My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 263

Chuck was looking forward to it. What did Yvette know when his mother came back? It must be a pleasant surprise, but also very nervous.
But Chuck’s eyes glanced. There was no one in his mother’s office. What about Yvette?
Chuck yelled again, Yvette was not here, Chuck was curious, “Mom, Yvette should go out temporarily, I will call her,”
Karen Lee nodded, but her eyes were glancing, her look changed a little.
Chuck took out his mobile phone and called Yvette, but what he heard was that the other party had shut down. What happened? out of battery? Chuck was so surprised.
Yvette’s personality should not leave suddenly. Even if her mobile phone runs out of power, she will definitely stay here. She will wait until she comes back. Besides, she didn’t go out long ago.
“Is the phone turned off, right?” Karen Lee came over.
“Yes, Mom, Yvette should be out, she will come back soon, Mom, you wait for a while.” Chuck sat down, yes, Yvette may have gone to the bathroom, or may be thirsty, Bored, go down and come back soon.
Karen Lee sighed and walked to the table, took out the phone, “Prepare a few dishes to deliver, yes, the best dishes, appetizing dishes.”
Hanging up the phone, Karen Lee sat down and said nothing quietly.
Chuck waited, ten minutes, one hour, two hours, Chuck began to panic, what happened? Why didn’t Yvette return for so long?
Did something happen?
Impossible, what can happen in my mother’s hotel?
Where did she go? When Chuck thought of Yvette coming up, he received a call from a stranger, didn’t he? Is it because of this call that Yvette left?
“Mom, you can check for me, where is Yvette.” Chuck was anxious.
It’s more than eleven o’clock in the evening. Yvette’s character will not be so unexplained!
“Okay, eat the rice first.” Karen Lee nodded.
Chuck nodded, but Yvette was gone. Where can Chuck eat?
“Mom, I live here today.” Chuck wanted to continue waiting in this office.
“Okay, you can stay as long as you want.” Karen Lee showed nostalgia, stood up and walked inside to take a blanket out and handed it to Chuck. “Cer, you sleep here, remember to eat the meal first, I will help you find it.”
My mother went out, Chuck embraced the blanket, disappointed and worried, “Yvette, where have you been?”
When Chuck came, he wanted Yvette to see his mother today, so Chuck was going to ask Yvette for a baby, but why was it gone?
Chuck sighed, maybe Yvette had something to go out.
Maybe I went back, but unfortunately, I didn’t have Sun Shangxue’s phone number.

Karen Lee sat down and stared at the huge monitoring screen. It was clear from the monitoring that Yvette took a phone call and left. Karen Lee stared at it for a while, and Betty pushed the door open and came in.
“Yvette was temporarily unable to find it. Perhaps someone from her family took her away or hid somewhere,” Betty said.
“Just like I thought, Yvette might have known something, so she left suddenly, but she, I did not plan to do anything to her, if she is willing to forget everything and Ceer, then I will not No, but she is now…” Karen Lee sighed, this was the last thing she wanted to see.
But she still doesn’t know, how to tell her son Chuck, is it possible that Yvette and you are enemies?
Karen Lee felt that this was too cruel to Chuck. “If you continue to look for it, you must find Yvette…”
“Yes, Master, does he… need to tell him?” Betty asked.
“Don’t tell him for the time being, I will take her to a place to teach him to fight and teach him to survive these days.” Karen Lee shook her head, the dangers were increasing, she had to strengthen Chuck.
“But, Master, is it too late? After all, we can have the present, and after twenty or thirty years of hard training…” Betty asked.
“Cer’s talent for learning boxing is good. Fighting is a killing technique. Skills are important.
Heart is also important. It takes a process.” Karen Lee feels that Chuck should be contacted, otherwise it will be a real battle between families. It is a little careless and will kill you. After all, you have the strength to be eligible to live.
Betty nodded.
“Try to find Yvette, but you don’t need to catch her after finding it, I will tell Ceer,” Karen Lee said.
“Well, I will do the same,” Betty nodded and went out to start looking for Yvette.
In the morning, Chuck woke up. He saw that his mother’s office was still empty. Yvette still didn’t come back. Chuck took out her mobile phone to call her, and still shut down.
Chuck was worried and Chuck yelled, “Mom…”
The door opened and Karen Lee walked in, holding a computer in his hand and showing Chuck the picture of Yvette leaving the hotel. Chuck was even more anxious after reading it. Whose phone did Yvette answer and went out?
“Cer, you can rest assured that I will find her.” Karen Lee wanted to make Chuck feel at ease.
Chuck nodded, “Mom, I’ll go back and see.”
“it is good.”
Chuck ran out and drove down to the place where Yvette rented a house. At home, Chuck opened the door and heard Sun Shangxue screaming. She covered her body, “What are you doing?”
She was particularly angry. Last night Chuck and Yvette didn’t come back, she dressed a little more casually, but she didn’t expect that she just woke up to the toilet and came out from the room in a cool dress, Chuck opened the door and came in. Seeing it again.
Chuck shook his head, “Sun Shangxue, did Yvette come back last night?”
Although Sun Shangxue’s figure is very good, but where does Chuck now think about this?
Sun Shangxue ran into the room to get dressed and came out wondering, “Yvette was not with you last night? Didn’t the two of you go out to open the room?”
After all, this is the idea of a normal person!
Didn’t come back overnight, not to open a room, so what did you do? She hummed. Last night Yvette also said to bring herself a midnight snack. She didn’t expect to come back one night.
“No, I haven’t seen Yvette overnight, and the phone is turned off.” Chuck was anxious.
“What’s going on? Didn’t you take Yvette out last night?” Sun Shangxue was even stranger.
Chuck simply said yesterday, Sun Shangxue nodded, “Don’t worry, Yvette may go to see some friends, but the phone is out of power.”
Of course Chuck hopes so, but is it?
Sun Shangxue saw Chuck’s absent-mindedness, and the annoyance he had just seen was gone.
He came over and said, “Yvette is clever and will be fine,”
“Well, I asked someone to look for it.” My mother sent someone to find it. This is the reason why Chuck is still calm, because the mother is “supernatural.” It should not be too difficult to find Yvette.
“What to eat? I’ve prepared it for you. I’m going to have breakfast anyway.”
“No, you eat it yourself, and I’m out.” Chuck shook his head, went in and changed his clothes, and opened the door. He didn’t care.
Sun Shangxue pouted, “If you don’t eat, my ex-boyfriend hasn’t eaten the breakfast I made, hum…”
In the next few days, Chuck didn’t even think about it. Yvette was always shutting down, and his mother hadn’t found her yet. Chuck couldn’t sleep well at night. After so many years, Chuck was the first time she disappeared. After Yvette has been around for so long, Chuck’s heart is empty.
Yvette, where did you go?
Yvette suddenly disappeared, causing Chuck to have no intention to play with Aunt Logan. Aunt Logan reads books at home every day. Chuck is embarrassed, but what can he do? Yvette left, freeing Chuck’s heart.
He hasn’t been to the square for three days. Fortunately, Yolanda started to work on the plan of the land. Chuck didn’t think about it and had already given her all the responsibility.
Chuck was back and forth every day in his mother’s hotel, and Aunt Logan’s side, but again and again disappointed, let Chuck lie on the sofa decadent, Logan saw it, came over distressedly, fingers touched gently Touching Chuck’s hair and comforting, “Qie’er, Yvette will be fine, don’t worry, she might see someone.”
Logan knew Yvette’s identity, and she also knew that she could not say for the time being.
Chuck heard such a gentle voice, and his emotions were aroused, so he leaned on Logan’s lap.
“Aunt Logan, where do you say Yvette will go?”

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