chuck walked over with a smile, but saw that the door was closed, Sun Shangxue should be sleeping inside, Chuck walked over, “what do you want to ask my wife?”
“Hubby, I know.” Yvette was nervous, she knew that the square owner was Chuck, but she didn’t figure it out today, how could it be?
Where did Chuck get so much money to buy the square?
Hundreds of millions! Where did the money come from? Did Zelda give her the first one? But Zelda didn’t have that much money?
Or was it given by the Rolls-Royce woman in Beijing?
Too many ideas came out of Yvette’s mind, but she was denied by herself, because millions can be given, tens of millions can be given, but how to give hundreds of millions?
Yvette suddenly felt that he had misunderstood him before? His husband did not spend the woman’s money?
But how did Chuck get so much money?
Yvette wanted to clarify this issue too.
“What do you know?” Chuck asked subconsciously.
“Hubby, is that the owner of the square, isn’t it Wilbur Wendel?” Yvette asked. Chuck felt bad, what happened, Ye Zimei knew, and now Yvette also knew? This Lara’s mouth is too big, she must be punished on WeChat.
“Where do I know?” Chuck shook his head.
“Hubby, do you know that?” Yvette came to kiss Chuck and said, “Tell me, who is it?”
Chuck can only helpless, Lara really has a big mouth! Talking everywhere!
“What do you think?”
“Hubby, isn’t it yours?” Yvette lay on Chuck’s chest, listening to his heartbeat. Chuck sighed,
“Yes. It’s mine.”
Yvette looked up and looked at Chuck. She was shocked at this moment. She was already mentally prepared, but Chuck admitted that she still felt incredible.
It’s really my husband!
Yvette suddenly felt moved that his husband was so rich that he didn’t dislike himself.
In the room, Sun Shangxue, who was next to the door, was stunned with his chin. “What? Yvette meant that the square of her company was Chuck? This… he was so rich!”
Sun Shangxue couldn’t recover from her all of a sudden. She thought Chuck had a background, so she could have so many things, but she still had a square?
She has been to that square many times. Although it is not very big, a square is at least hundreds of millions of dollars, right?
Sun Shangxue was surprised.
“Hubby, how did you buy the square? Can you tell me?” Yvette blinked her eyes and was curious. This is what she wanted to ask most. Not the rich second-generation husband, how to buy it?
“I…” Chucktai wanted to tell her that her mother bought it for herself, but her mother said that she was still watching Yvette, but what did Yvette look good on? ?
Yvette has a good personality, beautiful, and capable, so too suitable to be a wife, and Yvette is his wife! Can’t wait, Chuck can’t wait.
“Hubby, it doesn’t matter if you don’t say it.” Yvette put it back on Chuck’s chest again. “Hubby, thank you for doing so much for me, thank you.”
Chuck struggled. He looked down at Yvette’s cheek. “Wifey, I actually have one…”
“Hubby, what do you have?” Yvette turned his eyes.
“Are you sleepy?”
“Not sleepy, not sleepy with my husband,”
“Well, you go out with me now.” Chuck decided to let his mother admit Yvette, so he must take Yvette to find her!
Tell yourself how much you like Yvette, then Mom will definitely not doubt Yvette anymore, of course, Chuck knows that his mother is for his own good, but he grew up with Yvette since childhood. What kind of person and character is Yvette? I can say that it is the clearest.
“Okay, wherever you want me to go, my husband.” Yvette sat upright.
“En.” Chuck stood up.
“Hubby, do I need to change clothes?” Yvette felt that Chuck took her out for a candlelight dinner or something. So she wanted to change clothes. How to say, she herself is too casual now.
“No.” Chuck felt that now is the real Yvette, without makeup, but she is so beautiful.
“So talk to Sun Shangxue.”
“it is good.”
Yvette went back to the room and opened the door. He saw Sun Shangxue lying on the bed.
“Shangxue, my husband and I went out and waited for you for supper.”
“Okay.” Of course Sun Shangxue didn’t fall asleep. She just heard Yvette and Chuck. She was also very curious. How did Chuck’s money come from? ?
Yvette was relieved and went downstairs with Chuck to sit in Chuck’s sports car. Chuck couldn’t wait any longer. The accelerator slammed and took Yvette to find his mother!
Let my mother admit Yvette.
However, this scene was seen by a man who lived opposite Yvette and took out his mobile phone to make a call.
“Back to the boss, I saw the young lady and Karen Lee’s son went out. Maybe it was Karen Lee.
What should I do? Well, I know.”
He nodded and prepared to go out, but at this time, where he lived, the door suddenly opened, and the man was frightened, because a moment when the door opened, a figure rushed in. boom!
Come with a thunderous attack!
The man was annoyed, “Find death!”
He took out a dagger, but in the dark, the figure attacked violently. He lost his foot and was kicked. He spit blood and passed out. He was shocked. He covered his chest and said quietly,
“You who is it?”
“What do you say?” A pair of beautiful eyes appeared in the dark. The man suddenly angered after seeing her. “How did you find me?”
“Is it difficult to find you? Such a low-level hiding method can only be done by a person like you.” She came over, and the outside light came in, a cold face.
“I have been monitoring you since you returned to today. It is not you. I am not sure that Yvette really has a problem. You are so patient. You actually let Yvette, who is only a few years old, stay with us. By the side of the young master, would you like him to like her completely?”
Betty’s voice was cold.
The man sneered. “Do you know what’s wrong with the young lady? Is it because your Chuck believes it?”
“Master will believe it!” Betty came over, “And you, remember to be smarter in the next life, and the wrong person, but to die!”
“Haha, is it? Why didn’t Karen Lee come to kill me in person? She is so beautiful, I haven’t seen her real body up close, it is a pity, remember, I will die in her hands, you can’t, “The man suddenly smiled strangely, and turned and jumped from the window.
Betty chased her frown, the man had jumped down, and fell out of blood, and ran sneered below.
Betty grabbed the window sill and climbed up, the distance was too high, she took out her mobile phone , Helpless, “Hey, Mr. Li, the man jumped off the building with a serious injury and ran away, and the young master took Yvette to find you…”

On the road.
Yvette was particularly quiet. She saw that Chuck was very serious. She had the feeling that she was going to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a certificate. Where did she take herself?
Yvette looked forward to it.
Chuck was also nervous. He could not think of how his mother would react, be angry, or be happy?
“Hubby, are we here to eat, right?” Yvette was curious, because Chuck was galloping all the way, and actually took herself to this five-star hotel. She had been here several times. She suddenly thought of it. She came to dinner last time. At that time, it was free of charge at the time, did the hotel owner know his husband? Because her husband can have a square, he must know a lot of rich people.
“Don’t eat, see someone, but you can eat after seeing.” Chuck shook his head and said, “Get off.”
“Good husband.” Yvette opened the door.
The two got out of the car. Chuck did not take Yvette into the restaurant, but went directly into the lobby to make an elevator. After waiting for the elevator to get down, Yvette throbbed with heart. “Hubby, are you going to show me someone? ?”
“Yes, when I saw someone, my car, house, and plaza were all paid for by me. If you see her, then you know.” Chuck said, and finally wanted to take Yvette to see herself Mom.

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