My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 275

“Mr. Yvette, don’t, don’t.” Queenie cried.
Yvette’s eyes were cold, and the kicked leg stopped, “I will ask you again, is there any relationship with my husband?”
“No, really not.” Queenie sat paralyzed on the ground.
Yvette stared at her for a few seconds, Queenie wept pitifully, and Yvette’s eyes were gone.
“Teacher Yvette.” Queenie wept.
“Get up.” Yvette said to help her, Queenie twitched and twitched, “Mr. Yvette, why are you hurt?”
“It’s okay, you go back by car yourself.” Yvette said to leave the alley, Queenie chased out, “Mr.
Yvette, you have to believe Chuck.”
“It’s not believing or not. I can forgive him for doing anything, because he is my only loved one.
He is young and tempted normally, but he is mine, mine.” Yvette’s eyes cold again Out.
“Well, Teacher Yvette, he is yours.” Queenie breathed a sigh of relief.
But she saw that Yvette had bloodshot eyes in her eyes. What’s wrong?
“Mr. Yvette, Chuck seems to be going out for more than 20 days.” Queenie continued.
Yvette turned around, “More than twenty days? What is my husband doing?”
“I don’t know, he didn’t tell me, Teacher Yvette, let’s go to the hospital, you are injured.”
Queenie cared, she saw that Yvette might have been hit by something in the past few days, causing her personality to change. Many, but Queenie is not so afraid now.
Yvette said no, she walked to the alley and stared at the Yeshi Hotel. Chuck should not be there.
So, how should she find it?
“Teacher, go to the hospital.” Queenie worried.
Yvette felt a lot of pain in her body, and she couldn’t hold it anymore. How can she say that she is just an untrained woman now, able to resist to the present, it is completely a will!
“You work part-time here, have you seen my husband come and go here often?” Yvette asked.
“No.” Queenie felt that Yvette was saying this, and Chuck did not come out of chaos.
Yvette’s eyes were faint and curious, who the hell did he want to see when he brought him over last time?
“Is the owner of this hotel male or female?”
“Women, it seems to be women,” Queenie worked part-time here. Of course I heard that this hotel would be bought by a woman named Karen Lee.
“Female? How old are you? More than thirty-five, forty?”
“Ms. Yvette, how can I know this? I came here to work part-time. Many people in the hotel have never seen the boss.” Queenie’s words are true. How could she have seen Karen Lee? After all, she is part-time. Not at all!
Yvette didn’t understand.
But she was suddenly alert because someone came out of the alley and was an old man!
Yvette pulled Queenie behind him, “Who are you?”
“Good! Your willpower is better than I thought!” The old man smiled.
“Are you locked me?” Yvette shot cold and ruthless, like a female leopard.
“Yes, it is this kind of look. It seems that it has been a matter of ten days. It has achieved good results, but it has been ruthless, and there is no strength. It is empty talk. As you are now, it is difficult to fight two ordinary men who have not learned. It is difficult! No Sneak attack!” The old man sighed.
“It’s you who shut me up, it’s you! It’s you who let that person torture me!” Yvette’s bloodshot eyes were scarlet, and more than ten days of torture were vivid in his memory.
She has suffered since childhood, in order to let herself study and go to college to change her destiny, she has suffered too much, but compared with these more than ten days, she suddenly felt that the period of studying was very good. During these ten days, she had many times I wanted to give up, but willpower made her stick to the present!
“No, not torture you, to hone you, to hone your will!” said the old man.
“Hone me? Why should you hone me?” Yvette stared at him with cold eyes. “What are you qualified to hone me?”
Yvette picked up a brick, and she felt the danger from the old man.
“Still preparing for a sneak attack? The reason you are able to come out is completely that man’s carelessness. He pays a little attention. You are still locked, biting, and then attacking the position of the man. This is a good method, but when you become a master In the future, this method is disdainful,” the old man said.
Yvette was alert as he came over.
“Little girl, you are out of luck, and see me, then only let you die!” The old man’s eyes shot murderously.
Queenie was scared.
“Queenie, you leave first,” Yvette protected Queenie.
“Teacher, what are you going to do?” Queenie cried in fright. The old man was terrible.
“Go!” Yvette’s eyes were slightly cold!
Queenie ran away crying.
The old man stared at Queenie who ran away, “I am going to die, no one can hide it!”
“Then I will kill you!” Yvette’s eyes coldly, she grasped the brick in her hand and came over.
“It’s ruthless, but my eyesight is not good. Sure enough, some things can’t be improved so quickly.” The old man sighed, picked up a brick, and punched out with a punch. The brick cracked.
It’s so easy to break bricks by hand.
Yvette suddenly stopped approaching, and cold sweat came out of his forehead.
“Come here!” The old man turned around and left. Yvette was ready to run. She definitely didn’t want to be locked up again.
“Don’t want to run, you can’t run! I want to catch you, you can’t leave at all. Come!” The old man’s voice came from the dark alley.
Yvette’s eyes stared at her like this, she backed away, tortured like that, she no longer suffered.
“Come here!” The old man turned his head.
Yvette didn’t move, the old man sighed, and he came back by himself.
“Who are you?” Yvette’s eyes froze and snapped, she lost the brick in her hand.
“It’s fun, a brick can attack me? I have lived for most of my life, and I haven’t encountered such a thing. I have turned over in a gutter? But you can’t even count the gutter now, and you want me to turn over? Never mind, I You don’t need to know who it is for now, as long as you know that I won’t hurt you, everything I do is for your good
“Good for me? Why should you be good for me? I was good with my husband more than ten days ago, it’s you, it’s you! Torment me like this now! My husband will definitely be disappointed with me,… …”
“Fool! What qualifications does he have to disappoint you?” The old man Shen Sheng said,
“That kid is not worthy of you, if he had a good life, there is a good…, he is not even qualified to be close to you!”
“I don’t allow you to say that my husband!” Yvette picked up the bricks on the ground again.
She came closer step by step, “If you say it again, I will kill you!”
“Do you know how many women your so-called husband has?” The old man sighed, and suddenly felt that his decision more than twenty years ago seemed a bit wrong.
“I don’t care, how many women he has, I don’t care, he is my own, I don’t allow you to say him!”
Yvette stared at him, the two were close at hand.
The old man was motionless. “It’s a fool. Forget it. It doesn’t make sense to tell you now. Do you want to know where he is?”
“where is it?”
“Training, you are training like you, but I have seen his physical fitness. I really want to compare. He cannot compare with you, because she will not treat you like me.”
“Asshole, you also tortured my husband? To die!” Yvette was ignited like gunpowder.
When she thought that Chuck was the same as herself, she could only eat a dirty bun for a few days, and she had to be beaten every day. She was so angry that her heart hurt.
He is under twenty, how can he bear these? ?
She hit the old man’s head with a brick, but the old man shook her head and raised her hand to control her hand.
“It’s quick to use your eyes, and your eyes must be accurate! You’re still far away!” The old man pressed hard, Yvette’s hand hurts, and the brick in his hand fell to the ground.
“I didn’t shut him down. It’s not time to shut him down. I will let you do one thing now. If you do, I will consider that you can be with him. If you can’t, I will let you never see him. .”
“Why do you tell me? I won’t do it!”
“You have no qualification to refuse,” the old man let go of Yvette’s hand, and Yvette stepped back, leaning against the wall.
“If you don’t do it, I will kill him!”
“Don’t!” Yvette panicked. “Why are you doing this to me? I didn’t offend you, and my husband didn’t offend you. I let the two of us off.”
Yvette’s despair, more than ten days of torture, made her feel a chance, but is there now? The old man in front of him was ten times more powerful than that person. It was impossible for him to deal with it. Yvette sat on the ground paralyzed. At this moment, she was powerless, painful, and haggard.
How could this be?
This old man can catch himself, and certainly can catch Chuck.
“No, you don’t want to kill my husband, I’m willing to help you do things, willing, as long as you don’t move him…” Yvette shed tears…

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