My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 277

Martial arts field!
More than a dozen students ridiculed and ridiculed them. They looked lively. In this case, Duan Zilong definitely played this game.
Chuck walked over, Duan Zilong sneered and waved, “What are you afraid of? Come here a little.”
“Duan Shao, abolish him!”
“Yes, yeah, he was originally a fancier, scrap him!”
“Haha, I think Duan Shao Tu dog is right!”
The students were waving their flags and shouting, they could not wait to see Chuck being beaten, how cool!
“let’s start!”
Instructor Ning Yu maintained order. She glanced at Chuck and sighed in her heart that this student was good. She was so calm yesterday that she was so impulsive today?
This Duan Zilong has good strength. She tried it yesterday. Although she is not her opponent, she knows this clearly!
Chuck should not be able to carry it.
She felt that it was still time to wait for the meeting. She could not injure her trainees. She must stop Duan Zilong in time, otherwise Chuck might have to enter the hospital. at the same time.
In a house of this training school, the school owner, said respectfully to a woman, Karen Lee!
The owner of this school used to be Karen Lee.
At this time, Betty walked in, “Master Li, young master is going to fight with others.”
“What? Who dares?” The school owner was angry.
“Cer’s heart is OK, what’s going on?” Karen Lee frowned.
Betty said, and Karen Lee said, “There is nothing wrong with this. Open the monitoring screen!
Let me see to what extent Ceer has gone. I learned boxing a few days with the Dragon King. It should be useful.”
“Yes!” Betty did.
Soon the monitoring screen appeared, and the school owner frowned, “It’s the Duan kid…”
He was worried, “Mr. Li, that kid learned a little taekwondo. Look at your son…”
As the principal, he must know the information of each student clearly. This Duan Zilong fight has been big since he was a child, and three years ago it was three sections of Taekwondo.
This is going to happen, he is to blame!
“My son hasn’t learned taekwondo, but he won’t lose to this person.” Karen Lee narrowed his eyes and said for a few times.
The school owner was helpless, “Then did your son learn anything else?”
“A little bit, but Master Duan you said…” Karen Lee analyzed.
“Ah? You call him Master?” The school owner was startled. “Mr. Li, don’t say this kid, even the whole Duan family is not worthy to appear in front of you!”
The school owner panicked. If Dad’s father knew this, would he have a trembling shock? After all, what is tens of billions in front of Karen Lee?
“Has a problem?” Karen Lee disagreed.
“No, no,” the school owner sweated on his forehead.
“This Duan Zilong has a frivolous pace and unstable foundation. He has never learned the essence of taekwondo. He just beats with a lot of strength. As long as he has a little foundation, he can break his flaws with one blow! My son It’s also very cruel. It is estimated that I can see that the height and weight of this young master is similar to that of my son. This is the same level, so two strokes.”
“Two strokes of young master win?” the school boss asked subconsciously.
“No, my son beat him with two strokes, no, it should be two punches.” Karen Lee said. what? The school boss was puzzled, but he did not dare to say that he could only whisper in his heart, your kid knows a little bit, and he took the initiative to be defeated by Chuck, otherwise you might be in danger.
Betty looked curiously.
“Start!” Instructor Ning Yu said.
Duan Zilong sneered, a flying kick came over, Chuckxun did not hide in time, was kicked out, almost fell down, and was embarrassed.
The onlookers sneered ridiculedly, and really admired the dog! Don’t dare to resist!
That beauty is refreshing and playing well! carry on!
Instructor Ning Yu was expressionless. Duan Zilong was still good in this respect. Chuck seemed to be losing. Alas, it was too breathless.
“Garbage! I’m too lazy to kick you, forget, I’m too lazy to waste time with you,” Duan Zilong kicked again and again.
Chuck still didn’t hide, and fell to the ground.
Betty frowned here.
Karen Lee smiled slightly, “I was beaten first, then I had a chance to find out other people’s attack loopholes, I should be kicked again, and Ceer should have counted.”
The school boss sweated on his forehead, didn’t he? Why can’t I watch Chuck get up?
“Abolish him! Duan Shao!”
The students shouted.
Duanzi Longyin smiled, okay, kick him, and let him kneel down for mercy!
Jump up and kick over!
Instructor Ning Yu hesitated, Chuck might not be able to carry it, and it would hurt her if she continued, she wanted to stop it!
Otherwise, the training hasn’t started yet, and the person has been kicked, so how can I continue?
Chuck’s eyes were fast, he turned around and punched Duan Zilong’s belly with a punch.
“Oh!” Duan Zilong suddenly screamed and fell to the ground, holding his belly like a prawn.
The audience was silent! what happened?
“C, sneak attack! This is a dog attack!” the beauty screamed!
“C!” Duan Zilong crawled up holding his stomach. Chuck rushed over and punched Duan Zilong’s cheek. Duan Zilong hummed, and fell black on the ground.
This boxing punch knocked him out! This is a means of boxing! impossible?
“Duan Shao lost? My God!!”
“Am I right in my eyes? No!”
These students muttered to themselves, filled with shock!
Duan Zilong is a master of Taekwondo, so he was stunned?
Instructor Ning Yumei blinked and chuckled, “I actually looked away, is this the point of boxing? The cheek gang…good.”
“Ha ha!”
Karen Lee smiled, Chuck actually took the opportunity in the third leg, it seems to have talent!
Betty blinked, the school boss was dumbfounded, Duan Zilong, you are a master of Taekwondo, just so stunned?
Chuck came over and stepped on his face. He looked at all the students, “Who is counseling?
Who is garbage?”
These people did not speak because they were shocked.
“You just attacked, or Duan Shao could kick you out of shit!” The beauty disdain.
Chuck stared at her, “You are rubbish!”
“Dare you scold me?” The beauty was irritated, rushed over and grabbed Chuck, Chuck Ze took the opportunity to slap with a slap.
“Oh.” The beauty fell to the ground, and she crawled to Duan Zilong, “Duan Shao…”
Duan Zilong suddenly woke up, but found that he had shoes on his face, was this stepped on? He roared in exasperation, “c! Lao Tzu is going to abolish you!”
How did Chuck ignore it? With a kick, Duan Zilong screamed while covering his stomach. He got up from the ground and walked to the instructor Ning Yu. “Mobile phone, Laozi mobile phone!!”
Today he was greatly insulted! Today he will call his dad!
Today he wants to let this counselor kneel down!
“Sorry! The school’s rules can’t be broken, no one has a mobile phone!” Instructor Ning Yu said,
“Also, you lost! Everyone listened and started training!”
“I called you instructor to give you face and give me your phone!” Duan Zilong’s face was gloomy!
The instructor Ning Yu turned around, “I don’t need you to give me a face, don’t want to stay, get away!”
“Okay, you are amazing, don’t forget, my dad and your principal are good friends. I went to him and let him fire you, as well as you, counseling dog, you are dead today! You don’t have to leave! Duan Zilong sneered.
His father knows his boss well, otherwise he won’t be here at all.
Chuck was expressionless and sighed in his heart. What did he do with such a person? Call the parents if you lose?
Duan Zilong turned to find the boss, but the school boss came out with a cold face, Duan Zilong walked over in surprise, “Uncle Chen… I want to call my dad.”
“Something to tell me!” said the school owner.
“It’s such an uncle, that person, just beat me, and the instructor still scolded me, I want you to fire that instructor.” Duan Zilong proud.
“anything else?”
“Oh, that counselor dog is the kid. I want my uncle to teach me. You are good at kung fu. It’s the same as hitting a pen. You can help me, just cut him off with one hand.” Duan Zilong smiled and blossomed in his heart, dare to hit me? Lao Tzu abandoned you!
Duan Zilong’s words are not finished yet, the school boss slaps it out!
Duan Zilong screamed and fell to the ground. All students including Duan Zilong were dumbfounded. What happened?

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