My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 284

For the first time, Chuck had this idea of killing people, killing other people’s family, and the old man was so sad and painful to Aunt Logan, Chuck’s heart became endless anger. what! !
Chuck struggled, and the chain locked him. In Chuck’s struggle, the chain was twisting like a raptor. Today, the old man forced Chuck to be cruel!
The old man sneered, counting the time, Karen Lee should almost come over.
There was an unexpected surprise this time, Logan was dead, then her company, hehe!
The old man feels that the sale is good this time, killing his enemies, and receiving the property of others, this…
“Haha, boy, it’s useless if you go crazy. I’m telling you that you are dead today, but before you die, I will let you appreciate how Karen Lee was tortured to death!”
The old man laughed coldly, “I just appreciated how Logan died, wasn’t it wonderful? Haha, this woman is so shameless, she would believe me,”
Suddenly, the old man was shocked, because of his responsiveness, a thing shot at him like a dart.
“Ah, you actually!”
The old man looked down at his arm and actually inserted a dagger. Wasn’t Logan stabbed his dagger just now? Is it? !
He turned his head and immediately became furious! suddenly!
A man rushed towards him, a long leg kicked out.
The old man groaned angrily, and with a bang, the old man fell out like garbage.
The old man was shocked, covering his chest, his coughing violently, this foot almost made him not relieved.
“You didn’t die?” This is the reason why the old man was surprised, because just kicking his own foot just now was Logan who was supposed to be dying! how can that be possible? Three swords down, how could she still have strength?
Chuck saw Logan with a cold face. He was pleasantly surprised and felt like a dream. “Aunt Logan, Aunt Logan, are you okay?”
“The problem is not too big. I have learned the structure of the human body and know where to poke to avoid the smallest harm.” Logan said.
Her lips are still pale, and it seems that the three swords just hurt her body a lot, but Logan’s physical fitness is very good, and she can resist it.
Also seized this opportunity, otherwise there was no chance to harm the old man!
“Aunt Logan, I thought you were dead just now.” Chuck burst into tears. He just saw Logan dying, and Chuck’s heart was broken like that.
“If you don’t take Ceer out, I won’t die. After a while, I will take you out immediately.” Logan was gentle.
Chuck felt that he should never see the scene just now. He must never be good to a woman who is good to herself!
Chuck decided that starting today, it must be particularly good for Logan if he can go out alive today.
“Okay, okay!”
The old man sneered. He stood up straight and pulled the dagger out of his arm.
“Take out the key!” Loganmei stared at him with a cold voice!
“The key?” The old man laughed, Logan’s foot can still bear it. After all, he believes that Karen Lee does not lose too much in fighting, not to mention, just a Logan?
“Or would you kneel down and beg me, I’ll give you the key?” The old man smiled, “Still you just stabbed yourself three more times just now, then I will definitely talk this time! How is it?
Huh, no Are you stupid? Haven’t you seen it? He has a bomb on him! I just click and he will die!”
“You will die too!” Logan shook her head, her eyes soft, “Cer, are you afraid?”
“Aunt Logan, I’m not afraid!” What is Chuck afraid of? Being tortured by this old man for so long, he didn’t hum, Chuck was not afraid of death!
The old man’s face was ugly. Pressing the switch, Chuck will die without a doubt, so he can’t escape, he certainly won’t press it.
Logan walked to Chuck and took out the bomb demolition tool. Chuck felt that Logan at this time was really beautiful, with sweat on her forehead and pale lips, but her eyes were serious.
Chuck always thought Logan was beautiful, and she felt more today.
Chuck was at a loss, “Aunt Logan…”
“Well, don’t be afraid, I will remove it now, he won’t press the switch,” Logan continued. She knows this kind of bomb, she has experience in removing it, and many, she handles it quickly, and Chuck saw complex wires , Red and yellow.
Anyway, Chuck was dizzy.
“Afraid?” Logan smiled. In this case, it can still be calm and breezy. How high is the psychological quality?
Chuck shook his head, how could it be? At this time, he wanted to sweat Logan too much, but his hands were handcuffed.
The old man’s face was ugly. Did Logan ignore his bomb demolition? When is he? He moved his body and was about to leave here, otherwise Karen Lee would come over, so dangerous.
“Want to go? Did I let you go?” Loganmei’s eyes were extremely cold and she stood up.
The old man sneered, he is also a master of fighting, but can not beat a woman who has lost too much blood? He took a sharp dagger from his waist, he rushed with power, Logan kicked out with long legs, the two of them fought together.
Chuck was worried. Logan still had injuries on his body at this time. Can he be the opponent of this old man? Chuck can see that on each of Logan’s clothes, as she kicks a foot, she tears the wound and blood flows out, and Logan’s face is pale as paper.
Suddenly, the old man sneered, “Do not control yourself!”
His dagger stabbed Logan’s shoulder, and blood spurted out, but Logan’s eyebrows did not wrinkle. At this opportunity, his fist hit the old man’s chest and clicked. The old man retreated in shock, and his ribs were broken.
“You forgot two points, you came out of the dead, and I am the same, but I am young, and you are old!” Logan said, kicking his long legs! what!
The old man seemed to be rubbish, kicked off with a kick, he spit out a spit of blood, and his body was shaking, indeed, Logan was in the strongest period of the woman, and this old man, already sixty or seventy, this fright Young and strong is particularly obvious.
“If you want to deal with it, just deal with us, threaten him with tactics, and torture him, which I can’t tolerate,” Logan looked cold, and she walked over.
Logan’s fighting skills are superb. In the past, he once again kicked the old man. The old man screamed and fell out. Logan also took out a dagger from her waist. The two men were fighting with swords.
Chuck looked dazzled. Logan’s fighting was not dazzling. It was so clean and tidy. There was no muddy water. The old man was shocked because Logan’s dagger had been inserted into his body.
“Key!” Logan said coldly.
“Ah!” The old man was lying on the ground, and there was a lot of blood on his body. He climbed up grievously, but Logan’s dagger stabbed again!
Inserted into the old man’s thigh! what!
The old man screamed, how could he think that this woman was obviously seriously injured, but still has such a strong fighting power!
“Let go, I will die with you!” The old man roared, and he wanted to press the bomb remote control.
Logan’s eyes were fast, he drew his dagger, and stabbed the old man’s wrist!
He stabbed his bones and fixed his hands on the ground. The old man’s eyes widened with pain.
But he was terrible, and he still pressed a button with his finger, and the one minute count started.
“Haha, die together, die together!”
The old man struggled to get up and pulled out the arm on the ground. He was scarred, but there was a sneer on his face. Logan’s outbreak was unexpected, but he could only do so.
Logan kicked his long legs, the old man screamed and flew out, Logan did not stop, ran to Chuck, stared at the bomb on Chuck, the line had all leaked out, but which one was it?
Logan hesitated.
“Haha, die! You two!” The old man walked outside with his chest covered.
Logan calmed down and finally decided, she took out the scissors, “Cer, don’t be afraid.”
“I’m not afraid.” Chuck felt that if he died, he would be particularly guilty, because Logan was exhausted.
She could have been good in Beijing.
Logan’s scissors reached a thread, and the sweat on her forehead dripped on the ground. She took a deep breath, cut hard, and clicked. The thread she chose was broken.

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