My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 266

The people in the room are too curious, and some of them are shocked by millions of people.
Who is this? A birthday gift is actually more than 5 million? ?
I am afraid this was given by some good friends of Lin Qianqian’s father!
Or who would give such a precious gift! So generous, so shocking!
This is simply a Baller!
“Will it be Lao Chuck? He is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. I heard that he is a vegetable supplier in the restaurant at Yee Yee Hotel. It is reasonable to have a gold card.”
“Don’t talk about it, the number on this card is the sixth. Do you think Lao Chuck can have it?”
“Is it possible to ask Lao Chuck! Lao Chuck, hello, Lao Chuck, what are you doing hiding in the corner? Isn’t it?”
Someone asked, everyone looked at a man with a big belly.
An eye note, the man shook his head in embarrassment, “No, I’m just a vegetable seller. How could there be a gold card at the Yee Hotel? As far as I know, the holding of this gold card is only five people, and they are all Only those who have more than 3 billion in their net worth are eligible for ownership.
He sighed and envyed his face, “The boss of Yeshi Hotel is so powerful that he can become a hotel member. That’s very few. I heard that there is a super family support behind this hotel owner. Great! After I knew it, I wanted to have one in my dreams, but now someone actually gave this card…”
“Who is that? There are actually three billion people among us?? God!”
The people inside the house were shocked again.
“Lao Lin, this face is so big. Someone gave him a gold card. If he said it out, many people would be surprised!” The man continued, the envy in his mouth was extremely extreme.
The room was quiet for a few seconds, all envious!
This is a symbol of identity!
“Since it is a gift, then Lao Lin must have known it. If you ask Lao Lin, you will know? After all, all gifts pass through his hands.” Someone suggested.
“Yeah, what about Lao Lin?”
“I just saw Lao Lin upstairs.”
“Lao Lin, … he came down, came down.”
The guests in the room were yelling, and father Lin Qianqian went upstairs in doubt, “What’s going on?”
He wondered why the guests had stood up and who was still around.
“Xiao Wang, what’s wrong?” Lin Qianqian’s father walked over.
“Uncle, I’m sorry. My son just grabbed the gift on the table just now and accidentally took a valuable gift out to play. Sorry, uncle.” The man handed the card over.
Dad Lin Qianqin smiled and shook his head, “It’s okay, it’s okay, just a card,”
He will next card, what is a card?
In fact, he was a little unhappy in his heart. Someone sent a card? Is this a membership card?
But he was surprised, why is this card so heavy? Metallic?
“Lao Lin, this is not a normal card. This is the gold card of the night hotel. With this gold card, you can stay in the presidential suite for one year for free, which is equivalent to 5 million. Lao Lin, you have a big face. Ah! Someone gave you such a card!” said some envious relatives.
Lin Qianqian’s father was startled, “What?”
He recognized it, this card is pure gold, this process knows that it is of great value, not to mention the above two words of night is so obvious, the night of the night hotel is in the limelight, but this is actually the gold card of the night hotel ? ?
“Lao Lin, when did you meet such a friend? Don’t you come out and introduce yourself alone?”
Some relatives said enviously.
If you can send such a card, the net worth must be more than 3 billion, and it’s more than that!
If you realize this, it will also be of great benefit to their own business. After all, many of the people present are doing business. Although there are no billions of assets, there are still millions of millions.
“Yes, introduce me!”
Lin Qianqian’s father recovered from his surprise. Of course he knew what it meant for someone to give him such a card. What kind of person did he come to today?
He was so surprised, but who is it?
“Dad, what’s wrong?…Yeah, this is the gold card of the Yeshi Hotel, Dad, when did you have it!!” Lin Qianqian came in from the crowd and saw a gold card in his dad’s hand, pure gold The texture is almost like a piece of art, which immediately attracted her attention.
As a young man, how could she not know the Ye Shi Hotel?
“Someone gave it to your dad!”
“Dad, really?” Lin Qianqian was surprised, and actually gave him a gold card? ? My father’s face is so big!
“Yeah.” Dad Lin Qianqian suddenly felt that he had face, he was worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but he didn’t have the luxury to give someone more than 5 million at a time. Can he be so generous, is it his daughter’s boyfriend?
“Daughter, your boyfriend sent it! Where, take him out to introduce it!” Lin Qianqian said proudly.
He knows clearly who these people are today, his friends and relatives. He doesn’t think they were sent by these people, because their net worth has not reached this point, so in his view, except for his daughter’s boyfriend, Who would be so generous with his son-in-law?
“Dad, I don’t have to be single.” Lin Qianqian shook his head.
Lin Qianqian’s father was immediately disappointed.
“Right, uncle, this is the box with the gold card. Look at who sent it.” The man handed the box awkwardly.
After seeing Lin Qianqian’s father, he was puzzled and then shocked.
“Dad, who sent it? Daddy.” Lin Qianqian was too curious.
“Lao Lin, say!” Other relatives were also extremely curious.
Dad Lin Qianqian is serious, “Xiao Wang, aren’t you wrong? Is this the box?”
“No.” The man shook his head, and he saw his son opened it, how could it be wrong?
“Grandpa, it’s not a mistake. You gave it to me. I asked you for a toy. You gave me this to play with, but I opened it and it was a card. What kind of toy is that?” The little boy shouted. Say.
The house is quiet! !
You see me these guests, I see you, this is boiling, what? ? Lao Lin actually gave such a valuable gift to the children as a gift to play? ?
The kid’s dad covered his son’s mouth and was busy talking childlike…
Uncle whispered in his heart, you are too generous! !
Lin Qianqian’s father was suddenly embarrassed, Lin Qianqian blushed, “Dad, what are you doing? Such a precious gift, you actually play with other children, what if it breaks or is scratched?”
She was so happy that she had to live in a hotel like this, but what did her dad do? Almost gone!
“Me, where do I know he sent such an expensive thing!” Dad Lin Qianqian also regretted it. He was afraid that if such a valuable gift was lost just now, he would really regret it.
“He? Who sent it?” Lin Qianqian asked.
“Yes, do you know Lao Lin? Hurry up!” these friends and family asked.
Lin Qianqian’s father was embarrassed, but he couldn’t help it anymore. He said, “The gift from Zelda’s boyfriend…
Relatives are shocked!
“Lao Lin, are you right? This gold card was given by Zelda’s boyfriend?”
“Absolutely you have made a mistake. You see him like this, it’s decadent to look like that. I suspect him, because his family is poor, how could it be possible to give such an expensive gift?”
They don’t believe it, it’s impossible!
“Dad, did you admit it wrong?” Even Lin Qianqian asked, is this possible? In her view, Chuck was bankrupt, otherwise how could it be like that?
“No, how could I make a mistake?” Lin Qianqian’s father shook his head and sighed, but also helpless. Chuck gave him a gift, he thought it was a razor, so he was particularly “impressed”!
“It’s really him? Then everyone asked in the past. Let’s go together. We can send a gold card.
This is definitely more than 3 billion net worth. It is so low-key!”
“Yeah, does he need a thousand dollars for him alone?”
“Dad, let’s ask.” Lin Qianqian took his father to Chuck who was chatting with Zelda in the backyard.
Chuck was stunned, and Zelda was also stunned. What’s wrong? Are these people coming?
“Chuck, did you give this card?” Lin Qianqian asked with the card.
Everyone, including Lin Qianqian’s father, looked nervously at Chuck.
Chuck nodded after being surprised, “Yes, I sent it, what’s wrong? Don’t you like it?”

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