My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 265

In the eyes of Dad Lin Qianqian, what can such a decadent person give away? And it’s still this small box, won’t it be a razor?
Maybe, this person is too decadent, he doesn’t trim his borders, or even what kind of garbage pile he thinks is from, such a person actually came to his birthday party? He himself felt ridiculous.
But there is no way, this is Zelda’s boyfriend, what can he do? Could Chuck be kicked out?
But he felt that he should be responsible for reminding Zelda.
“Zi Yi, is he really your boyfriend?” Lin Qianqian asked seriously.
“Yes, uncle, he is my boyfriend.” Zelda cuts the nails. At this time, she saw that all the relatives present looked down on Chuck, but she knew that there was no one here and she was not qualified to look down on Chuck. !
Because Chuck’s net worth is definitely the highest among all present!
Lin Qianqian’s father sighed and was disappointed. He knew that Zelda had introduced many boyfriends before!
It’s ten times better than this one, a hundred times better! Since ancient times, flowers will only be inserted in cow dung? ?
“Okay.” Dad Lin Qianqian nodded.
“Happy Uncle’s birthday.” Zelda will continue to hand over.
Dad Lin Qianqin smiled, “Thank you,”
After accepting Zelda’s preparations, he was happy, he just wanted to see Zelda, so there are fewer girls who are sensible.
But how can such a sensible child find such a boyfriend? Isn’t this falling into the pit?
He sighed even more in his heart. Why is the girl’s vision so bad now?
“Uncle, look at what my boyfriend gave you.” Zelda said, she knew that this gift Chuck was absolutely intentional, so open the gift, then you can immediately let the people in the whole house change Chuck Ze. .
She didn’t want Chuck to be looked down on by so many people. She brought Chuck out to relax, not Chuck Chuck out.
“Don’t look at it.” Lin Qianqian’s father shook his head, he didn’t want to open it, but he opened Zelda’s gift, and was immediately happy. This is a set of purple clay pots. He likes to drink tea, and he can see it. This set is not less than 300,000.
Zelda was attentive.
“It’s enough to see you.” Lin Qianqian’s father smiled and joked, really opened Chuck, what if it was a few hundred razors? Why aren’t people laughed at?
He can’t afford to lose this person!
Zelda had no choice but Chuck didn’t care.
“Qianqian, Zelda sits with them.” Lin Qianqian’s father said with a smile.
“Okay, here.” Lin Qianqian pulled Zelda and whispered, “Zelda, don’t you feel embarrassed?”
Zelda was helpless, she didn’t feel it, just felt distressed for Chuck.
Before Chuck occasionally looked at his figure, but during this time, Chuck did not look at his legs.
“Zelda, tell me the truth, is your boyfriend bankrupt?” Lin Qianqian asked.
“No, no.” Zelda emphasized.
Lin Qianqian sighed, “Don’t lie to me, I urge you to break up with him, he is so weak, don’t waste time on him.”
“Stop talking.” Zelda was helpless.
“Okay, sit down.” Lin Qianqian brought Zelda and Chuck to sit down.
Chuck also had no other ideas. He just wanted to go out and walk around. He remembered it.
Last night, this morning, he didn’t eat.
Seeing that there was fruit next to it, Chuck took one and ate it. Zelda took a few more smiles and came over, “eat slowly.”
Lin Qianqian was disdainful, this is simply a collapse of the image, absolutely bankrupt.
“Did this person haven’t eaten in a few days? Come over to eat?”
“It’s not enough to rub the rice, it’s just that Zelda is so embarrassed that he actually finds such a boyfriend.”
Relatives in the family basically knew Zelda, and they felt a pity that this was simply a flower inserted in cow dung.
But they can’t say it clearly!
After all, they and Zelda only knew each other.
“Grandpa, I want toys.” A bear kid pulled Lin Qianqian’s clothes. He glanced at the table, but there were no toys in the house. Forget it, give the child the birthday gift Chuck Ze gave to him.
Anyway, it’s not a good thing anyway.
It just happened.
“Good boy, take this to play outside.” Lin Qianqian’s father smiled and gave Chuck a gift to the child.
“Thank you grandpa.” The child happily took the box out.
Lin Qianqian’s father was relieved that garbage should be treated like this, and he began to entertain other guests with a smile.
This is a family gathering. There are few people coming and must be entertained. Of course, that kind of person is casual. He glanced at Chuck eating fruit and shook his head and sighed.
The child ran out and opened the box. He looked forward to it, but when he saw that it was not a toy, but a golden card, he was disappointed, “What is this? Not a toy…”
He took the card out and tried to break it, but it was useless with force. He threw the card on the ground angrily. At this time, his father came over and stared at the card on the ground. He squatted down to pick it up. Immediately surprised, “Son, who gave you this?”
“My gift, but no, this is a garbage card.” The child was disappointed.
“Son, this is not a garbage card!” His father shook his head. This card was made of pure gold.
The weight and craftsmanship alone are worth tens of thousands, not to mention this is the gold card of a five-star hotel. what!
Ye Ye Hotel, but it has recently become a famous hotel!
Someone gave such a gold card. I heard that with the gold card, the presidential suite is free for one year. If you know that the presidential suite is more than 10,000 a day, then this card is equivalent to 5 million!
The more he thought, the more shocked he picked up the box on the ground. He pulled his son into the house. This must be that his son took the gift on the table. This must be apologized to the person who gave the gift!
Otherwise, such a valuable card, he really can’t bear it.
He arrived inside the room and looked at the guests in the room. He coughed, “Excuse me…”
The room was quiet and looked at him.
“I’m sorry, my son was naughty just now, and he took the gift on the table casually. I apologize.
Who is this gift from?” He picked up the card in his hand.
These people were surprised, and some people smiled, “Who sent it? Actually sent the card?
What card is this? The bank card is not, it will not be a restaurant membership card!”
He said so, the guests in the room all smiled, and gave them a membership card. They still saw them for the first time. How stingy could this talent be?
“Don’t ask, no one will admit.”
“That is, the first time I used the membership card as a birthday gift, I heard that it was too stingy, and it would be better to give anything else than this!”
“No, this card is very expensive.” The kid’s father was anxious. He felt his head sweating. How rich is the person who gave such a valuable gift? One card gave him his entire net worth!
“Where can a card be valuable?” a guest shook his head and smiled.
A membership card can be discounted, but how valuable is it? Optional.
“Nightlight Hotel, this is the gold card of the five-star hotel Nightlight Hotel!” he said.
“Night hotel?”
“I have heard of this hotel, I heard it was a rich woman who bought it for more than three billion yuan, but I have not heard of a gold card!”
The guests in the room were all curious and walked over to see them.
“Huh, this is not an ordinary card, it’s actually made of pure gold,” someone was surprised. A card was actually made of gold. What does that mean? ?
“Who knows what this gold card is for? Is it a discount card?”
“No, this gold card can be used for free in the Presidential Suite of the Night Hotel for one year, and the Presidential Suite of the Night Hotel seems to be more than ten thousand a day, then this card is worth five million! My God! Who sent this card, actually Give 5 million?”
“Are you right?”
“No. I have stayed at this hotel and the service attitude is particularly good. At that time, I saw the antique tycoon Mr. Gu took this card out. This card is at least three billion dollars to be eligible for possession!”
The guests in the room were shocked. They looked at each other. There are such rich people in today’s guests? Who? ?
“Who sent it, who sent this card?”
They are all curious.

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