My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 264

“I don’t know, but I know, Ceer, you care so much about her, she will be fine.” Logan is gentle, she saw Chuck lost his soul these days, she was distressed, she has called and started sending people Find Yvette.
However, Yvette disappeared very strangely this time. She completely passed someone’s instructions and disappeared. After all, when Yvette left the hotel, she answered the phone.
It was this call that caused Yvette to hide. Logan felt that this Yvette would not fight, and even had a little helplessness, but was very smart. Yvette was very smart.
If this woman learns to fight, then there is no limit.
“Aunt Logan, can I rest a little longer?” Chuck whispered. He felt that his head was so leaning on Logan’s legs, it was a wonderful feeling.
She is a master of fighting, and the leg lines are perfect, but with such a layer of pants cloth, Chuck has the feeling of leaning her head against the pillow. No, no, it is a hundred times more comfortable than a pillow!
“Okay, as long as you love it.” Logan smiled, arranging Chuck’s hair comfortably, “Sleep for a while when you are tired.”
“En.” Chuck closed his eyes, mainly because he was too comfortable, and wanted to sleep unconsciously.
Logan was relieved. At least Chuck knew that she had not slept well.
She sorted Chuck’s hair quietly and gently in one hand, and held the book in the other. She occasionally lowered her head and saw Chuck sleeping soundly, and Logan smiled softly.
At night, Chuck woke up. This sleep was so comfortable that Chuck didn’t want to wake up.
“Cer, are you awake? I’ll cook for you.” Logan put down her book and stood up, but Chuck leaned on her thigh for an afternoon, causing her legs to numb, and she was a little unstable. .
Chuck saw it and hurriedly guilty came over and hugged her. “Aunt Logan, I’m sorry.”
Otherwise, how can Aunt Logan have leg cramps? It was because he had been leaning on his head for too long. When he lowered his note, Chuck saw Logan’s face stunned.
“It’s okay,” Logan smiled and shook her head. She stood up and moved her legs. The numb feeling disappeared. She asked Chuck to wait a while and cook for Chuck.
Chuck sat down and called his mother again, but there was still no news. Chuck was anxious like the ants on the hot pot.
Was Yvette kidnapped? But kidnapped, should I call to ask for money?
But Chuck did not receive any calls from strangers these days!
This is a headache for Chuck. It has been a week since Chuck came home and Sun Shangxue was still in the room. In the past few days, she helped Yvette manage the decoration of the company and the restaurant.
Sun Shangxue heard the sound of opening the door, thinking that Yvette was back, but when she saw Chuck, she asked helplessly, “Why hasn’t Yvette returned yet?”
Chuck couldn’t answer, but just sat down in a daze. At this time, Yvette was already in his arms.
Sun Shangxue went back to her room to sleep with peace of mind. She was tired and didn’t worry that Chuck would come in suddenly. She was unwilling and knew that Chuck didn’t have that thought.

Zelda dressed up calmly. She knew that Yvette was missing and that Chuck was decadent. So she asked Chuck to come out and wanted to take Chuck out to relax. She called Chuck several times in a row, and Chuck agreed to come out. It is also powerless.
Zelda worried, worried that Chuck would never recover, and that would not work for men, absolutely not.
“I said, what’s wrong with your boyfriend?” Lin Qianqian is strange, why would Zelda date her boyfriend to call herself?
“It’s okay, he has encountered something recently.” Zelda sighed, she was really worried about Chuck.
“Then you comfort him, kind of in bed…” Lin Qianqin smirked, she also envied, Zelda found such a good boyfriend, but she is still single.
Zelda is speechless, she has no problem at this point, but Chuck must be willing to do it!
Can’t the overlord bow the bow?
That Zelda couldn’t do it, and didn’t want to increase Chuck’s psychological burden.
“Hey, how did your boyfriend get that way, and how many days have her hair not been washed?
Unshaven, with a lot of beard and scum, and it’s too shabby to trim, am I dazzled?” Lin Qianqian was shocked suddenly because she saw a person I came over here, my hair was messy, as if I had spent days and nights in an Internet cafe.
Zelda is also distressed, how could this be the case? She was lost in her heart too. It seemed that Chuck liked Yvette very much, otherwise it wouldn’t be like that.
“In this way, don’t you feel embarrassed?” Lin Qianqian was annoyed. Today is her father’s birthday, and Zelda also knows, so the two decided to go together, but Zelda said to wait for others, and it was Chuck, So Lin Qianqian waited.
But I didn’t expect to wait for Chuck Ze.
“Don’t talk nonsense. Chuck has encountered something recently.” Zelda shook his head.
“Did you say that your boyfriend’s house went bankrupt?”
“No, stop thinking.”
“But he is so embarrassed,” Lin Qianqian said, shaking his head, dissatisfied.
At this time, Chuck did not drive, he opened the door and entered.
“Hey, haven’t you taken a shower in a few days?” Lin Qianqian didn’t come to the spot, waited so long, was it like this?
“Don’t talk nonsense.” Zelda was helpless, but she didn’t smell the strange smell on Chuck.
Lin Qianqin whispered, whispered in his heart, it must be bankruptcy at home, otherwise how could it be like this?
She drove uncomfortably, and at the same time sympathized with her girlfriend Zelda, she was envious just now, after all, she knew that Chuck bought a sports car last time, but it didn’t take long to meet, it became like this, then Mo Will Zelda post upside down?
Yes, Yvette has been missing for ten days. He has found all the places where Yvette may appear, but still has no clue, Chuck feels sad and powerless.
Zelda felt distressed, holding Chuck hand in hand, “It will pass.”
Chuck smiled bitterly. At this time, he didn’t know what to do.
He missed Yvette very much.
“Here, let’s get off!” Lin Qianqian parked the car to her villa. She was not willing to let Chuck in, but there was no way. Chuck was Zelda’s boyfriend.
“Go on,” Zelda said softly. Chuck nodded and opened the car door, but Zelda hugged him. “And me, I’ve been…”
This is what Zelda said.
“Well.” Chuck now has no idea, Zelda released him sadly.
“Go, go in. Today is the birthday of Qianqian Dad. I have prepared something,” Zelda took out a box of gifts from the car.
Of course, Chuck also prepared. He knew it was someone else’s birthday, but he didn’t know what to loose, so his mother first got a hotel gold card. After listening to her mother, the hotel only issued three cards. .
To be a gold member of Yeye Hotel is to enjoy a lot of services and a symbol of identity. Others spend millions to buy it, but their mother does not sell it. I hope that Dad Lin Qianqian will like it!
Following Lin Qianqian went in and saw a lot of people, this was actually a family gathering, but Zelda and Lin Qianqian had a very good relationship, so Zelda had to come and have to appear.
Lin Qianqian’s parents, but very fond of Zelda, often introduced boyfriend to Zelda, but heard Lin Qianqian said, Zelda found a boyfriend, and it’s not bad, they are also for Zelda happy.
“My parents, I’m coming…” Lin Qianqian said, she didn’t want to introduce Chuck, because Chuck and Zelda came in, and the relatives in the family were surprised. Who was Chuck?
And from the look of eyes, some of these relatives are unwilling to wait for dinner with this kind of non-trimmed people.
“Zelda, you are here, is this?” Lin Qianqian’s father was curious.
“Uncle, this is my boyfriend Chuck.” Zelda introduced.
“This is your boyfriend?” Lin Qianqian’s father frowned, but it was not easy to attack. They used Zelda as their daughter, but of course he was upset when he saw such a boyfriend.
“Uncle, happy birthday.” Chuck spoke and took out the prepared gold card.
Lin Qianqian nodded coldly, “Thank you, sit down.”
He randomly put the gifts prepared by Chuck in a pile of gifts.

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