My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 288

Logan smiled, “Always by your side, are you willing?”
“Yes, of course.” Chuck saw Logan, and she was relaxed, because her smile made people feel better.
During this time, Chuck was worried about Yvette. He was in a bad mood, that is, Logan had been with him. One night, Chuck’s mood collapsed, or Chuck’s head fell asleep on Logan’s legs.
One night, Logan was Such gentle comfort gradually made Chuck’s mood better.
However, Chuck felt that this was too selfish. Logan’s family was in Beijing, and she was here, letting her stay by her side, wouldn’t Logan move over?
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“That makes me think about it.” Logan smiled still.
“Still not, Aunt Logan, when I miss you, I will go to the capital to find you.” Chuck said.
“Aunt Logan, I know you will come, but Aunt Logan, your home is in the capital, how can I let you come?”
Logan chuckled, “It doesn’t matter, the family can be transferred.”
She stayed in the capital for too long. She thought she could actually move out and go to other places. For example, it was good to be on Chuck’s side. At least sometimes she could go out together.
So, did Logan agree?
Chuck was surprised, he still said, “Aunt Logan, I’m too selfish to do this.”
“No, Ceer, you are a simple child.” Logan shook her head.
Chuck is embarrassed to know that he had dreamed of what happened to Logan before, but recently Chuck felt that he could not think that way. This is blasphemy, Logan is noble, is selfless and good to himself, and cannot be blasphemous. idea.
“Aunt Logan, I think you will go to the capital to find you.” Chuck is very serious.
“Okay, listen to you.”
Chuck felt that Aunt Logan was tired, so she said that she should rest in the room of her mother’s hotel. Logan subconsciously said, “Is there someone in your family right?”
Is this going to live in your own home? Living habits? Chuck said, “No one.”
“Can I live in your house?” Logan asked.
Of course Chuck is no problem, Logan smiled and said, “Then go,”
Chuck’s car stopped in the parking lot and drove Logan home. When she received a call on the road, Chuck saw Logan’s expression was not very good. What happened? Chuck was worried.
Last time, Hongye did not know how Logan solved it.
Chuck didn’t ask much. When she got home, Logan entered the room. She sat for a while and got up. “Cer, I’m going back all night.”
“Aunt Logan, what happened to you there?” Chuck was worried. My mother hadn’t come back in the United States for so long, but now there is a problem with Aunt Logan?
“Well, Ceer, you go to bed early.” Logan said softly, and went outside. Chuck was reluctant, chased the door, hugged Logan, Logan was stunned, and then smiled, “Good, I go back and not But here, go to bed early.”
Chuck was reluctant. In fact, she embraced Logan so much. Chuck saw her cheek and wanted to kiss her, not knowing how Logan would react.
Of course, Chuck did not dare.
Chuck said that she drove Aunt Logan to the airport. She said she had contacted the car and the plane was waiting. It seemed urgent, otherwise Aunt Logan would not go back all night.
Chuck felt lost, “Aunt Logan, I will go to Beijing to find you,”
“Okay, I’ll wait for you and go to bed early,” Logan smiled and went downstairs to leave.
There is also Logan’s fragrance in Chuck’s arms, which is particularly good.
Logan went downstairs and got on the bus. She took out her mobile phone and looked at a monitoring photo above. It was Yvette…
“What are you doing in Beijing?” Logan was helpless. She didn’t say anything about it. She had to see what Yvette had to do.
Chuck slept peacefully this night. Early in the morning, Chuck drove to Yvette to rent a house.
Because it was too early, Sun Shangxue was confused and wore pajamas when he opened the door.
When she saw Chuck, she froze and changed a lot.
Chuck wears short sleeves, the muscles of his arms are obvious, and his skin color is healthy.
How can Chuck go out like this?
Chuck didn’t look at her much. Although her pajamas were a little transparent, Chuck asked her if Yvette had come back? Sun Shangxue said straight, Chuck heard her saying that Yvette was back, still scarred, Chuck felt distressed.
“Yvette went to find me? Where did he go to find me?” Chuck busy asked, when Yvette came back, he already went there to train! She was looking for herself then?
But she was looking for her, and she was looking for herself, but she missed it?
“How do I know?” Sun Shangxue sat down and said, “Hey, where did you go?”
Chuck was thinking about Yvette and had no intention to answer her question. Yvette escaped herself, but where did she go? Chuck really wanted to see her.
Chuck did go out, Sun Shangxue whispered something about the company and the store recently, Chuck nodded, “You are doing well, you pay attention to the salary, you have to help me before my wife returns. .”
“Well, yes, don’t sit down, I saw the inside,” Chuck said as he went out.
Sun Shangxue’s face became red, and he hummed in exasperation. “Rogue! Haven’t you seen enough last time?”
Chuck drove to Queenie.
In fact, he called Yolanda in the morning. There was nothing at the square. The land was also successfully carried out in an orderly manner. Yolanda did very well.
However, Yolanda also said that Murong Qing occasionally went to the square to find her. In recent days, he went every day. It seemed to ask himself where he had gone. Yolanda did not know where he went, so he could not answer Murong Qing at all.
Chuck felt strange. What did Murong Qing find himself doing?
Too lazy to take care of her, this woman, who was disgusted all day long, Chuck did not want to see her. He also told Yolanda just now, let alone he came back.
Lest I meet again, I still have to say that I am disgusted, and Yolanda also said that Murong Qing is very concerned about the square business and gave her some ideas for free. What is this for?
Chuck thought of driving downstairs to Queenie, and now he can take Queenie to the flow of people. He had just called. Queenie said that he would come down soon. Chuck thought of doing a flow of people, so she looked for Yvette, she was looking for herself, So why didn’t she come back?
Chuck felt that Yvette would be back.
Just a matter of time.
Queenie went downstairs, and Chuck could not see any change in her stomach, but she could do it at the time. After all, she would cultivate for a few days, and the school would begin soon.
Queenie got into the car and Chuck was ready to drive. Queenie whispered, “Chuck, I did it myself.”
Chuck was scared, did it? When did you do it? Chuck looked at her carefully and found that her face was pale, and it was indeed the way she had the operation. Chuck felt distressed. Why did she do it secretly? No one signed it. Did this go to a small clinic?
“Why don’t you wait for me, I’ll take you to do it when I say it back.” Chuck sighed and felt even more guilty. She was ashamed of her and accidentally asked her and let her have it. Now she did it herself, she did it At the time, it was definitely helpless, because no one was with her.
“I don’t want to trouble you.” Queenie lowered his head, but couldn’t help but look at Chuck. His healthy wheat-colored skin and full-length muscles attracted women’s attention.
“Where did you do it?”
“Just the last hospital.”
Chuck was surprised, wasn’t that hospital to be bought by Murong Qing? Did Murong Qing agree to let Queenie do it? Chuck asked, and Queenie said it was unclear. Anyway, she thought it was the best doctor in that hospital.
Well, it should be Murongqing’s advice, but I didn’t expect Murongqing to do so.
Chucksi thought about it, and felt that she still had to thank Murong Qing, but Chuck cared about Queenie and immediately drove her to buy a lot of supplements for her to eat more. After all, she was about to start school.
She has to be a sophomore.
After doing all this, Chuckcai was at ease and chatted with Queenie for a while. Chuck sent her upstairs to have a good rest. Queenie stayed home at home. She actually wanted Chuck to accompany her for a while. When she was performing surgery, Very helpless.
But Chuck walked anxiously, he should have something else.
Chuck returned to the car again, and felt that he still had to go to the square to see it. In case Mur Rongqing was encountered, he could thank her and ask her to eat a meal or something, but Chuck suddenly had a cell phone ringing and was a stranger Number, and it is SMS Yvette in Beijing!

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