My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 295

But Logan soon felt that it was all right, and Chuck was not an outsider, so it was ok to kiss.
However, when Logan remembered that Chuck said that she was a superwoman last night, she wanted to laugh, because she had this image in his heart.
“Aunt Logan, what are you laughing at?” Chuck wondered, why did Logan suddenly smile, what fun thing came to mind?
“It’s nothing, Ceer, you eat more.” Logan shook her head.
After Chuck finished eating, she wanted to help Logan clean up. She said no. She put the tableware into the kitchen. The reason why she called Chuck came to eat was the main thing, and wanted to tell Yvette where.
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Last night her assistant chased out and was injured, but she successfully locked in the general location of Yvette. She felt that since Chuck came to Beijing, she should let Chuck know where Yvette was.
She called to make sure that she came out of the kitchen and Logan smiled, “Cer, I will take you to a place, do you have time?”
Chuck thought, yes, it’s better to go to the bar during the day and at night. After all, the bar only opens at night.
“Good, Aunt Logan.” Chuck stood up.
“Come out with me.” Logan was ready.
“Aunt Logan, I still want to eat what you cook at night.” Chuck whispered.
“Okay, if you want to eat, I will make it for you at any time.” Logan smiled and took Chuck to the garage. She drove a car out and Chuck sat in.
I soon arrived at a hotel, a relatively remote hotel.
Logan called to make sure that the place was safe, and after Yvette was still there, she said to Chuck, “Cee, you come with me.”
Logan got off and Chuck followed.
This hotel? What did Logan bring himself to the hotel? Chuck was puzzled.
Can only follow Aunt Logan to take the elevator upstairs, ding, the elevator door opened, this is the fifth floor, Logan took Chuck out, she saw the room number, and took Chuck to the room where Yvette lived.
Yvette awakened from her sleep. She consciously ran to the window guard and found that there was nothing abnormal outside. She was relieved. She ate a little and was ready to go out, but this time, she received a call.
It was the old man, Yvette’s brow frowned. She was increasingly suspicious of the old man’s intentions, and she finally answered.
“I told you, don’t stay in a hotel or hotel when you come out! Don’t leave yet!” the old man scolded.
“You mean I was found?” Yvette walked to the window again, his cold eyes glanced around, and no abnormality was found.
But she was vigilant so that she should immediately pack up and leave.
“Where is my husband? The woman I was looking for yesterday shouldn’t be. She could catch me, but she let me go. What happened?” Yvette’s eyes froze.
“Don’t worry, everything I do is for your own good, I’m training you now!”
“Do you mean my husband is not in Beijing?” Yvette stopped.
“Don’t worry, leave here and talk!”
“I ask you, where is my husband? Without saying, I killed you!”
“You, alas, I am yours, alas, you actually.” The old man sighed, thinking that it was a huge mistake to let Yvette stay beside Chuck!
“Well, if you wait in the room for a minute, he will come over and look for you, and then you will know that I am doing it for you.” The old man hung up the phone and felt that another plan should be made.
Yvette’s eyes were cold. She stared at the cat’s eyes at the door. She took out the dagger. She suspected that the old man was still cheating herself.
Footsteps were approaching, Yvette held his breath.
Suddenly she saw a nervous man in the cat’s eyes and was about to knock on the door. Yvette burst into tears. She opened the door like crazy and bumped into the man’s arms. “Her…”
Chuck’s surprise, really Yvette? ? He felt that he was dreaming. When he looked at the smiling Logan next to him, he realized that it was not a dream.
Logan said with a lip, “You go in and say.”
Chuck embraced Yvette and entered the room.
Logan leaned against the wall and touched her lips with her finger. She smiled. The child actually kissed me…
“Wife, where have you been recently?” Chuck came in and asked, he was so distressed that Yvette, she could see that Yvette still had a lot of injuries. How much torture did she experience?
“Hubby, I was looking for you where I didn’t go.” Yvette wiped away her tears. During this time, she was suffering every day.
She was particularly worried that her only loved one had an accident. If something happened, what should she do?
Chuck understood that she was in her, and she was looking for herself and missed it.
Chuck distressed her and let her take a good look. Her eyes were covered with bloodshot eyes.
She didn’t sleep well and she still had some injuries on her face. No wonder she didn’t take off her mask last night.
“Wife, did you go to the bar last night?” Chuck smiled and hugged Yvette again.
“Go,” Yvette’s eyes were surprised. She just saw Logan outside. Although she didn’t know, she saw that Logan was injured in the hand. The representative was the woman wearing the cat mask last night. Did she attack herself last night? ‘S woman is really Chuck’s aunt? She said so at the time.
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, and she was the one who cuddled last night.
“Is that your aunt outside just now?” Yvette felt strange, did he admit it? Because Chuck is not like this woman at all!
“Yes, my mom’s sister, my mom’s sister.” Chuckzhi said.
“What? Mom?” Yvette was confused. When did Chuck have a mom? He hasn’t been there since childhood!
“Yes, I took you to see my mom last time. That hotel was my mom’s, but you suddenly disappeared.” Chuck sighed, if Yvette didn’t disappear, then I saw my mom and said Maybe Yvette is going to get pregnant. It’s really impermanent!
Yvette was shocked, what? That hotel is Chuck’s mother? ”Hubby, what the hell is going on?”
Chuck said everything, and suddenly received a call from his mother, and told himself about 5 million. Yvette was completely shocked. No wonder Chuck had money to buy a house and a car.
No wonder the square was all It’s his, there is a mother, so he has misunderstood him all the time and thought he was being kept by some woman.
“Hubby, are you really rich second generation?” Yvette felt dreaming.
“Yes, I told you, you don’t believe it!” Chuck said several times, but Yvette didn’t believe it, but it was mainly the mother who refused to say that she wanted to observe Yvette, so she didn’t I believe it is normal.
Hearing Chuck’s confession, Yvette gradually recovered, and was more moved. Being able to have such a wealthy mother, and being so good to herself, without giving up herself, Yvette moved her eyes red.
“Hubby,” Yvette posted to Chuck, “Hubby, take me to see Mom, I want to see her,”
Yvette felt tired and no longer had to worry about it. If she saw her, she would have a quiet life with her children.
“Okay.” Chuck certainly agrees, but my mother hasn’t come back to Miguo!
I don’t know what happened to my mother!
Yvette suddenly thought, he has changed, will he like it? Yvette was embarrassed, but with arms around Chuck at ease, she would change back to herself, definitely.
The cold in her eyes was gone, and the cruelty was gone.
“By the way, who was that woman where you went last time?” Yvette suddenly thought.
“That’s the forest.”
“Oh, my mother asked me to go.”
“What?” Yvette was startled. “Hubby, what’s your mother’s name?”
“Karen Lee.”
Yvette froze, what did he do? Actually want to kill her husband’s mother? Yvette felt guilty in her heart and felt that it was difficult to face Chuck. She left Chuck’s arms and lowered her head.
Chuck was strange.
“Wife, what’s wrong with you?” Chuck smiled.
“Hubby, me, uh!” Yvette said, and Chuck suddenly kissed her.
Yvette blushed, but he felt guilty in his heart. No wonder that woman didn’t hurt herself anymore. It turned out to be her husband’s mother.
“Wife, the bar kissed you last night and felt different.” Chuck said.
“Bar? Kiss me? Husband, I didn’t see you last night. How did you kiss me?” Yvette froze.
Chuck also froze, wasn’t Yvette? Who is he kissing?

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