My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 283

Logan may have better luck.
I just searched for two places where she suspected. The second one found the problem and found a way to come in. She has too much experience in this area, and it is easy to come in and get here.
She saw Chuck covered in embarrassment, her face was red and swollen, and there was blood flowing out. How long has it been tortured? How long have you been beaten?
Logan felt distressed all at once.
She stared at the old man, her eyes were cold, “Let him go!”
Chuck was moved. He was really moved. Logan was in the capital. How far did he find it?
Chuck was so surprised that he thought he was dreaming, “Aunt Logan…”
“Well, don’t worry, I will take you out soon!” Logan walked in, his voice soft and unreasonable.
Making Chuck more like a dream, Logan is too gentle.
“You are too optimistic, the person I am waiting for is not you! You leave now! Or die!!” The old man was angry!
He just couldn’t wait for Karen Lee to come in. He had a good idea in his heart. As long as Karen Lee came in, he let Karen Lee stab himself with a knife!
This is safe! Otherwise, Karen Lee is so powerful that he may reverse it by unexpected means!
If you stabbed herself, then Karen Lee’s strength would be greatly reduced, so killing her was easy!
Even, the old man had already figured out how to torture Karen Lee, let her kneel, kowtow…
But Logan’s sudden appearance broke his thoughts!
He even wanted to kill Logan directly, but he knew Logan.
Knowing that Logan’s strength is also close to Karen Lee, it is very difficult to kill her by herself, and it is likely to hurt both sides!
The old man doesn’t want to get out of the way!
“Hear no, I let you leave immediately!” The old man growled!
“Let him go!” Logan said one by one.
“Huh, you actually found it. Fortunately, before Karen Lee didn’t come, I would be too bored, so just take you for fun.” The old man suddenly had an idea!
This place is not so easy to find. Come alone, it means that Logan is very concerned about Chuck!
The old man suddenly thought, yes, Karen Lee and Logan have a good relationship. Logan is called Karen Lee, he knows this matter.
“What do you want to do?” Chuck fired.
Because he suddenly saw the old man yawning and took out a dagger and threw it to Logan.
“Come, know what I mean?” The old man sneered.
Logan looked down at the dagger on the ground.
“Is it pretending to be stupid? Simple, you want me to let him go, you first stab yourself three times, then I let him go.” The old man said yin yu.
“What’s wrong? Don’t move anymore? That’s easy too. Immediately left here, out of my range,” the old man continued.
Logan was silent, she squatted down and picked up the dagger.
“Don’t, Aunt Logan, don’t.” Chuck struggled. At this time, he felt that he was too useless, and actually let Aunt Logan do such a harm to himself!
He hated the old man at the same time, actually hurt Aunt Logan? ?
Chuck struggles like a beast, absolutely not! !
“Amateur, are you afraid?” The old man sneered.
Logan grabbed his dagger to himself, and Chuck hurriedly shouted, “Aunt Logan, Aunt Logan, don’t do this. He won’t let me go. I’m locked in a chain. There’s a bomb on his body. He won’t…
…” boom!
The old man kicked out, Chuck spit out blood, his strength was gone, “Aunt Logan, don’t!”
“Stop it! Don’t touch him, don’t touch him!!” Loganmei’s eyes were red, and his soft voice was hoarse.
“Let me not move him simple, three knives, I let him go, how? Just poke three knives, what a simple thing! Start!” The old man sneered.
“Don’t ask Aunt Logan.” Chuck struggled, he was too useless. Does this impulse actually involve Aunt Logan?
“Cer, there is a chance, I will also take you out.” Logan came down tenderly, manually, poo, dagger pierced into the body!
Logan didn’t blink his eyes, blood bleed out!
“Haha, okay. Okay! Continue!” The old man was excited and was able to kill Logan, and it was also good to take over her property. This was an unexpected joy!
“Aunt Logan,” like Chuck’s beast, his blood-red eyes have amazing anger, this is a killing intention, Aunt Logan is so good to himself, and now actually.
Chuck couldn’t help it, “Ah!”
Chuck shook his body and straightened the chain, but this chain person could not break, unless it was a machine. The old man saw Chuck’s scarlet eyes, and his brow was indeed worthy of Karen Lee’s son. This look was very cruel. Actually, he was a bit scared, and his eyes were even more ruthless than that of Yvette.
This makes the old man’s heart for killing strong. If Chuck is not killed today, then he will grow up in Japan and Chuck will grow to the point where he will feel fear, absolutely not like this!
All danger must be strangled in the cradle!
“Hurry, the second knife!” The old man sneered!
Logan pressed hard and stabbed him with a second knife.
Soon, her camouflage clothes were full of blood.
Chuck’s mind is full of murderous intentions. Logan has sweat on his forehead, pale lips, and two knives down. This is something that trained people can’t support!
“Okay, there’s a knife. I’m very credit-worthy. After the third knife, I let him go. It’s only a knife.
Yes, just pull out the knife and stab it again. How easy is it?” The old man joked. , These two knives, he is very satisfied!
Loganli said that his knife was a michao dagger, sharper than the blade. When he touched the skin, the flesh broke.
“Aunt Logan, stop, stop.” Chuck’s voice was hoarse.
“Cer, wait for a while, I can take you out immediately.” Pale face, Logan is a gentle smile, she looked down at the dagger, there was blood on it!
Logan pressed hard, and the dagger penetrated deeply into her body. Logan shivered and knelt down halfway. The sweat on her forehead fell to the ground. Her lips were no longer bloody, and her eyes were dim and glorious.
“I did it, let him go, let him go.” Logan said weakly.
“Haha! Logan, Logan, I thought you followed Karen Lee before, you can learn a little smarter, but disappointed, why are you so stupid? How could I let him go? Haha. Fool!” The old man mocked Haha laugh.
Logan bit her lip and lay weak on the ground, the blood was flowing like this, “You, let him go.”
“Do not let me kill him! Haha!” The old man sneered.
“Aunt Logan…” Chuck’s blood-red eyes shot at the killing intention. “Listen, I will kill your whole family, the whole family!!”
The old man slaps out, Chuck’s cheeks numb, he spit out blood, “I will kill your family!”
At this moment, Chuck heartache, Aunt Logan.
“Always talking hard?” The old man sneered. He glanced at Logan. The woman was already dying, no need to worry. He smiled and took out his mobile phone and sent the video just now to Karen Lee.
“Come here! Wait for you!” The old man laughed.
“Aunt Logan, don’t close your eyes, don’t, don’t!” Chuck yelled, Logan had lost too much blood, and already had a weak eyelids fight, he would close anytime, anywhere, which means death.
“Cer,…” Logan was weak.
“Haha, after three swords, she has enough blood to bleed, Logan, you can rest in peace, your family property, I will help you take good care of Ha,” the old man sneered at Karen Lee.
When she received the news, she would come over soon. At that time, she also used this method to let Karen Lee stab three knives herself, and the blood ran out, and he started again.
“Aunt Logan,” Chuck roared. Logan had closed his eyes. Chuck felt a moment of pain. His impulse killed Aunt Logan? Her smile, her tenderness, her…
Chuck struggled like crazy, and the pain was so extreme, how could this be? Chuck’s hope is a dream, then Aunt Logan will not die, no.
Chuck thought of seeing Logan for the first time, she had a huge family property, but for herself, she gave up her life, she, Chuck tears.
The old man threw a slap, “Be honest! When Karen Lee comes over, I will reunite your mother and son! Haha!”
Chuck’s blood-red eyes stared at him, “I will kill your whole family, you can’t run alone, you can’t run!”

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