My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 276

The old man saw that Yvette had compromised so quickly, he frowned, and his heart for killing Chuck was even stronger!
What’s so good about Chuck? Actually fascinated her granddaughter like this?
It is no exaggeration to say that the old man thinks that his granddaughter’s appearance is absolutely not to lose anyone. If Chuck does not have his mother Karen Lee, what qualifications are close to his granddaughter?
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“What do you ask me to do?” Yvette looked up.
“Simple!” The old man turned around and left, “Come!”
“I won’t do anything that is sorry for my husband.” Yvette stood up.
“You… can’t come yet?” The old man had gone deep into the alley.
Yvette’s eyes cooled down. She hesitated and looked down. Suddenly she found something, squatted quietly, picked up a piece of sharp glass on the ground, grabbed it in her hand, and quietly grabbed it before she followed the old man. Behind…
She felt that she should not trust people so much, except her husband Chuck, she could not trust anyone now.
She followed the old man into a car.
The old man glanced at her, “Come in.”
Yvette hesitated, “What the hell do you want me to do?”
“I told you, everything I do is for you! If I want to do something to you, or harm you, do you think you can live to the present? And, now you are the real one You, start a small company that loses money and be a teacher, that’s not you!” said the old man.
Yvette’s eyes looked straight at him, which is another reason why he can follow him. Yvette hates this old man especially now, but for more than ten days, if he wants to kill him, he can’t live at all.
This is true.
“You need to know that if you don’t stay there for more than ten days, you won’t become the real you.”
“I hate this now, I hate, I just want to live peacefully with my husband, give him two children, the family grows old together, and then make money to support the family, to share his worries, that is me, it is not now !” Yvette was in pain.
She knew she had changed, and more than ten days of torture had shed her sympathy, her love, and she became cold-blooded.
But like this, will Chuck like it? A person’s heart has been tortured and changed, and it is difficult to come back. This is Yvette’s struggle at this time.
“Wrong! Woman’s kindness! It’s you now!” The old man sneered, “Come in, I have something for you to do.”
“Since you are good for me, then let me go. Let me go! That is good for me,” Yvette’s eyes cooled down.
“Well, then I will kill your so-called husband now!” The old man’s face was somber.
“No, please don’t.” Yvette stared at him, squeezing the shards of glass in his hand, walked in, and sat in the car.
“Chuck is here now.”
“What, how could he be in that kind of place? Isn’t that a forest?” Yvette was anxious. She hadn’t been to this place, but knew it was dangerous. “Are you forced him to go, is it you!”
Yvette wanted to kill, but Chuck was less than twenty. How would he survive in that place? Yvette pressed his fingers hard, and the sharp glass fragments pierced her palm!
“My place tells you, then what I let you do is simple, is…”

Chuck woke up from the dormitory bed and felt energetic. It was only five o’clock in the morning when he saw the time. He got up and went out to run with a heavy load. After all, time is precious. You must seize the time.
Chuck went out for a run, and when he got to the training place, there was no one, and he was comfortable. He ran violently, and someone in the distance saw it. It was the instructor Ning Yu.
She was surprised, “So early? A little interesting.”
She ran out, and Chuck saw her, “Good instructor.”
“Fine. Continue to run.” Instructor Ning Yu is satisfied. Among so many students, it seems that only he came to learn things.
Everything else is real rubbish, and it is a waste of time to come, but she can’t control this, she can do her best.
The two men ran in the morning, and the instructor Ning Yu was a little surprised. It seems that he usually exercised, otherwise his physical strength would not be so good.
After the two had finished running, Chuck was a little breathless, but the instructor Ning Yu’s face did not change color, “Not bad, go for breakfast, today will be the devil training!”
She went to where she lived, Chuck thought she would buy a bun and eat it. You had to save money because the mother gave it 300 yuan. He went to the cafeteria and bought a bun to eat.
Others The trainees came one after another.
They were too unhappy to see Chuck.
Yesterday, the beautiful woman who ridiculed Chuck ordered a lot of food and sat in front of Chuck. “Dog ah dog… My dog doesn’t eat buns. Why are you worse than my dog?”
Chuck glanced at her, stuffed the bun into his mouth, and walked to her.
The beautiful woman raised her eyebrows and sneered. “Why do you still want to hit me? Come on, do you dare?”
“Dare you…” Chuck said.
“Do you dare to scold me? You’re not going to die,…” The beautiful woman slammed the plate towards Chuck, “Come here, beat him, beat him!”
The other students had been upset about Chuck for a long time, and came around to fight around Chuck. Chuck’s eyes were cold, and he threw it out with a slap and a slap on the beauty’s face.
“Ah!” The beauty screamed and fell to the ground, embarrassed!
“Call me, call me!” The beauty was screaming and rushed like crazy to Chuck, but Chuck didn’t care and kicked the shabby woman.
He was dead this time, this beautiful woman screamed while holding her belly. boom!
Duan Zilong grabbed a dinner plate and smashed it, about to hit Chuck’s head.
“What are you doing?” Instructor Ning Yu rushed in, his voice overshadowing everyone.
Duan Zilong stopped, as did Chuck, as did all other students.
Swords crossed!
Duan Zilong sneered and ignored it, smashing the dinner plate on Chuck’s head.
“Haha! Adorable dog!”
Other students ridiculed and sneered. At this time, Chuck was embarrassed, but there was still food on this plate, all spilled on Chuck’s head.
“I dare dare to hit you, do you dare to touch my hair?” Duan Zilong sneered, but his family has tens of billions of dollars, the standard super rich second generation, who dares to mess with it? Only he beats others, nobody dares to beat him.
Chuck clenched his fists, this man is very tall, but Chuck learned boxing for a few days, it is no problem to beat him.
“This counsel is less daring than a dog?” Is this what counsel can do?”
“Surely not!”
These students ridicule, in their eyes, Chuck is admonishing!
The beautiful woman covered her face and came over, “You beat me again! You beat! The old lady will die of you!”
“Shut up, have you heard?” Instructor Ning Yu came coldly!
“I want to play against him!” Chuck stared at the paragraph!
“It’s a shame, Duan Shao learned karate! It’s okay to beat you five or six. Do you dare to single against Duan Shao? Is this something that only a lot of people can say?”
These people watched the excitement and felt that there was a good show.
Duan Zilong raised a joke, “You want to play against me? You are looking for…”
“Dare not?” Chuck expressionless.
“I’m not afraid, I’m worried that you’re going to waste!” Duan Zi’s long corner of the mouth is thick and rich, “Instructor, I should discuss with him if it is not a violation of the rules!”
Instructor Ning Yu hesitated, “Are you sure?”
She knows that Chuck’s physical strength is good, but his Duan Zilong is three stages of Taekwondo, and his strength is still acceptable. There is no problem playing ordinary people.
This is not something you can resist with good physical strength.
“Okay!” Chuck said.
“Okay! Come out? Go to the martial arts field to learn, but click to stop!” Instructor Ning Yu walked out.
“Shabi, do you dare to fight with Duan Shao? Fortunately, Duan Shao will help me beat you.”
The beautiful girl stared at Chuck suddenly and smiled. In his eyes, Chuck was already kneeling to beg for mercy.
“Everyone went out to watch the excitement! See how Duan Shao played the dog.”
“Haha, I want to watch this counselor kneel and beg for mercy!”
“Isn’t it better to be beaten and ask for mercy?”
All the students went out and there was a good show. Duan Zilong came over and teased, “Gubi dogs, don’t cry anymore, because I won’t keep my hands on you. My love is great, but I just won’t Give a dog! Come out and die!”
He laughed and walked out, Chuck stared at him to see who was going to die!

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