My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 30

Manager Yarn noticed that Chuck’s call had ended, and he taunted him mercilessly, “So what did the police say? You should have complained to the police that your wifey was beaten up. Probably then the police would come to your aid and save the day.”
Chuck continued staring at him with an eerily calm composure as the manager walked over to him. The few minutes that Yvette waited for Chuck felt like an eternity. Manager Yarn kept on provoking and harassing her, leaving her in despair.
Was it even useful to call the police now? Was this what hr meant by “helping her”, by confidently pulling herself over to confront Manager Yarn and calling the police for help? If that was the case, then she has had enough!
Once, she had thought of accepting this person who slept together with her from young. However, his weakness, indecisiveness, laziness and just bad overall performance in both studies and attitude had already decided his future path. How would such a person have any promising achievements in society?
So, she chose the path that was the best for the both of them: separation. Today, she noticed Chuck’s new look and thought that he was reborn anew. She thought that the day for Chuck to actually be able to stand for himself and achieve greater heights was here. Yet, it was all just an illusion, a mirage that she thought she saw but was just her imagination. With hope, comes a greater sense of disappointment. This was the type of displeasure that Yvette was feeling now.
Manager Yarn tried to kick him. Chuck took one look and stepped backwards, avoiding Manager Yarn’s kick effortlessly. He had done so with a type of gracefulness and calmness as though nothing was wrong, and he was just stepping backwards to enjoy the scenery in front of him. Manager Yarn frowned and cursed in his heart:
Is this guy stupid? Acting all pretentious despite not calling the police?
“Don’t waste my time. I don’t have time to play with a fool like you!” Manager Yarn smirked as he rolled up his sleeves in an effort to try to beat Chuck up.
“Chuck Cannon, let’s go!” Yvette called out to Chuck bitterly. She had decided that this would be the last time she called out Chuck’s name. She didn’t want to be in this place anymore, not even for a second! What was the point of being here? To be insulted by others continuously? However, Chuck still did not budge. Yvette shook her head, why did she even follow him here in the first place?
Ding, ding, ding!
At that moment, Chuck’s phone rang and he picked it up to answer the call, the edges of his mouth curving into a smirk a few seconds later. Such calm composure and provoking smile pissed Manager Yarn even further. “Smile? I’ll give you a few f*cking slaps and let’s see who’s the one smiling now.
He stormed over and was about to hit Chuck. But then!
A few seconds later, the phone in Manager Yarn’s pocket rang. He frowned, who the hell was it, disturbing him when he wanted to beat someone up! He took out his phone in annoyance, his expression instantly changing when he saw the caller ID. He waved his phone screen which displayed two words delightedly to Chuck: Big boss.
Yvette felt even more despair. She knew that the square owner had ties with Manager Yarn since they often went drinking together. If the owner was calling at such an odd hour now, he was definitely trying to invite Manager Yarn out for a drink. If Manager Yarn chose to talk badly and add oil to the fire now, she would definitely lose her company. It was that simple! Even if she had the baller step in, he probably couldn’t do anything either. At this point, Yvette’s discontent turned to fury. Chuck, I don’t blame you if I got insulted time and again, but you can’t let things worsen like this.
Manager Yarn sneered. “Young man, the boss invited me out for a drink. So, I’ll let you off today, but you’d better be careful from now on! If you dare provoke me, I’ll be sure to end you!”
He looked down on Chuck and even arrogantly switched on the speakerphone to hear Director Wendel’s voice hands-free. He thought: Yvette Jordan, listen carefully at how close I am with the boss. Now you regret not coming with me, don’t you? If you wait for me on the bed like a good girl, I can still give you a chance.
“Hello, Director Wendel!” Manager Yarn greeted with an extremely arrogant and confident look on his face.
“Have you left?”
“Of course not, Director Wendel. As you know, I’m the most devoted to my work and I usually leave work the last. I need to ensure that everything here is in place before I leave.” Manager Yarn got even prouder with each passing moment. He looked at Yvette, then at Chuck, staring then down like they were peasants and he was the king. He looked as though he was showing off the fact that he was going for a night out with the boss to the two of them.
“It’s good that you didn’t leave. Come to my office. Right now!”
“Okay, okay, Director Wendel, please wait for a moment, I’ll be right there.”
After hanging up the phone, Manager Yarn snickered, “Get away from me, I’ll be enjoying myself with the boss tonight. Last time, we went to a five-star hotel for dinner and I’m pretty sure the two of you have never been to such a high-end place in your whole life, haven’t you? Guess what, I go there everyday!”
“Are you sure that your boss wants to have dinner with you?” Chuck said flatly.
Yvette sighed and shook her head. What did Chuck want to achieve by saying that? The boss already called him, what else would it be other than to invite Manager Yarn out for dinner? What was the use of trying to talk him out?
“Haha! If he’s not inviting me to dinner, do you think he’s asking you out instead? Do you really think you have the standard for the boss to ask you out?” Manager Yarn turned around and left disdainfully. However, the phone rang again. It was from the big boss.
Manager Yarn was even more pleased. “Look, the boss is urging me again. After dinner, we’ll be having an amazing time with beautiful women, spending our money lavishly. You guys will never live like us, no matter what you do.”
“Oh really? Then you’d better enjoy yourself.” Chuck said nonchalantly.
Yvette frowned at Chuck’s words, she was deeply disappointed.
“Hello, Director Wendel!” The call went through as Manager Yarn once again switched on the speakerphone. He looked so full of himself as he smiled haughtily.
“Don’t come yet, pick up someone else first. He should be around the square, go take a look.”
“No problem! Is it Director Gold, the one who went with us to dinner last time?”
“No, no, it’s a young man named Chuck Cannon. Bring him to my office!”
“Chuck Cannon?”
Yvette froze instantly as her eyes widened in disbelief. Why did this Director Wendel want Manager Yarn to pick Chuck up? Did she mishear it? But how could that be possible? Or was it Zelda Maine instead?
“No problem! I’ll pick him up now! Please, wait for a moment, boss.” Manager Yarn smiled. The last time they had dinner with Director Gold, they had other entertainment programs arranged. This time, with Director Cannon, they would probably also have some extra fun in between the talks! The phone was hung up.
Manager Yarn snorted at Yvette and Chuck, “Get out of here, I’m going to pick someone up.”
“Pick up? But I don’t want you to pick me up!” Chuck shook his head and shrugged.
“Haha, who the hell wants to pick you up? Look at what you look like,” Manager Yarn laughed with a face full of sarcasm, but his eyebrows furrowed. What dod he mean by saying that? Was the person that Director Wendel ask to pick up, him?
He stared hard at Chuck, before asking carefully. “Are you Chuck Cannon?”
“You’re not qualified to talk to me.” Chuck said.
Manager Yarn sneered, “If you’re Chuck Cannon, why don’t you come with me!”
Ding, ding, ding!”
The phone rang again. Manager Yarn answered the call and intuitively switched on his speakerphone.
“Hello, Director Wendel, I have already picked up Chuck Cannon!” Manager Yarn could only sneer towards Chuck, thinking to himself: You little b*stard, count yourself lucky this time to be able get on Director Wendel’s good side!
“Bring him over then. Remember hurry up”
“Director Wendel, who is this Chuck Cannon? He looks too ordinary.” The more he looked at Chuck, the more upset he became.
“Ordinary, my a*s!” On the phone, Director Wendel suddenly cursed.
Manager Yarn was instantly stunned, his face full of surprise. He could only freeze in his tracks as he awaited Director Wendel’s explanation.
Yvette was equally surprised. What was going on? Why did Director Wendel scold Manager Yarn? Was it really because of Chuck?
“Director Wendel…” Manager Yarn was stunned. What did he mean?
“If you dare be disrespectful to Chuck Cannon, I won’t let you off so easily, what are you waiting for? Pass the phone over to Chuck Cannon! I can’t believe the nonsense in your head despite following me for such a long time!” Director Wendel scolded him
“There is no need for you to give it to me” Chuck announced.
“Ah, are you Chuck Cannon?” Director Wendel’s voice suddenly toned down. He seemed to……… respect Chuck. His tone shocked Manager Yarn! How could his boss be polite to this guy?
Yvette’s mind was blank. She did not expect Director Wendel to speak so humbly. In that case, Chuck’s phone calls was not to the police, but to….
“Yes,” said Chuck
“I apologize for the rudeness of my staff. Please forgive me, forgive me!”
“Forgive you? That depends on what you do, Director Wendel”. Chuck focused his gaze at Manager Yarn calmly.
Manager Yarn felt goosebumps all over his body as he was now thoroughly shocked. What the hell is going on? Was he dreaming?
“Ah, in that case, please hold on! Yarn, you asshole, immediately prostrate yourself and apologize to Mr Cannon. Otherwise, there will be hell to pay for you!!” Director Wendel’s voice was full of rage as heard from the receiver.

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