My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 287

Chuck is really annoyed. If this Duan Long said of him, Chuck left today, even if he was too lazy to get acquainted with him. Everyone got together.
But he didn’t know anything about it, he actually teased Aunt Logan? ?
This is unbearable for Chuck!
This is simply the counter-scale of Chuck!
Chuck suddenly started. The people in the restaurant laughed, but they all laughed at good shows. After more than 20 days of training, everyone had different levels of improvement, especially Duan Zilong. His improvement is obvious to all.
Is this about to fight?
Loganmei enlisted, and when she saw Chuck suddenly shot, she smiled slightly and smiled softly. The child wanted to protect me.
“Chuck, do you dare to kick me? Lao Tzu abandoned you today!” Duan Zilong climbed up angrily from the ground, he felt ashamed.
Last time he was beaten by Chuck, he already felt particularly embarrassed. Today he brought so many people, but he was beaten. Where did he put his face?
Not to mention the current beauty?
Logan’s beauty attracted him. He had seen countless women, but he had never seen such a beauty as Logan. Although it was not shorts and short skirts, but camouflage clothes for training, it covered up the woman’s body, but the kind Temperament is really perfect to the extreme, let every man see at first glance, have a strong desire to conquer.
Duan Zilong’s idea is too strong! What’s more? Chuck called her aunt? Duan Zilong’s idea is even more evil. It turns out to be your kid’s relative? Hey, that’s even more c!
“Go, give me all!” Duan Zilong roared, and the people he brought over came round with a sneer.
More than a dozen people, who kicked and kicked together, who can resist?
The onlookers mocked that Chuck was going to be beaten by a group of dogs. How could such a beautiful woman be around?
Many men envy jealousy and hate!
Chuck’s eyes were cold. He knew he had been trained by Logan, and his strength had improved.
In just 20 days, he had no problem playing dozens of ordinary people, but playing dozens of Taekwondo masters was still very dangling. Hanging.
Duan Zilong walked in front of Logan, personable, “Hey, beauty, you are this kid’s aunt? It doesn’t matter, you and me have a meal? I please, you promised, then I won’t hit him, what do you think? kind?”
Logan didn’t seem to hear it, but Meimu kept looking at Chuck.
Duan Zilong frowned, “Beauty, don’t you know what’s wrong, I would have abandoned him today, but in your face, I can let him go, but you have to do something, like eat with me.” ”
“You can’t move him.” Logan said lightly.
“Really. Beauty, do you believe him that way? The people I brought are taekwondo masters.
Each one of them is okay to play five or six. Each dozen of them beat him. It’s no problem to kill him. Kill him. He can do it.” Duan Zilong sneered mockingly.
He admitted that Chuck was okay, but what about it? You can beat dozens more people?
“Beauty, don’t you want to see him abandon it? Enjoy your face and eat a meal. If the beauty has other ideas, how about I give him a little medical expenses?” Duan Zilong is going to show off his wealth, he means obviously. Give you money to sleep.
Logan’s quality is definitely not comparable to the club’s card. At least a few hundred thousand, even one million a night, he is willing to Duanzilong.
How to say, such beauties are not often seen, how about spending some money to sleep?
Logan’s eyes changed, and he gave him a light look, “I hate you.”
“Haha!” Duan Zilong laughed, hated? It’s okay, “beauty, it’s really refreshing, it doesn’t matter if you hate me, but don’t you hate money? Haha, you…”
Suddenly, a scream came from the crowd, Duan Zilong frowned, looked away, and soon became angry.
Because Chuck just took a chair and smashed one person hard, he hit one of the more than ten people. He smashed it fiercely, bleeding and bleeding a lot, and the other people who besieged Chuck soon became frightened. Retreated.
Such a bloody scene, ruthless, ruthless! !
“What are you doing? Stop it, you are going to kill him!” Some people scolded!
Chuck didn’t fight against them. Just when they rushed over, Chuck only hit one person. Chuck knew that there were so many people. He was not an opponent. He could only fight one of them.
Chuck is right.
Chuck’s chair smashed down and blood came out.
Someone was scared, scream! No one dared to get closer, and all of them watched Chuck smashing people like this, and there was more and more blood.
Duan Zilong was furious. “You stopped Laozi and killed people. Do you know? Stop Laozi, oops…”
Chuck’s cold eyes looked over and threw the bloody chair over, Duan Zilong could only dodge, but Chuck kicked a kick, Duan Zilong couldn’t hide in time, kicked, covered his stomach, and fell On the ground.
Chuck grabbed a chair and smashed it.
What if Duan Zilong is Taekwondo? How about training for twenty days? The chair is iron, and it can’t stand it if you hit it. Duan Zilong screamed, “c! You dare… don’t fight, don’t fight.” bump!
Chuck was just smashed like this. Duanzi’s faucet bleeds, his resisting hand bleeds, swells, and gradually, he passed out, and there was blood in his mouth. The bloody scene, everyone was dumbfounded, who could think that Chuck could be so ruthless! Smashing directly with a chair, this is how many people can not resist it?
“You dare to play Duan Shao! You’re done, you’re done!” The people brought by Duan Zilong scolded!
Chuck smashed it again and said, “How about it?”
These people are dumbfounded! Feeling cold sweat from behind, Duan Shao was beaten, and they also followed bad luck!
“Quick, quickly send Duan Shao to the hospital! Quick!” These people ran over and left Duan Zilong vomiting blood, leaving the restaurant with a bloody smell. The other students were still dumbfounded.
Chuck put down his chair, “Aunt Logan, let’s go back.”
Originally Chuck was about to leave. Who knows that this duan Long doesn’t have long eyes, more ruthless? Chuck will not lose him now.
“Good.” Logan smiled softly. Chuck’s treatment was correct. How could Chuck not reach Logan’s strength? He could only control the situation with ruthlessness.
Betty had been waiting on the plane for a long time, and Chuck had nothing to clean up. Betty had already helped to clean up. He went out with Logan and went directly to the helicopter.
The violent rotation of the propeller immediately shocked the students in the restaurant to run out.
The wind was blowing, and the helicopter flew, rumbling.
These people were dumbfounded. They saw this helicopter before they came. They were still curious about who it was. just now. .
“Is the helicopter a dog? Impossible!”
“Who else isn’t he? The cost of such a helicopter starts at $40-50 million!”
“Mom, so expensive?”
These people are rich people, and their families are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but no one can afford to spend hundreds of millions to buy an airplane, right?
“So rich, actually eat buns?”
“Alas, the young masters of the big family are generally like this. Alas, we think he is poor, and he did not respond. It turns out that we are not qualified to let him speak.”
These people sighed with sighs, envious envy, but more people are afraid that if there is such a plane, no wonder they dare to play less.
Instructor Ning Yu rested in the dormitory. After hearing the sound, she looked out the window and found that Chuck was sitting inside. She solicited so rich?

The helicopter stopped at the top of the hotel, Chuck, Logan, Betty came down. Chuck got the mobile phone just now, there were many missed calls, most of them were by Yvette, Chuck hit him in surprise, and found that it was turned off. of.
Chuck was disappointed and could not reach Yvette. Chuck was unhappy.
Betty went downstairs to ask someone to prepare a meal, Chuck didn’t have much thought, but Aunt Logan was there, Chuck had no appetite, but also had to accompany, after eating, Chuck asked Aunt Logan when to go back.
Actually Chuck didn’t want to ask, but Logan also had his own business after he came out too long.
“Do you want me to leave?” Logan smiled.
Chuck shook his head, “Of course not, Aunt Logan, it would be nice if you were always by my side.”
Chuck feels that Logan is too good to be by his side and can teach himself to fight!

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