My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 285

Chuck held his breath!
The beating figures on the bomb stopped, and Logan chose the right one.
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, Logan wiped off his sweat, and his pale lips outlined a smile.
“It’s okay, right.”
She was really nervous just now, how do you describe it? She was so nervous that her heartbeat would stop. If she was alone, she felt nothing, but Chuck was there. In case she made the wrong choice and made Chuck dead, Logan felt particularly sorry for Chuck.
Logan raised her hand to wipe Chuck’s sweat. Chuck was moved by Logan’s tenderness. This woman was too kind to herself.
“Aunt Logan! Aunt Logan!!!” Chuck was startled.
Logan’s hand was suddenly put down, she was overly nervous, and she lost a lot of blood, which caused her to be comatose suddenly. Logan lay on the wet ground, closed her eyes, weak, pale…
Chuck growled like crazy, and the chain locked him like this, “Aunt Logan, Aunt Logan…”
Chuck didn’t know how long it was called, and his voice was dumb. Suddenly, a person ran in from outside, “Cer.”
When she received the video of the old man, she immediately asked Bettyzha to send the address. She quickly locked it here. She came over and heard that her son was crying. Karen Lee was shocked.
“Mom, Aunt Logan fainted, save her soon!” Chuck’s voice was hoarse.
Karen Lee helped Logan up and saw Logan hurt so much, she felt distressed, “silly girl.”
“Mum, will Aunt Logan die?” Chuck was extremely nervous. If Aunt Logan died, Chuck would be heartbroken!
“No, Logan’s physical fitness is very good, but this time, she has to recuperate for a year.”
Karen Lee said, took out a bottle of things and hit Logan with a needle, to relieve her pain, secondly, to supplement some things the body needed, and third to stop bleeding.
Chuck was completely relieved, but after seeing Logan comatose, Chuck felt particularly uncomfortable, and he was so useless!
You must become a master of fighting! Don’t let a woman who cares about herself get hurt!
Karen Lee put down Logan and took Chuck’s chain. She frowned, “This is a new type of metal?
Huh, use this kind of thing to lock my son, you are dead!”
At this time, someone outside seemed to be Betty! She had a dagger in her hand, but there was blood.
“Mr. Li, sorry, that man ran away.” Betty looked down.
When they arrived just now, the old man just came out, and Karen Lee asked Betty to chase, but this old man was very familiar with it. Betty stabbed him and let him run away.
“It’s okay. When this person was young, the world’s top 30 combat masters ran away normally.”
Karen Lee shook her head, at least Betty was not injured.
Betty saw Logan comatose, Chuck was tortured, she wished she could chase it out now!
Karen Lee took a saw, which is also made of a new type of metal, but the hardness is not as high as this chain. She can’t be sure, she can only try it.
She began to saw hard, the harsh metal rubbing sound, but fortunately it had an effect. This was only a chain as thick as her fingers. Karen Lee saw it for half an hour before cutting it off.
“Thank you mom.”
Chuck regained his freedom. He could not wait to hug Logan and ran outside. He wanted to take Logan to the hospital as soon as possible!
Betty was stunned, “Master, did you like Logan?”
“I don’t know,” Karen Lee let out a sigh of relief. She was relieved, but Chuck was fine this time.
“I immediately locked the person for me, and dare to treat my son so! Check it out!” Karen Lee’s voice was cold.
“Yes, I will deal with it immediately,” Betty will not let that person go, “Then the young master will continue training this time? I think the young master is not hurt this time.”
“Cere will continue the wind by himself, and Logan’s injury has inspired his fighting spirit!”
Karen Lee went outside.
Betty of course followed.
Karen Lee was surprised and deep in the forest. Chuck kept holding Logan until he stopped at the parking place and got on the bus. Chuck also took her hand. Whether Logan heard it or not, he was comforted.
Karen Lee smiled. call!
Logan opened his eyes and woke up from the bed. This is the school room. The school is equipped with the best doctors just in case.
“Logan, how do you feel?” Karen Lee walked over with a smile. Logan felt nodded. The dagger’s wound was completely stitched.
“Almost, Ce’er? How’s he doing?” Logan was worried. When she was in a coma, she knew Chuck’s injury was not bad!
“He already started training yesterday, you come to see.” Karen Lee walked to the window and opened the curtain. Logan got out of bed and walked over to see Chuck training in the training ground.
The poisonous sun has turned Chuck’s skin color into a wheat color. After a few days of training, plus Chuck often running before, his muscles have begun to take shape.
Logan looked a little stunned.
“Would you like to see more?” Karen Lee said.
Logan was stunned and understood Karen Lee’s meaning, “Sister Qingyou, you, Ce’er is too young. I and him are not suitable.”
“Well, you feel just fine, anyway, if you figure it out one day, tell me at any time.” Karen Lee said, “Thanks to you for saving him this time, otherwise.”
“Yes, Ce’er is in danger, how can I not save it? … Well, Ceer works so hard.” Logan felt Chuck changed a little and his eyes were firm.
Logan was happy for him.
“When you are in a coma, Ce’er is watching you all day and night.” Karen Lee looked in his eyes, when Chuck came in with Logan in his arms, waiting outside, waiting for nothing to eat or drink.
Logan was stunned, “Why didn’t he go to bed? How tired was it?”
She saw again that Chuck was still training non-stop, and the other students were exhausted and panted, but Chuck insisted.
Logan smiled suddenly, “silly boy, it’s not good not to sleep.”
Karen Lee chuckled, “When are you going to go back? Do you want to stay longer?”
“Okay, stay a few days.” Logan drew the curtains and came out without having to rush back.

Ten days of collective training has ended, Chuck has gained a lot, and his physical strength has been greatly improved. Chuck feels that playing Duan Zilong should be very easy now. Starting tomorrow, his own mother will teach fighting.
Chuck is very much looking forward to his training day and night, just for this day, he wants to strengthen himself, he is okay to be hurt, but women who care about themselves, absolutely not!
Chuck knew that Logan had woke up and he was relieved, but Yvette had been missing for almost a month. Where did she go? Is it still locked by the old man?
Chuck felt that he should go to his mother and ask clearly. Also, that old man, Chuck had already decided that he must kill his family!
Chuck went to his mother’s room.
“Mum, Yvette, do you have any news?” Chuck came in and asked.
Karen Lee sighed. She looked at the monitoring screen when Yvette left here and was taken away by the old man. Karen Lee never said that, she also kept checking, but there is no clue yet.
“Cer, Yvette, she is not as simple as you think.” Karen Lee felt that it should be made clear.
“Mom, why do you look at her that way?” Chuck couldn’t hold back.
“Alas, Yvette her.” Karen Lee couldn’t say anything. She felt that if she said that, Chuck would lose hope, and he might be decadent.
“I have seen her, she is very good, don’t worry.” Karen Lee finally said so.
“Mom, when did you meet?” Chuck was pleasantly surprised.
“Just a few days ago, I felt that Yvette was not for you.” Karen Lee began to do ideological work for Chuck.
“Mother, I like Yvette,” Chuck is very serious. “Mother, where is Yvette now? You tell me, I’ll go find her.”
“I haven’t determined her place for the time being, but you can rest assured, Ceer, I’m already looking for it.” Karen Lee continued, “Cer, I’ll introduce you to a woman, she is the best for you,”
Karen Lee is ready to tell Chuckming that Logan, her character is most suitable for Chuck, this is Karen Lee more and more certain things, if Logan can come together with Chuck, then Karen Lee will be very happy.
But Logan doesn’t have that thought now, so Chuck can only take the initiative!

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