My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 272

Chuck thinks that Logan is so busy, let her come to teach herself to fight, it is still not very good.
But when Mom said so, Chuckxin was still a little bit happy, “Mum, will Aunt Logan really come over?”
“Yes, as long as you want, she should be there after calling for three hours,” Karen Lee said.
Also, Aunt Logan is so good, so gentle, as long as she is willing, she will definitely come over by plane, thinking of if Aunt Logan teaches herself, then. .
What would she teach?
Will you have the heart to beat yourself?
Or teach it hand in hand? just. . Don’t trouble her anymore.
“Mom, no need, you can teach me,” Chuck decided. Maybe Aunt Logan could not be strict, because Chuck could not imagine what Logan, who has been gentle and smiling, would look like ruthless to herself.
“Okay, let me teach you, let’s go.” Karen Lee said with a smile, took Chuck to the elevator to go upstairs.
The expression of Chuck just now, Karen Lee looked very happy in her heart. She thought that if her son could really drink Logan, that would be the best.
Of course, Logan, you have to think about it.
“Mother, don’t you drive?” Chuck was curious.
“Do not open this time, go by plane.” Karen Lee pressed the elevator on the top floor and went to the roof with Chuck.
Chuck saw a helicopter waiting quietly in the parking circle. It was the plane that went to Zelda last time to deliver the yellow-lip fish.
So handsome!
Chuck was excited because this was the first time Chuck sat.
Karen Lee took Chuck up and sat down. Chuck felt very new. Looking around, she discovered that Betty was flying the plane. She called Master Chucken.
Karen Lee was happy, “Like?”
“Like,” Chuck thought, how good should he have one? You can fly around.
However, the cost of this kind of aircraft is tens of millions of dollars, hundreds of millions, and Chuck hasn’t had the confidence to buy it yet.
Although it’s no problem to let my mom pay for it, but. . Anyway.
“If you like me, I will order one for you, Betty, and place an order for the factory in the country, the best one.” Karen Lee said.
“Is it the one with a cost of 50 million US dollars?” Betty asked.
Betty nodded and immediately started to contact, Chuck was surprised, he was about to have a plane soon? And it’s still 50 million dollars!
“Thank you mom.”
“Silly boy, this is your reward for this training.” Karen Lee smiled, “Betty, let’s get started!”
“Yes.” Betty is almighty, and he will be able to fly the plane. Soon, after the propeller rotates at a rapid speed, Chuck feels that he is “flying”. Wow, this feeling is really good. Chuck also looks forward to his plane. Able to arrive one day earlier.
The helicopter went in one direction.
Chuck was excited all the way, but he flew about a thousand kilometers. Chuck found that there was a forest below in the distance, like a virgin forest. Is this going to survive training?
“It’s time, you’re ready for Ceer. In twenty days, ten days later, I started to really teach you the basics of fighting,” Karen Lee is serious!
Fighting is not that simple! At least Karen Lee has the current strength, but he has been learning since childhood.
Chuck is ready for a long time, and he expects that he can be better, then he will go to Yvette himself!
The helicopter slowly flew down, Chuck carried his own prepared backpack. For ten days, the mother should mean exercising his body, fighting, requiring physical strength, reaction as support, and then skill.
Chuck thinks he can!
“Also, Ceer, you have to remember clearly, your heart is very important.” Karen Lee is still serious.
“Mom, do you mean you don’t want the Virgin?” Chuck understood, because the mom just said that fighting is a killing skill!
Without cruelty, such a fight cannot be learned at all.
“Yes, it’s time to go somewhere.” Karen Lee said, Betty had found a place to stop.
Chuck hesitated, took the three hundred dollars given by his mother, and got off the plane, because someone was not far away to pick it up.
Chuck followed them away.
“Go, go to the control room.” Karen Lee got off the plane and Betty followed.
“Mr. Li, there are a lot of children from the rich family who are training. The young master has a poor foundation and may suffer.” Betty worried.
“Loss is a process of growth, which can’t be avoided.” Karen Lee said, “But if anyone who makes my son lose money for nothing for no reason, I will not be willing to give up!”
Karen Lee shot cold light in her eyes.
“I fork, there was a helicopter coming outside just now, did you see that!”
“Helicopters are not too expensive. My family only has more than 8 million dollars! It is not unaffordable.”
This is a training school. There are not many people in the school. There are more than a dozen, men and women. They just heard the sound of the helicopter, and they barely discussed it.
Chuck was brought in, and did not attract the attention of others. After all, there were several people who came in together here. Everyone came from the family to study, and they were all rich people.
Chuck felt that such a place should not cost money? The three hundred dollars given by my mother may not be needed.
Chuck was looking for a place to stand at random. Just now on the plane, my mother had already said, how cruel these training processes were, and Chuck was mentally prepared.
“Hello, whose son are you?” A young man who hanged up came and yelled at Chuck.
Chuck didn’t speak.
“Isn’t it a poor kid? My dad is Chuck Dagang, the Digang company is my dad.” The young man was proud.
Chuck still didn’t say anything. He came to exercise himself, and he didn’t show off his wealth.
He really wanted to show off his wealth. These people together are probably not their opponents.
Chuck is too lazy to speak.
“Oh, don’t talk, look down on me? Or are you out of stock?” The young man poked Chuck.
“If you are out of stock, I will be my elder brother. I will eat a bite of meat and give you a bite of soup!”
“Haha, recognize the younger brother?” Some other students laughed.
Chuck frowned, what are these people doing here?
It was only at this time that a woman came and wore a camouflage suit, but loose clothes still could not cover her hot figure, and many men were attracted to the scene.
Because this is a big beauty!
“It’s all quiet! From today, I’m your instructor Ning Yu! You will stay here for ten days, who will be in these ten days…” The beauty’s voice was very cold.
“Oh, is it still a big beauty who teaches us? Or teach me something else? For example…” There was a flirtatious smile.
Instructor Ning Yu came over, raised his hand, and slapped it out with a slap!
This rich young man passed out in a dizzy death and could not bear a blow.
The people at the scene were stunned. How dare you do it. People who come here are either rich or expensive! Chuck was stunned that this woman’s means were no worse than Betty’s.
“Garbage!” Instructor Ning Yu said coldly, and Meimu glanced at everyone, “You are all garbage!!”
This sentence angered many people, these people are rich young masters, how can bear this insult? Immediately the curse, some have rushed to beat people, but more than a dozen people all lying on the ground and howling, how could they be instructor Ning Yu’s opponent?
Only one person is standing, that is Chuck!
“This rubbish, coward! She insulted us, you didn’t even do it!” Some students were angry.
Other students disdain, “Huh, this kind of person is a counsel! Go to hell!”
“It’s really rubbish. I actually learned to train with him. I think he is all poor. He is used to being used as a dog. He is used to being a dog, so he dares not resist.”
“I think so, just look at his hanging sample and die!”
The students lying on the floor mocked their anger!
Ning Yu, the instructor, came over and stared at Chuck, “Trash!”
“You used to be rubbish.” Chuck expressionless. what? What does this guy say? These students suddenly froze.
Instructor Ning Yumeimu was cold, “What is your name?”
“Okay, I remember you!” Instructor Ning Yu turned around and left, “Trash, get up!”
These people climbed up, all stared at Chuck, muttering.
“This kid’s sharp teeth are sharp, at first glance it is a poor ratio,”
“That’s right, flattering is a habit, we don’t want to be with him anymore, I don’t want to fall down!”
“Me too, by the way, who came by helicopter outside just now?”
“I don’t know who it is, but it’s not this shame called Chuck!”
Their tone of sarcasm, in their view, everyone was beaten, but he was not beaten alone, such a person is garbage!

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