My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 278

“Uncle, why are you hitting me?” Duan Zilong got up from the ground in shock. He was shameful enough just now, and he was defeated by a counselor. But he is a master of Taekwondo! He’s in flames!
Looking for a small instructor who wanted a mobile phone, he didn’t give face or give him a hand. He became more angry. Finally, the uncle his father knew appeared, and he said what he had just said. His uncle slapped himself indiscriminately. ?
Duan Zilong wants to kill!
“Don’t shut up yet?” The school boss hated iron and steel. No wonder he lost so badly just now, but he still doesn’t know the reason?
“Uncle, why did you hit me?” Duan Zilong repeatedly asked, other students nearby pointed to something, so that he could not lose this face.
Instructor Ning Yu was stunned, the boss actually came out in person, this is, she subconsciously looked at Chuck, should it be his reason?
“You still say?” the school boss growled.
“Uncle, I am too disappointed with you. I have called you uncle for so many years, but what about you? What is he? You actually beat me for him?” Duan Zilong was angry, really!
He never thought it would be like this, shouldn’t it be his uncle who played this dog?
“Fool! Do you know that if you don’t shut up, your Duan family will be over!” The school boss was angry. Was this kid shameless?
Old paragraph, no wonder you are going to send your son over, this is really a shame!
“Oh, uncle, I’m completely disappointed in you. Really, if you hit me, you’ll hit me, and I won’t treat you like that, but if you say this, you are insulting my Duan family, what is he? Why should I finish my Duan family?”
Duan Zilong was disappointed and mocked.
How can this counselor dog treat his family? He went to eat Xiang immediately! His Duan family business is located in a tenth of three cities in China, and his net worth exceeds 50 billion.
Who can compare?
Is the garbage comparable?
Other students almost couldn’t help laughing, this is Duan Zilong’s richest family, actually said that he could let Duan Zilong finish?
“Duan Zilong, your dad will be mad at you!” the school boss scolded.
“Oh, I told my dad what I said today, without a word, my dad would have a relationship with you! You beat me for a rubbish, and said that he can let our house finish, I didn’t expect it, Uncle, you are such a person.” Duan Zilong was disappointed.
“I don’t think anything happened today, but from today on, my Duan Zilong will never call you uncle again, you don’t deserve it!”
Duan Zilong left!
“Fuck things! Don’t give me back!” the school boss scolded!
Duan Zilong sneered and looked back at Chuck, “And you, I won’t let you go, you need to be careful!”
“Fuck! Do you really want your Duan family to be gone?” The school boss was annoyed.
“Oh, you don’t need to say the same joke again. If he can, let him come. My Duan family hasn’t been afraid of anyone!” Duan Zilong sneered!
After he finished speaking, he went to the dormitory coldly, and Chuck was expressionless. If this person really provokes himself, then he does not mind letting him disappear.
The school boss sighed and came over, how should he speak? After all, he and Duan Zilong’s father knew that if Chuck was really angry, then he was not good to come forward!
“No need to say anything, I came to exercise, let’s get started!” Chuck couldn’t wait.
He can beat Duan Zilong just now. He is very excited and can’t wait to exercise. He wants to improve himself!
The school owner breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that the young master didn’t mean much about it!
“Ning Yu starts!” The school owner left.
Instructor Ning Yu glanced at Chuck for a few more times, “Dear students, let’s get started!”
Other students were unhappy and started.
“What do you see? You just attacked!” The beautiful woman disdained, “Do you think the school boss is helping you? You just got lucky, and happened to run into the boss’s rules!”
Chuck didn’t look at her, this beautiful woman gritted her teeth! Her face hurts, she was beaten so many times!
Duan Zilong walked to the dormitory, and the school boss sneaked over, “Idiot, do you know who he is?”
“What do you want to say? A dog is nothing!” Duan Zilong disagreed, “I will let him pay the price, you leave!”
“Idiot, your dad didn’t dare to talk to him like that, you dare!” The school owner really wanted to say who Ms. Chuck was, but the Duan family shouldn’t know. What he said was useless.
“It’s just rubbish. I’ll die of him. Of course, you can rest assured. Although I don’t call you uncle, I still know how decent. You go out!” Duan Zilong lay in bed.
“Alas, I have already told you what you should say, don’t mess with him, or your Duan family is over, and it’s all over!” The school owner went out, he didn’t want to spread the muddy water, in case of fire , Then he was finished.
Duan Zilong smiled contemptuously, “It’s all advice! Boy, how dare you step on my face? I will make you pay!”
He couldn’t sleep, he had to find someone to get a mobile phone!
In the afternoon of hard work, in exchange for soaking sweat, Chuck did not feel tired. He already ran a weight-bearing run with the instructor Ning Yu. He ran in the forest. The other students could not bear it, and already tired. Chuckle is not tired!
Three days passed.
On this day, Yvette appeared in a hidden place in this school, and there was an old man behind him.
“You said my husband is in this?” Yvette questioned. She hadn’t been to this place, but she also doubted what Chuck came to do?
The old man’s explanation was that Chuck was forced over by a man named Karen Lee!
“Good! He is inside! I already know that he will train with the other three over here today. As long as you are concealed, you can see him, and then you will believe me.” The old man said lightly.
He can still do this news, Karen Lee is even more powerful, but Bai Mi has a sparse end!
Yvette narrowed her eyes and stared into the distance. After a while, she heard the movement, and soon her tears were blurred, because she saw Chuck running with a backpack behind a woman, and there was still behind him Some people are tired like dogs.
“Husband…husband.” Yvette called, is Chuck tired?
She was very distressed suddenly, she saw the miss in Chuck’s eyes, is he thinking about himself!
“Don’t make a noise, it will be discovered. How about, I have brought you over, do you believe me?” said the old man.
“I want to take my husband out of here.” Yvette’s eyes fell.
“This is not so easy. He was controlled by a woman of Karen Lee. That Karen Lee used you to threaten him. The only way to save him is to deal with Karen Lee!”
“Karen Lee! Karen Lee!” Yvette’s eyes shot cold.
“Chuck, what’s the matter with you? Keep running!” Instructor Ning Yu watched Chuck suddenly stop moving and she reminded.
“Well,” Chuck heard the voice just now, but how is it possible? Yvette has been missing for so long.
Chuck continued to run with the team.
Watching Chuck leave, Yvette wiped away his tears. After more than ten days of torture, the biggest support was Chuck. Without Chuck, Yvette might die.
Now seeing him being tortured, Yvette hates!
“How to find Karen Lee?” Yvette was ruthless!
“You are not her opponent, nor can it be. The only possibility is that you should approach her first before you have a chance!” said the old man.
“But how can she meet me?”
“Yes, this Karen Lee’s desire to control is too strong. If you appear, she will immediately control you and treat you as her plaything. You have seen her and are close to her. Then you have a chance. Your heart is already Ruthless, then you have a 10% chance of success!” The old man continued.
Yvette frowned, with a 10% chance that she wouldn’t be surprised, because she knew nothing.
“where is she?”
“Just inside, you can go to her now, no matter how good you are, I will answer you, this is what I gave you, this is a newly developed poison, as long as you are close to her three meters, then you crush This poison is colorless and tasteless. In a minute, she will be weak and you will kill her!
Then this is what I want you to do!” The old man took out a capsule.

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