My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 273

Chuck didn’t pay attention to these gossips, he came to exercise himself!
“Okay, you garbage can rest today!” Instructor Ning Yu left.
“Oh, starved to death, go eat!”
“Yes, yes, just beaten, eat. Eat!”
These people are all spoiled children of the wealthy family. When they saw the meal, they immediately went to the cafeteria to eat.
This school is in the forest, there are no entertainment places around, and there are no high-end restaurants. Chuck followed them in and he was hungry.
But when he got to the cafeteria, he was dumbfounded. The food here looks like pig food, but it’s expensive.
I have three hundred dollars on my body, how to spend it?
Chuck turned around and could only eat a five-dollar bun. He had to save money!
My stomach was very hungry. Chuck bought two steamed buns distressedly. I could only have one meal tomorrow. My mother really treated me. .
“You see that he is really poor, and actually eats buns!”
“Why don’t you have money to come to such a place? Lower our worth! Go die!”
“That is, let’s sleep more carefully at night. This kind of person, who has no money to eat, will steal money.”
“I think he came here to steal money!”
These students despise and guard against Chuck.
Chuck ignored it and sat down in a corner. He was going to sleep with his head full and tired.
“Hey, how about eating steamed buns? This is bad for your health. Come and ask you to eat it.”
A 18- to nine-year-old beauty came over with a meal and smiled.
This plate is full of meat, Chuck swallowed, “For me?”
For no reason, why did this student give himself a meal? However, Chuck hadn’t eaten for a day and couldn’t help seeing so much meat.
“Yes, for you, eat it!” The beauty smiled.
“Thank you.” Chuck eats next.
“Delicious?” asked the beauty.
“good to eat.”
“Really? My dog thinks so too.” The beauty laughed.
Chuck stopped and spit out the food inside, staring at her with a frown, “What do you mean?”
“What do you mean? What do you eat for the dog? Are you a dog? Right, it should be. I just did a good job of insulting the instructor! You can stand it if you scold us. dog!”
The beauty smiles, but this smile, with sarcasm.
The other students laughed.
“Haha, he is a dog!”
These students mocked and came over, and Chuck stood up, with cold eyes.
“Keep on eating, Qiaobi dog!” The beauty said mockingly, “I tell you, we all were beaten just now, but you don’t have it, you just say Qiao, do you know? In my eyes, Qabi is a dog !”
“Eat! Hurry!” A young man came and yelled at Chuck!
“Eat, counsel!”
The other students were indignant. Who can’t bear being scolded for rubbish? Is this still a man? Not as good as a dog!
Chuck put the buns in his pocket. This is his supper, which should not get dirty. He grabbed the plate on the table and smashed it out. He did not cause trouble, but it did not mean that he had arrived at the door, he would counsel!
“What are you doing? Let go!!” At this time, the instructor Ning Yu walked in, obviously a woman, but the voice overshadowed everyone in the restaurant!
Chuck hesitated to stop, and everyone in the restaurant stopped.
“Haha, counsel, did you have to beat me just now? Fight, beat you! Lao Tzu can beat you? You dare to touch Lao Tzu’s hair, Lao Tzu will die you today!” The young man mocked.
His name is Duan Zilong, and his family has money. If he was forced to come, why would he come to such a place where the bird does not shit? The rest of the people here are in this state of mind.
“Chuck, no fights between students are allowed here, you start, then you can leave.” Instructor Ning Yu said coldly!
Chuck was silent and put down the plate in his hand. He must not let his mother down! Endure it!
“Coach! Do you dare to beat Lao Tzu?” Duan Zilong sneered!
The other students laughed at each other. I was scolded by the instructor just now and refused to fight back. Now I am scolded for being a dog or not, it is really rubbish!
Chuck stared at him, Duan Zilong sneered, he approached Chuck, “Look at Lao Tzu? What do I dare to fight, don’t dare to fight, you don’t want to watch! Coobi dog! Haha! Eat! Today everyone eats Laozi please! But dog , I don’t invite you! Haha!”
Duan Zilong left, and other students also left, with more ridicule on their faces, and they all sat down to eat.
Chuck sighed, packed up, and went out to ask where the dormitory was. He ate buns and was going to sleep. Instructor Ning Yumei stared at Chuck and said, “This Chuck is not bad…the others are…”

In the damp house, Yvette covered his stomach and spit out blood.
“Garbage! Are you going to pretend to die? Get up!” The man came over. Kick the river with one foot, one foot and one foot.
Yvette was in pain. She stared at a sharp stone not far from the ground. She had just attacked a while ago, but she was seen through. The weapon she found was also dropped on the ground.
She felt like she was going to die.
“stand up!!”
The man continued to kick, with great strength. Yvette spit out blood again, her eyes full of ruthlessness like a leopard, “Don’t hit me!”
This is the hoarse voice in her chapped lips.
“Junk is supposed to be beaten! What are you doing in this world? Your so-called husband is pregnant with your student, and you are pregnant, and you still think about him. What are you not garbage? Say! Garbage! Garbage!” This person continued to kick .
Yvette’s eyes were colder and more ruthless. She stared at the kicking leg, and she suddenly opened her mouth and bit!
“Ah!! Songkou, you bite me! Junk to die!” The man was in pain, kicking Yvette hard, but Yvette didn’t let go, hiss!
Yvette’s mouth was kicked open with blood. This person looked down, the muscles on his face were beating, blood was dripping. Yvette was like a angry female leopard. The cold inside the eyes made this person subconsciously retreat. I was shocked!
“Garbage,” the man said, his voice clearly lowered!
Yvette rushed over with no moves!
The man was furious and smashed his fist and hit Yvette’s chest. Yvette vomited blood, but two hands grabbed the man’s hand, and then his knees came out!
Where did this person feel broken? He screamed, Yvette pushed out again!
The man’s eyes widened and fell wailingly to the ground, about to faint.
Yvette clutched his chest, walked aside, picked up the weapon on the ground, and walked towards this person. This person was shocked when he was confused, because Yvette threw the stone into his neck!
He felt deflated and suffocated!
“Ah, no, lord, lord, help!!” This man’s eyes widened and he tried his best to call for help.
In the monitoring screen, the old man chuckled softly, “I told you not to underestimate her, you just don’t listen, and now you blame yourself, you should die if you beat my granddaughter for so long… Haha, yes, know it !”
The man’s frightened face was frozen, and Yvette gave him the final blow. The person stopped calling. Yvette stood up. She looked at the blood in her hand. She was instinctively fearful, “I killed myself…”
But being tortured these days, she has forgotten her fears.
She opened the iron gate and walked out. The freedom made Yvette want to cry, but she wanted to hold back!
“Hubby, I came out, I came out.” Yvette burst into tears, she went out, her bag was thrown on the ground, she picked it up, even though she was tired, she found it was a mountain, she actually Inside the cave.
She shook her body and walked to the river. She jumped in to clean the blood from her body.
She was already scarred. She cleaned it and continued down the mountain. She finally walked to the side of the road and stopped her.
But the driver saw Yvette like this, he wanted to call the police, but Yvette looked at him, he was scared.
“Money, take me back to the sea market!” Yvette said coldly. The kind of coldness was inspired by the same innate nature.
The driver nodded in horror and drove.
In Haishi, it was already dark. Yvette went to the community and took the elevator to the door.
She took out the key to open the door, and her tears had flowed out, “Hubby, I’m back…”

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