My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 296

Chuck remembers it too clearly. The kiss yesterday was really indescribable, as if he had encountered honey.
Until now, Chuck was reluctant, thinking that he had made a mistake at the time, and he should have got a wet one, and the time for watering was too short.
But it was not Yvette who kissed last night. Who is that? Chuck was a little embarrassed, the feeling in his mind was last night.
I really can’t forget it.
Chuck got stuck.
“Hubby, who did you kiss last night?”
Yvette asked, she was a little lost, how could she kiss others? She went to the bar last night, but Logan was so powerful that she couldn’t continue to stay at all. If she knew that Chuck was in the bar last night, then she would never leave directly.
“I don’t know, I thought it was you, I hugged her, she didn’t resist, she didn’t answer when she talked to her, and she didn’t resist against her.” Chuck also felt strange, how could it be?
This woman is as perfect as Yvette, but it is not Yvette, how can she not resist?
Or was this woman moved by her affection yesterday?
Chuck does not understand.
“Wife, sorry, I was last night.” Chuck felt compelled to apologize.
“It doesn’t matter.” Yvette was a little lost, but what did she think about it? Chuck is the second generation of super rich.
“That husband, did the woman who kissed you yesterday wear a mask, right? What do you remember?” Yvette went yesterday, and half of the audience was wearing masks.
“Remember, this woman and your wife have the same figure, they are perfect, she is wearing…”
Chuck said.
Yvette also listened carefully, who could it be?
But this time, dong dong dong.
“Cer…” Logan’s voice was outside.
At the door, she didn’t mean to listen, but her hearing was very sensitive. After all, she was a master of combat and trained. Of course, she listened to all directions. She heard this, and she felt embarrassed and nervous.
If Chuck knew, Logan would blush.
So she struggled for a while and decided to interrupt, sure to interrupt!
“Wife, you’ll wait,” Chuck walked over to open the door. Logan saw Chuck again, and she was nervous. This matter must not let him know. That’s it. Logan felt bad about how to deal with it.
You know, Chuck had kissed her twice before, but they were all on the cheeks, but yesterday, but lips, that means different things.
“Cer, let’s leave here first.” Logan smiled.
Chuck thought that it was too dangerous here. Chuck asked Yvette to pack up and leave. Yvette had just left, but at this time, Yvette’s cell phone bit.
Yvette was not ready to watch because she had already found Chuck, then she would live a good life with Chuck until she grew old, so she didn’t watch it.
She put her mobile phone in her pocket. She was tired of the painful life of more than a month.
Although she honed her, she didn’t like that. She likes teaching, working, and making money.
That is who she is.
Others, she won’t touch anymore.
Going out with Chuck, but she was a little guilty, and went downstairs after checking out. Logan drove and took Chuck and Yvette back to the villa.
Chuck was completely relaxed, and his wife found it. In addition to further expanding his business empire, he had to think about whether to have a child with Yvette.
When he arrived at the villa, Logan arranged the room. The villa was so big, and there were many rooms.
Chuck chose whatever he wanted. Logan went to cook and ate together at night. Yvette went to the room. She hadn’t relaxed for a long time. She decided to take a shower and lie down on the bed. Today, she and Chuck finally got together again. Ce is sleeping, will Chuck touch himself tonight?
Yvette was ruthless, but for the first time in this respect, she was still nervous.
She entered the bathroom and took off her clothes, but she saw that there were so many bruises on her body, which affected the whole. I don’t know if Chuck would be of no character, Yvette was upset, but she sighed at the same time.
I almost killed Chuck’s mother Karen Lee!
If it succeeded that day, isn’t it a complete break with Chuck?
Yvette’s eyes were sad, should Chuck know this? She felt that Karen Lee should not tell, but Yvette felt uneasy. When she thought that Chuck would be angry with herself, she felt lost.
Chuck scolded her and beat her, Yvette will not fight back, because Chuck is her only relative.
“Cer, take a good rest tonight and go out to play tomorrow, shall I take the two of you?” Logan asked with a smile.
Chuck felt that there was no problem, at least he had to relax. “Okay, Aunt Logan.”
“Well, go to sleep.”
Chuck returned to the room, Logan smiled and stopped, slowly, she saw Chuck entered the room, feeling a little uncomfortable, a little lost.
The couple is reunited and must live in a room.
But how can you not let go? Logan was sitting on the sofa, her eyes were staring. She started to read books. Suddenly she felt that this book of wisdom, which still felt very good yesterday, was no more interesting to read today. After reading it, she put the book down and started playing with her mobile phone. It’s still boring.
She didn’t know what was wrong. She walked around the hall and watched TV.
When she turned on the TV, she suddenly felt that they would be noisy, and Logan returned to the room herself.
She walked to the bed and opened the cupboard next to it. There was a mask in it. She wore it yesterday. She came back last night and wanted to lose it, but she couldn’t bear it.
She touched the mask with her finger. She smiled slightly and sat on the bed, thinking about what happened last night.
“Pooh,” Logan smiled happily. “He actually regarded me as a superwoman?…”
Are you superman? No, Logan thought of the kiss last night, and the dragonfly spotted the water.
This was the first time Logan kissed a man. At that time, Logan didn’t feel anything, but felt her lips were touched. She thought about it, “silly boy, you kiss me. .”
Logan put the mask away, but Chuck could see it, it was over.
But Logan who returned to the room still didn’t know what to do. Usually, at this time, she was going to sleep, but why didn’t she feel a little sleepy today?
Logan lay on the bed, looking at the ceiling with beautiful eyes, “Sleep fast, I want to sleep…”
Logan covered herself with a pillow.
Chuck returned to the room, he listened to the sound in the bathroom, Chuck was actually nervous, how to say.
Chuck felt that the time problem had caused him to sleep around Yvette for so long, but he didn’t do anything. Chuck was afraid to see Yvette’s disappointed expression, so he trained frantically.
Over the past month, in addition to the decade of decadence, Chuck exercised every day, especially after more than 20 days in school, Chuck was deeply aware of the feeling of energetic
What’s more, Chuck has been alone for so long, and refused too much, so I should be able to submit a satisfactory answer tonight.
After a while, Yvette came out of the bathroom, Chuck saw her arm, and immediately felt distressed, so many injuries, Chuck walked over and felt Yvette was tortured too hard.
“Wife, are you in pain? There are so many scars on your body.” Chuck felt distressed.
Yvette was moved. She thought Chuck would disdain herself, but Chuck’s eyes were gentle at the moment, and she almost wanted her to melt.
Fortunately, these were left behind by punching and kicking. After a while, when the mark is shallow, they will return to the original state, otherwise they will be scars or the like. Yvette will collapse. She will feel ugly herself. How can Chuck endure it? ? ?
“Hubby, you go to take a bath first, then, then I take care of you,” Yvette bowed his head, shy and blushing.
This is the first time in more than a month that she has such an expression, but only to Chuck, the other people, she will only be expressionless.
Chuck heard the word “care”. When Yvette said, his voice was quiet. This was a kind of shyness, and Chuck heard it.
Of course Chuck was excited to take a shower, but he waited too long on this day, and he couldn’t wait to enter the bathroom.
Yvette was sitting on the sofa, waiting nervously. Her husband had been looking for himself for so long. Tonight he had to take good care of him. Yvette vowed that he would do well tonight.

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