My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 298

How is this possible? Yvette thought it was impossible. She had seen Karen Lee, not like that kind of person!
If it is said that Karen Lee killed his father, then between himself and Chuck. .
Yvette is suffering, this is not true! No!
“Don’t believe me? I know you have seen Karen Lee, but you know she is a double-faced person.
The one behind the other is the one behind her. When she was ruthless, you could not imagine that she had been ruthless for many years! You thought she gave Chuck now So much money, she earned that money? No, it was all earned by your dad, she is a ruthless robber!” The old man grieved!
Yvette still couldn’t believe it.
“Yvette, are you still called Chuck’s husband? Are you worthy of your father? Is it worthy?”
“I…” Yvette sat paralyzed on the ground, his brain blank, how could this be?
When she came, she was thinking about clarifying the matter and went back with Chuck, but how is it now?
“Jian Jordan, don’t think Karen Lee let you go. She is a good person. You know that all the money she uses now is your father’s. Every point is. Everything she gave Chuck should have been Belongs to you, but was taken away by her, did you know? The reason why she doesn’t kill you is to use you to torture you, she is your father’s enemy, but she doesn’t tell you the truth, let you call him a father’s killer The enemy is called mom, she is abnormal in her heart, she is tormenting you like this!” The old man said angrily.
Yvette froze, she didn’t even think of it.
Is it true that her money was originally owned by her father, but was taken away by her?
How could this be? Yvette shook his head and fell into pain. “Grandpa, my husband…”
The old man slapped Yvette, and Yvette blushed. She had blood in the corners of her mouth. She shed tears, “Grandpa, is it true? My father was my husband…”
The old man slapped again, screaming, heartbroken. “You still call him that? He is the son of your father and enemy!”
Yvette’s face was numb, but not as painful.
“If you don’t believe it, you can ask her personally and ask Karen Lee, she won’t deny it, Yvette, you figured it out, she not only killed dad, but also robbed everything that originally belonged to you, her current car, now The status of the hotel, everything should be yours, you still do not understand?” The old man scolded.
“Yes.” Yvette felt that even if Karen Lee killed his father, Chuck who grew up with herself was innocent, and it was not his business.
“Yvette, I know what you are thinking, think Chuck is innocent? You are too naive, Chuck already knows that his family has money, and already knows that his money is all yours, so no Dare to tell you the truth, afraid that after you know everything, you will take everything back, he is afraid to become a poor man, so he dare not tell you, do you know?” The old man sighed.
Yvette burst into tears, “It’s not like that, my husband is not like that, no.”
The old man raised his hand and wanted to slap Yvette again, but he could not let go of his raised hand again. He sighed, stepped aside, took out a computer, and opened the dust-proof video for a long time, “Come and see, you know me I didn’t lie to you,”
Yvette stood up and walked over. The old man opened the video and Yvette watched it.
The video is a man, Yvette has not seen it, but it can be seen that this man is his father.
He was running away, but a woman appeared behind him, and Yvette’s eyes fell. This woman was holding a dagger. She was very young, about twenty years old, but she was expressionless.
She chased it up and stabbed it into her dad with a knife. Inside the heart.
This woman Yvette knew that it was Karen Lee when she was young. Although it has been more than 20 years, because of the maintenance, there is no change from the current Karen Lee.
Sure enough, my husband’s mother killed his father!
Yvette’s last hope was shattered. She stared at the video and saw that Karen Lee pulled out her dagger. Her father struggled on the ground and eventually did not move. At that time, she was desperate.
There is hatred in Yvette’s eyes, how can you do this? How can it be! !
“Now I know? Karen Lee is such a person, so ruthless that you can’t imagine, everything she has now should be yours, she has taken everything from your dad, starting today, you have to help all this. When your dad recaptures, you will kill Karen Lee and Chuck to avenge your dad!!!” said the old man.
Yvette was as ruthless as the mother leopard, “What should I do? Tell me how to do it!”
Yvette was surrounded by hatred!
“Simple, how can she treat your father, how to steal your father’s money, how to kill your father, how can you treat her!” The old man said coldly.
“Yes, but my husband is innocent, I don’t…” Yvette shook his head and snapped, the old man slaps out, “You say it again in front of your dead dad!”
Yvette burst into tears and struggled in his heart, “Don’t, I don’t want to hurt him, he is my old…”
“You’re talking! You saw your father so cruel, you actually called yourself to kill your father and son husband? What face do you have to face your father? How do you face him after death?”
Yvette’s entire face was red and swollen, she was slapped so much, she didn’t feel pain, and her heartache covered it up. She slumped on the ground, her eyes were desperate, Karen Lee killed her father. It should be, but Chuck is innocent. He doesn’t know anything. Is he going to kill the person who has grown up with him for so many years?
“Say, kill Karen Lee, kill Chuck! Said in front of the dead dad!” The old man yelled, Yvette wept bitterly, “I will kill Karen Lee, avenge my father, I will kill, I will kill… …No, my husband is innocent,”
The old man was sad and raised his leg and kicked Yvette. Yvette had a stomachache and spit out blood. The old man yelled, “More! Today, if you don’t say it, I will fight you to see your father! Say!!!”
Yvette got up from the ground, his eyes were surrounded by anger and ruthlessness…
Chuck woke up in the morning, but did not find Yvette. Chuck was scared. Where did Yvette go? Chuck ran out, “Aunt Logan…”
“Ah, I make breakfast in the kitchen.” Logan said.
“Yvette is gone.” Chuck was anxious, how could he disappear? Yvette was fine last night, why are you missing?
“I know, she said something happened last night, and said that she will come back today or tomorrow,” Logan said softly, but Chuck was anxious, Logan was distressed, and she didn’t have a phone call for one night. Presumably she has been brainwashed and blinded by hatred. With her eyes closed, Logan regretted that she should be left last night!
Only because of Chuck’s reasons, she couldn’t make it.
Chucksong sighed, Logan said so, then Yvette should have gone out, but where did he go? Why not answer the phone? Chuck was worried and sent WeChat to Yvette, asking when she would come back, but Yvette did not return.
“Good boy, go outside and wait for a while. I will make breakfast for you.” Logan smiled.
“Well, does Aunt Logan have clothes? I want to change one,” Chuck didn’t wear clothes, mainly because he didn’t wash them.
“Yes, slightly, go to my room and get clean clothes. I forgot to bring them out for you.” Logan smiled.
Chuck went to Logan’s room. This was his first time here. It was so fragrant. He saw the clothes already prepared on the sofa at a glance. Logan was so empathetic.
Chuck was ready to go out with his clothes on, but when he saw the cabinet beside the bed, there was a drawer that didn’t close properly. Chuck walked over and closed the drawer for Logan.
Logan, who was making breakfast in the kitchen, felt that Chuck should be taken away. They all came to Beijing. They had to do their best to be friends of the landlord. Where would they go?
Logan thought, suddenly she thought of a problem, and her face turned red into an apple all at once. Oh, forgot. When I woke up in the morning, I looked at the cat mask in the drawer and seemed to forget to close the drawer tightly.
Logan put down the spatula and went out to her room. She was nervous. How did she see it?
Knowing that she kissed herself the night before, how did she face him?

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