My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 281

Li Qing looked at Yvette with a sigh, “You are used by your family, I don’t blame you, from the moment you entered the room, I haven’t been breathing, the world’s highest suffocation record 2
Thirteen minutes, and I have half an hour, which was three years ago.”
Yvette was shocked, and his eyes flashed in surprise.
“And your physical fitness, without training, three minutes is the limit. It has been less than ten minutes since you entered and now. I can hold back for more than twenty minutes, and you can hold back for less than two minutes. Continue, You will die here, and it’s not my hands.” Karen Lee was calm and there was no fluctuation.
“Who the hell are you? You already knew what I was going to do?” Yvette shot out the killing opportunity.
“Yes, you and my experience are a bit similar, I know what you are thinking.” Karen Lee walked to the window and reached out to open it.
“Don’t move!” Yvette’s eyes flashed coldly.
“Oh, if you don’t open it, you can’t hold it anymore. The spread of poisonous gas in the air is far more powerful than you think.” Karen Lee shook her head.
If a person with poor strength wants to do something with himself, then the only way is to poison, water? food? This is definitely not possible, then the air emits toxicity.
“You let my husband! Did you hear me!”
“I have no control over him, let me tell you, I am your husband…”
Karen Lee said, suddenly there was a knock on the door, Karen Lee walked to the door, but Yvette stopped her, “Don’t make me desperate!”
Yvette knew that there was a huge gap with the woman in front of her, but Chuck was under control. She must rescue Chuck today.
“You don’t have the strength now and I desperately know? You think about smart people.” Karen Lee passed her by, opened the door, and Betty was outside.
“Don’t breathe.” Karen Lee said.
Betty glanced at Yvette, frowning, “Well, less…” thump.
Yvette suddenly fell to the ground, Karen Lee looked back, sighed, walked to the window, opened the window, and released the poisonous gas.
Karen Lee squatted down and checked Yvette’s body, “This kind of injury should have been tortured for more than ten days before it came out. No wonder her eyes are so fierce. She used to be a simple job, a teacher, and has a good personality. Love, but now it’s different. People will experience a lot of despair in such a big change at this time. She is actually very pitiful…”
Karen Lee said, took out the dagger, cut an opening in Yvette’s wrist, and there was black blood flowing out, which was toxin.
“So President Li, are you going to take care of her?” Betty walked in.
“Ceer doesn’t have an accident, I will take care of her. After all, Ceer has been very helpful for so many years. This is what I should do, but I have no time for Ceer, and she won’t let me now Take care.”
After Karen Lee bleeds his blood, he presses Yvette’s finger, and Yvette has pain between his eyebrows, but his eyes can’t be opened and he can’t wake up.
Yvette was too tired.
How many days did not sleep.
“How is the investigation?” Karen Lee picked up Yvette and put it on the sofa.
“I went to the scene and asked Ning Yu. There are not many clues. I have already started to look for them all,” Betty said. She had just arrived at the scene just now and knew Chuck’s anomaly from the instructor Ning Yukou. The beginning of the action, but also asked the person who appeared.
The result obtained is that the premeditated disappeared. In other words, Chuck was taken away without traces. This should be unlikely. The outer circle of the entire forest is very large, but there are cameras and no cars pass by. After all The car will leave traces, then it may be that Chuck is still in the training forest, but it is hidden in the depths.
This requires a wide range of searches.
“Well, Ce’er should be okay, but torture is inevitable,” Karen Lee shot coldly in his eyes.
“Prepare for the off-road vehicle, we two enter the forest.”
“The car is ready,” Betty said. When Karen Lee changed into a camouflage suit, Betty knew.
“What about Yvette? Let her leave?” Betty worried.
“What if I don’t let her leave? Kill her? I’m afraid Ceer knows, then I will have a headache, not to mention I can’t stop it. In fact… Yvette is not much different from Logan in every aspect, Logan didn’t Thought, then Yvette is indeed the best candidate, but the difference in identity family makes Ceer and her impossible,” Karen Lee sighed. .
She was helpless at this point. Karen Lee actually thought about letting Chuck and Yvette together, but now it is obviously impossible, Karen Lee is willing, but will be worried, she is worried that Yvette will kill Chuck someday. Too.
“Let’s go, Yvette wakes up, she will leave, and she can’t be okay. The family behind her also knows, I won’t treat her, if I do to her, Ce’er is estimated to have died for a lifetime, I You can’t bet on Ce’er’s life, it won’t do at all.” Karen Lee went outside, and Betty followed.
Only this time, the phone rang suddenly.
Karen Lee took out her mobile phone to see, it was Logan, Karen Lee moved in his heart, Logan called at this time, certainly not looking for himself, looking for his son? This is possible.
“Sister Qingyou, are you busy?” Logan’s soft voice came from the phone.
“It’s busy.” Karen Lee continued to go outside.
“Well, then… how is Ceer training? It should be a few days, is he tired? I think it should not be, Ceer’s physical quality is still like Qingyou’s…”
Well, Logan suddenly felt a little bored, thinking of calling Chuck, but thinking that Chuck must not have brought a mobile phone, she could only call Karen Lee.
“Sister Qingyou, why didn’t you speak? Did Ceer have an accident?”
“Well, something happened.”
“Okay, I’ll come over immediately!”
The phone hung up and left in peacetime. Karen Lee must have smiled. Logan was too concerned about Chuck, but now Chuck’s life and death are uncertain, she has no intention of laughing.
Get in the car, Karen Lee drove, super high car skills, let her gallop in the forest, not to mention the complex terrain, but there is no problem with Karen Lee, she drove to the place where Chuck was taken away, began to use her ‘S experience determines where Chuck is in the forest.
“Prepare the plane! I’m going out!”
Logan walked out of the office, and the secretary immediately ran over, “Mr. Tang, you have confirmed to meet Mr. Chuck at two o’clock in the afternoon. At four o’clock, Dingye’s acquisition requires you to sign. At night, you still have a chamber of commerce. You …”
“Push everything away and prepare for the plane!”
Logan came down from the building and drove a sports car worth 20 million yuan. The super high performance and super high car skills made Logan go to the private airport for ten minutes.
She got on a private plane and immediately trained to Chuck Place to go.
While on the plane, she called Logan again by satellite phone, connected, and asked about the specific situation. Knowing that Chuck was taken away in the training forest, she immediately checked the specific area of the training forest with her notebook.
In the three-hour mileage, Logan has specifically analyzed several locations that may be hidden according to the terrain. Chuck is definitely still in the forest, which Logan feels.
“Open the hatch!” Logan put on a paraglider. At this time, above the sky, below was the forest where Chuck trained. She had to go down.
“Mr. Tang, the terrain below is too complicated, so it will be dangerous to continue!” the driver reminded.
He has rich experience. This place is full of dense trees, and the terrain is steep. It is too dangerous to go on in a hurry.
“Open the hatch!” Logan said again.
The driver can only do so.
Logan prepared the equipment of the forest, a camouflage suit, and jumped off the plane. The super high skill allowed her to slide to the place at the exact time, and then opened the parachute, which was the first. Suspicious locations.
Logan untied the parachute, jumped from the tree, landed on the ground, glanced at her eyes, she looked up at the suspicious place, she knew the terrain was complicated in this deep forest, so this talent would have the courage to hide Chuck here.
Logan’s beautiful eyes flashed coldly, “No matter who you are, if you dare to move a hair, I will let you die!”

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