My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 289

Chuck was shocked when he saw this message. Whose number is this? How could Yvette be in Beijing? No reason, Yvette is not looking for himself? But she didn’t go to the capital, so what did she do?
Chuck doubts, how high is this credibility?
Chuck Li dialed out according to the number, but the other party hung up the phone, Chuck called again, the other party hung up the phone, not answer!
Chuck frowned, the phone rang again, or a message Yvette was in Beijing, you can go find her.
Chuck stared at the phone for a while, and he had planned to find a way tomorrow, but since Queenie did it himself, Chuck would be free today.
So, go to the capital!
Chuck directly booked the plane ticket with his mobile phone, and then drove directly to the airport. Of course, he continued to call Yvette, but still shut down the machine, Chuck felt bad.
Driving faster, he quickly arrived at the airport. He parked the car and went straight in.
Chuck actually wanted to call Aunt Logan, but Aunt Logan had an accident on her side, and certainly there was no time, so don’t disturb her anymore. Go find Yvette by yourself.
When leaving, go to Aunt Logan for dinner.
Chuck is waiting.
At the same time, in a room with gloomy eyes, a man was sitting on the sofa, holding a mobile phone in his hand, two text messages sent out on the screen, and the recipient was Chuck’s number.
The man is sneering.
If Chuck is here, he will definitely be surprised, because, actually, he is a bit like himself. It should be said that he is a bit like his mother. This person is the son of his mother’s brother…

“Chuck hasn’t come back yet?” Murong Qing came to the square again for twenty days. This disgusting person was not there for twenty days. Where did he go?
Murong Qing felt that he had to ask clearly! Moreover, she called Chuck, actually turned off, Murong Qing was very annoyed! Is this necessary?
“No.” Yolanda listened to Chuck and said not to tell her.
“No? I just saw who you called and you said it was not him?” Murong Qingmei stared at him.
Yolanda was embarrassed.
“It really is him, where is he?”
“I do not know.”
“Huh, I haven’t been in the square for so many days. My heart is really big.” Murong Qing went out to the door and turned his head, “Tell him that his behavior is disgusting.”
Yolanda is helpless, she is not easy to interface!
Murong Qing turned around in the square and saw Zelda who was decorating. She kept looking up at Yolanda’s office, hoping to see someone.
Murong Qing frowned, and went downstairs into the car without paying attention, “Well, see if you come back or not! Don’t show up in more than twenty days, don’t you square?”
But one hour passed and two hours passed. She didn’t see Chuck’s car coming in the parking lot.
She was tired. She closed her eyes and had a dream. She dreamed of Chuck.
For half an hour she woke up and felt uncomfortable. She looked down and blushed.
“What’s going on? I had that kind of dream again. Fortunately, it wasn’t in his car. If I were in his car like last time, I would collapse,”
Murong Qing calmed down and was busy cleaning himself.
Fortunately, there was no one else in the car, Murong was relieved…
“Disgusting person, I see when you come, how do you manage to be lazy like that?” Murong Qing said, Meimu stared at the parking lot entrance…

Chuck’s plane was late and didn’t arrive until 8 or 9 in the evening. Chuck had no other clues, but he received a message from the stranger, telling him where Yvette was, and Chuck had no other way now. , Can only do so.
Let’s find a place to stay for one night. Chuck visited Beijing once, but it was arranged by Betty last time, and he didn’t care about anything, but this time it was different. He came alone and did not tell Betty.
When Chuck left the airport, there were many aunts selling, saying that there are so many good hotels and so on. Chuck thought that it would be just a matter of course, so what price? An aunt who still has a charm flirts at Chuck, saying that it is cheap, Chuck trembles, I am afraid it is not formal?
Chuck didn’t want to go to that kind of place, fled and left here, he was ready to take a taxi to a star hotel.
However, Auntie pulled Chuck and kept talking about what set, what money, Chuck heard it speechless, he was not good at that, he refused decisively, but the aunt was pulling hard, Chuck wanted to kick her.
“Young man, what aunt does not do to you, there is a little girl to help you, of course, if you like this aunt, then the aunt is with you, how to toss with you, this head office?” Aunt pulled Chuck not to give up.
Chuck knew that it was not a good thing to get stuck like this. Chuck struggled to escape and accidentally bumped into her aunt. The aunt almost fell to the ground. She grunted, “This kid is taking advantage, but he is full of muscles. Very good, unfortunately, I haven’t seen such a young man in a long time, hum, if you go back with me, aunty me, I will charge you cheap…”
The aunt twisted her body and no longer looked at Chuck, who ran away. She continued to attract customers.
“Why don’t you go?” Someone stopped Chuck, and Chuck looked, it was actually classmate Yvette Ran. How did she come to Beijing?
Last time Murong Qing bought her street, Chuck scolded her.
Chuck was very surprised to meet her.
Yvette Ran was also surprised. She just came out of the airport and saw what Chuck and an aunt were saying. How could Yvette Ran not know, what did the aunt do? She also saw Chuck touch the front of her aunt just now, which made Yvette Ran disgusted. on purpose? How old are they? Yvette Ran felt that Chuck was rich, but that was not the case!
Yes, last time Chuck scolded herself, Yvette Ran was even more angry afterwards, and felt that Chuck should have said earlier that he was a rich second generation! Why are you hiding in school?
The hurting self was ugly in front of him, so Yvette Ran wanted to ridicule Chuck. Come over intentionally.
“I’m not going anyway.”
“I saw it, so you didn’t go there for a while?” Yvette Ran hummed. When she thought that she was scolded by Chuck last time, she still cried, and Yvette Ranqi didn’t hit a spot.
Chuck was tired and didn’t want to quarrel with her. “Whatever you say.”
Chuck was too lazy to take care of her. On the roadside, the driver found a star-rated hotel and got out of the car to open a room. This three-star hotel has a good living and is not expensive.
Chuck feels pretty good.
But when I arrived at the elevator, I saw Yvette Ran again.
Chuck froze, what does it mean? She followed? Yvette Ran hummed, “What are you doing?
Staying in my hotel? I didn’t let you take care of my hotel business. Also, my hotel is formal, there are no such messes, and small cards and the like, don’t think about it.”
It turned out to be her hotel, which is quite a coincidence.
“I didn’t think about it. Forget it. I was too lazy to talk to you. You can say what you want. After all, you are not talking for the first time.
“What do you mean? Chuck, I tell you, don’t think you are richer than my family, you can look down on people, you have money, and it has nothing to do with my family! So you show off is useless?” Yvette Ran out!
She felt that Chuck was hiding too deeply. When she was studying at that time, she didn’t see that Chuck was a rich second generation.
Chuck was too lazy to change it and walked directly to the floor. Yvette Ran hummed. “You are sick. You are welcome to stay in my hotel. Be careful I won’t let you live. Huh!”
Chuck opened the door and went to bed. Chuck checked out tomorrow morning. He had to wait for the stranger’s information, where was Yvette.
Logan was in the office, and his tone did not fluctuate. “How much is lost?”
“Back to Mr. Tang, the loss is about 8 million.” The assistant said.
Loganmei looked at the monitoring screen and found a woman, Yvette, and she did some damages, causing Logan to lose some. If it was usual, Logan would not question, because someone would deal with it.
But this time is different, Yvette, then Logan had to be treated with caution!
“Mr. Tang, do you want to find this woman?” the assistant asked.
“Look, but don’t hurt her. Don’t hurt her.” Logan nodded. This is the person Chuck likes. Logan doesn’t think Yvette can be hurt a little, otherwise he will be sad.

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