My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 279

“But you have to remember that Karen Lee is a master. If you don’t have a chance to crush the poison, then you will never have a chance, then you have to find a chance to leave.” The old man continued.
“She won’t kill me?” Yvette’s eyes came down hard, and there was nothing to fear, because Yvette had already died once, and she was not afraid at all.
Just worry about one thing, if you die, what about Chuck?
“Yes! So it’s not now.” The old man said.
“When was that?” Yvette frowned.
With her husband in front of her and being unable to meet, Yvette felt painful because Chuck was the persistence she could survive.
“I said, Karen Lee is a master! You only have one chance, but this is not so easy. I will first create an opportunity for you, and then you go to meet Karen Lee and seize the opportunity.”
The old man stared at the distance Chuck left.
“How do you create opportunities?” Yvette frowned.
“This won’t need you to worry about it, just wait for my instructions, remember, when you see her, put away your cruelty, because now you are to her, it’s ants, and your cruelty to her It’s not worth mentioning.” The old man warned, “You only killed one person now. Do you know how many people died under Karen Lee? You can’t think of it, it’s a horrible number.”
Yvette was silent.
“You are waiting here, I will inform you when I have arranged it.” The old man went to prepare.
“and many more!”
“How do I feel designed by you?” Yvette stared at him.
“You feel normal like this, but you have to remember that I won’t hurt you, and you can’t do this, then I will kill him!” said the old man, “Also, remember, After the poison is turned on, you don’t need to do anything, as long as you don’t breathe.”
After he finished speaking, he left quietly. Yvette continued to hide here. She looked down at the capsules she was holding, and her eyes were so entangled that she was going to kill?
For Chuck, please!
Yvette’s eyes appeared…
She stared at the direction of Chuck’s departure. She hesitated, slowly moved her body, and followed her. She decided to take Chuck away with her. There was poison in her hand, so who would block it, At the same time, the old man sighed, he saw Yvette’s movements, “I knew you would be like this, but now I will let you break with him, let you lurking next to Chuck, this decision is wrong or wrong, But it is not wrong, at least this Chuck can be impulsive because of you…”
The old man disappeared into the jungle. He was too fast. He was traveling in the woods. He saw Chuck from a distance. He sneered. “Karen Lee, you didn’t expect this place. I’m too familiar because I am Trained from here, huh, and want to go back to school? Come here…”
The old man took out a photo and shot it directly like a float. He fell silently to the breathless Chuck. Chuck didn’t see how it flew over. He picked it up and looked at it, and immediately stood Rise, because this photo is actually a picture of Yvette lying on the wet ground, Yvette is unconscious…
Chuck was shocked, he turned the picture over, and there was no words on it. If you want to see her, go to the direction of six o’clock, otherwise I will kill her!
Chuck’s eyes looked in the direction of six o’clock, tangled in his heart, so go…
He looked at the picture, and Yvette was so pitiful that he was tortured to look like this. Chuck felt distressed and ran his teeth over there.
“Hey, what are you doing, Chuck?” Instructor Ning Yu discovered Chuck’s anomaly. The other students were already resting, and some even lay on the ground and fell asleep, so Chuck left.
“Go to the toilet,” Chuck didn’t look back.
“Not allowed to go! Have you heard, you are too far away, stop!” Instructor Ning Yuxie took the weight on her body and chased Chuck.
“Hey, stop! Don’t run around!” Instructor Ning Yu yelled, and when she was about to catch up with Chuck, a figure appeared in the grass, wow, and kicked.
Instructor Ning Yu was shocked and resisted with his arm, but this foot was very powerful.
Instructor Ning Yu was kicked back a few steps, she stared at this person, “Who are you? This place does not allow private people to come! I warn you, you What do you want to do, you…”
“The strength is good, but it is too far away from Karen Lee.” The old man looked at her and jumped into the grass. Instructor Ning Yu was shocked and hurried to chase, but this old man, like a monkey, traveled too fast Instructor Ning Yu couldn’t catch him at all.
“Oh no!”
Instructor Ning Yu immediately took out the satellite phone in his waist, “Someone broke in and Chuck was taken away. I’m going to chase now…”
“What’s going on with the dog?”
“Lazy shit pisses.” The exhausted students lay on the ground, and they didn’t want to get up.
The longer Chuck delays, the more they like it.
“Humph, it’s better to be killed by a poisonous snake.” The beautiful woman hummed by Chuck.
The school owner rushed into the room where Karen Lee was staying. She was discussing with Betty. Karen Lee looked at him so anxiously, and his face was panic without knocking. Karen Lee stood up, “What happened to my son?”
Betty looked cold.
“I, Ning Yu took them out, but someone broke into here and took your son away.” The school owner shivered, and he felt finished, finished!
“Betty, immediately mobilize satellite monitoring!” Karen Lee shot coldly in his eyes.
Betty immediately took out a special notebook. After a clatter of keyboard typing, a satellite monitoring screen appeared. Karen Lee glanced and found that only instructor Ning Yu was running in the grass, and Chuck was gone.
Betty continued to look for, “Master Li, Master should have been taken away.”
“Look!” Karen Lee dropped the information in her hand, turned around and entered the room, came out in half a minute, and then put on a camouflage suit.
“Mr. Li, look!” Bettygang took over his notebook. There was a picture on it. There was a woman moving in the grass.
“Yvette, Yvette!” Betty shot Han Mang.
“Bring her over to see me.” Karen Lee looked at the school boss, and he ran out with shivering legs. If he couldn’t do this, then he thought he might be dying.
“Mr. Li, there are hidden cameras in the entire training area, but no pictures have been taken beforehand. I think the monitoring system on the other side of the monitoring room should be invaded by experts.” Betty analyzed, “Young Master must have got it The news of Yvette was then led away by this person…”
“I know who it is, most of them are the Yvette family, but this person dare not move, because he knows that if it moves, I will destroy all the families that are enemies with me. Among these families, there must be He, he did not dare to bet, he placed the bet on Yvette.”
“So, at this time, Yvette suddenly appeared…” Betty thought of something.
“Simple, too simple, that person took my son and created opportunities for Yvette, because I want to find a strategy, the fastest shortcut is Yvette, I see Yvette, then Yvette will For me, if I have an accident, then for that person, the risk is much smaller.” Karen Lee stared at the notebook.
“How could she be your opponent?”
“Yvette has unlimited potential. This woman is not simple. I can’t imagine it with time!” Karen Lee stared at Yvette on her notebook. In her view, Yvette’s movements are very unprofessional, this is not a latent movement. However, he is very talented and knows how to use everything around him to hide himself.
“But Yvette is too weak now, how can he treat you…” Betty felt unlikely.
“Do you know? I saw from Yvette how I felt when I was young, and her eyes were even more ruthless than I was at that time. When I first came into contact with this, I knew nothing, but I was alone. I broke three ribs and my shoulders were almost cut off. I tried everything to kill five people. Now Yvette can do the same…” Karen Lee said when he saw the school boss suddenly appeared and wanted to catch Live in Yvettenan.
“No, I can’t catch it like that. Yvette is ready,” Karen Lee shook her head. Sure enough, the school owner appeared to catch Yvette. She didn’t resist, but she bit directly with her teeth. The school boss didn’t pay attention to being bitten. She was ready. Counterattack, but in front of absolute strength, Yvette was arrested again.
“Cruel, in order to resist, everything is extremely useful, Yvette ruthlessly exceeded my expectations…” Karen Lee murmured, as if recalling when she was young…

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