My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 274

Yvette opened the door. At this time, Sun Shangxue inside heard the movement and came out of the room. When she saw Yvette, who was haggard and extremely scarred, she was stunned.
“Yvette, you…” Sun Shangxue was shocked. She had been worried about Yvette. During this time, she was busy with the company and the restaurant. She thought that Yvette was kidnapped.
Now, this is true. Kidnapped?
“I’m fine, where is my husband? Where is he?” Yvette walked in tiredly. In more than ten days, she slept for less than twenty hours, and she was too tired.
“I don’t know, he hasn’t been here for several days, you call him.” Sun Shangxue hurried to the refrigerator to get Yvette to eat.
Yvette’s cell phone was out of power. She took out her cell phone to charge and ate a little food, but she vomited and spit out blood.
Sun Shangxue was shocked, “Yvette, what’s wrong with you? I’ll take you to the hospital.”
“no need.”
“Why not, you vomit blood!”
“I! Say it! No! Use it!” Yvette suddenly cooled down, cold and ruthless in her eyes.
Sun Shangxue was terrified again and sat on the ground. She felt like she saw a female leopard in such a moment. What happened to Yvette?
Sun Shangxue got up on his own, and Yvette suddenly became unfamiliar. How could this happen? Yvette was very gentle before!
The phone was turned on, and Yvette called Chuck, but the phone was turned off.
Yvette spit out blood, she was sad, “Hubby, how did you turn off your phone?”
She stood up, walked into the room, and took off her clothes. Sun Shangxue’s eyes widened. She had never seen anyone better than Yvette’s figure, but at this time, she was covered with scars, green and blue. Zi Zi, is this being abused? ?
Yvette changed clothes and put on a mask and sunglasses. She also had a wound on her face and could only be “fully armed”
“You go to bed early, I went out to find my husband.” Yvette came out indifferently.
“Yvette, you should go to the hospital!” Sun Shangxue was serious. Yvette vomited blood and was definitely beaten with stomach bleeding.
“I said no!” Yvette stared at him.
Sun Shangxue trembled in shock, she slumped on the ground, what happened to Yvette?
“Don’t tell anyone that I am back!” Yvette said coldly.
Sun Shangxue nodded blankly.
Yvette went out and drove downstairs to Chuck!
She took the elevator and knocked on the door, but no one answered, and Chuck went out. How could there be someone inside?
Zelda opened the door next door and she heard the voice. She saw Yvette. Although she wore a mask and sunglasses, she had seen the clothes she wore before.
She was pleasantly surprised, “Yvette, are you okay?”
Yvette turned his head and squinted coldly, “Is my husband at your house?”
“Ah? No, no, hello.” Zelda was speechless, because Yvette had already entered her house.
She was surprised, why Yvette
“Hubby, come home with me.” Yvette said when he came in.
But nobody.
Zelda followed up, “Chuck is not here.”
Yvette squinted. “Not there?”
She came closer step by step, Zelda froze, she felt cold, her voice was low, “No, Yvette, what’s wrong with you? It’s so cold to speak, did you encounter something…”
“I ask you, what is your relationship with my husband?” Yvette asked coldly.
“No, Chuck and I have nothing.” Zelda sighed, it turned out that Yvette came here for this.
“My husband and I have been together since childhood, he is mine, don’t touch it, don’t do it! I will ask you again, did you touch him?” Yvette stepped closer, step by step, the cold, Zelda all bear Can’t help it, she was shocked, how could Yvette become like this?
“You are lying, your eyes are dodge, I will ask you again, is there any?” Yvette stared at her.
“No… Ah, Yvette, you let go and pinch me.” Zelda was frightened because Yvette suddenly grabbed her neck and she felt uncomfortable breathing.
“I will ask you again, are there any?”
“No, no!!” Zelda got angry.
Yvette slapped out, Zelda fell to the ground, biting her lips in aggrieved.
Yvette took off his sunglasses, and his eyes appeared like ice cubes. “I tell you, I have to bear with you for a long time. My husband is young and can’t bear the temptation, but you keep pestering him! What do you want to do? He is Mine, I am Yvette! If you pester him again, I will kill you!”
Yvette went out and closed the door, Zelda grieved, covering her cheeks, and shed tears.
Why did Yvette become like this? Zelda got up on her own and wiped the tears in her eyes. She took out her mobile phone and wanted to call Chuck, but he said that he would go out for a while, but Yvette came back, she must tell Chuck, she dialed out, but the other party shut down. .
Zelda was wronged, “Chuck, Yvette actually beat me…”
Yvette drove to the Yeshi Hotel. She had left here before. Chuck said she would bring herself over to meet someone, so now Chuck is inside?
“Hubby,” Yvette got out of the car and walked into the hotel.
But she saw Queenie, who was working part-time, and she walked over. Queenie walked to the road to go home by car. Yvette with a mask and sunglasses suddenly appeared, scaring Queenie.
“Ah…you, teacher, teacher Yvette, why are you?” Queenie was surprised. She didn’t know that Yvette had disappeared, and she didn’t dare to see Yvette.
But when she suddenly saw Yvette appear, she was still pleasantly surprised, but how did she feel wrong?
“It’s me, I ask you, what about my husband?” Yvette stared at her, and Chuck made her pregnant if the person appeared in his mind…
“Chuck went out, but he didn’t say where to go, I don’t know.” Queenie said, Chuck said to her that she was going out.
After all, Chuck doesn’t know where to go, how can he say that? It can only be said to go out for a walk.
Yvette’s eyes are still cold, “You, come here.”
Yvette walked into the alley next to him, and Queenie hesitated, “Why is Teacher Yvette not quite the same? So cold? Do you know what happened to Chuck?”
Queenie was a little flustered. She had thought that Yvette would be found. She felt guilty and felt sorry for Yvette. What should I do at this time?
Queenie bit her lip and calmed down, she must calm down!
Queenie calmed down and followed Yvette into the alley, “Mr. Yvette…”
“How do I usually treat you?” Yvette stared at her.
“Very good, Teacher Yvette is very kind to me,” Queenie panicked, asking this sentence, where did she not know what it meant?
Yvette got it, but how did she know? What did Chuck say? impossible. How could he say it?
Queenie felt that she could not admit it. On the one hand, she really had no confidence. Second, if she admitted, then Teacher Yvette and Chuck would be over. Queenie liked Chuck, but she did not want to see Chuck break up with Teacher Yvette.
“Then tell me, what happened between you and my husband?” The cold inside Yvette’s eyes was like ice.
“No, Teacher Yvette, don’t get me wrong. Chuck and I have nothing.”
“I’ll ask you again, are there any?”
Queenie was frightened, and Yvette’s eyes were terrifying.
“No, teacher, believe me, Chuck and I have nothing, no.” Queenie said hurriedly.
Yvette squinted, “You are lying!”
“No, Teacher Yvette, I didn’t lie.” Queenie quickly shook his head.
“I know what you did with my husband, and you still have it? Right!”
“No, teacher, I haven’t.” Queenie was crying scared.
“No? Well, I am kicking you now, kicking your stomach, if there is no bleeding, then I believe you, if there is, then you have done with my husband! You are pregnant!” Yvette eyes Icy.
Yvette said, lifted his feet and kicked out. After more than ten days of torture, her speed was faster and ruthless! My husband is mine!
Yvette got in front of him, Queenie was terrified and finished…

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