My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 299

Logan walked into the room and was very nervous. She saw Chuck’s hand reaching towards the cupboard beside her bed. Her heart beat and she hurriedly called, “Cer…”
Chuck looked back, “Aunt Logan, your drawer is not closed tightly.”
“Well, thank you, come out to eat,” Logan walked over and reached out to close the drawer. She was at ease, but fortunately she was not seen by Chuck.
Otherwise, she really doesn’t know how to face it.
After all, Chuck will be embarrassed, and he will also be embarrassed!
She thought, Meimu looked at the child of Chuck’s lips so subconsciously, you mistakenly thought that I was Yvette, but it took away my first kiss.
Chuck walked out of the room to change clothes. Logan was relieved, opened the drawer, and saw the quiet cat mask inside. She was still reluctant to lose, especially unwilling, and increasingly unwilling.
Logan herself didn’t know why this happened. She hesitated to take the mask out carefully and put it in other places, and she closed the door safely.
Going outside, I saw that Chuck had changed his clothes, and it really fits well. Logan went over to help Chuck sort out his collar.
Chuck was dumbfounded by this tender look. Logan was so understanding. Chuck was in the room just now, and was really tangled.
When a man enters a woman’s room, he always wants to see something, such as women’s clothes, which is particularly curious, and Chuck is no exception.
In particular, what color of clothes would Logan like a perfect woman like? What style? Is it a brand, or is it customized?
This is Chuck especially wanted to know, he actually wanted to see it secretly just now, after all, Chuck had an idea for Logan in his bones, otherwise Logan went to him at that time and wouldn’t dream that kind for a few days. .
But there is still a big gap between the two’s identities. If your mother knows that she has that kind of evil thoughts about Logan, then you don’t need to say it, and the mother will definitely be particularly angry.
Thinking this way, Chuck’s thoughts were suppressed, but he still refrained.
If Logan gets caught ready-made, then it will be embarrassing to death. Logan’s character is so gentle, even if he is found, he will definitely not beat himself, nor will he scold himself, but will gradually keep his distance.
This is what Chuck didn’t want to see most, but Logan’s fingers shook in front of Chuck’s eyes, and Chuck especially wanted to catch it.
“Hungry, eat.” Logan said with a smile.
Logan went to the kitchen to serve food, Chuck sighed, this figure is so beautiful, but unfortunately, Logan’s character is definitely not wearing sexy clothes, Chuck knows her during this time, never seen Logan wearing sexy clothes , Not even tight.
If Logan is of such a figure, can wear a sling or something, plus tight jeans and the like, that is definitely a big picture.
It’s a pity that Logan can’t wear it that way. This has to be said to be a pity. Logan’s figure is so good, but he is not willing to show it. This may be the reason why Logan is a traditional conservative woman.
Chuck was disappointed, he fantasizes, if one day he is courageous, so tell her, let her try to wear it like this, simply wear tight jeans or something, showing the leg line, I don’t know if Logan will agree .
Of course, these can only be thought about, at least Chuck does not have the courage to say otherwise, otherwise, it may be an accident.
But the man’s idea came up, and he would say, “Aunt Logan, I think you are…”
Logan was stunned and turned back, “Cer, what’s wrong with me?”
Chuck came back to his mind and was scared in his heart. Was he forced? What did Hussie say?
“Aunt Logan, you are good in casual clothes,” Chuck sweated on his forehead.
“Really? Thank you.” Logan was happy and went to the kitchen to serve food. She thought to herself, she is very ordinary, and Ceer said it was good? really good?
Logan used to be said by others, she would be angry, but Chuck said, she was happy.
After eating with Chuck, Logan wanted to take Chuck to play, but Chuck didn’t have much thought. Logan could only accompany Chuck distressed. She didn’t care about her work anymore, and sat with Chuck until the afternoon.
Chuck has been calling Yvette, but Yvette’s mobile phone is turned off, Chuck sighed, what happened to Yvette?
“Aunt Logan, you’re busy with me, I’ll just stay alone,” Chuck felt that Logan had a lot of things to do and delayed her too much time.
“I’m not busy. My job now is to accompany you.” Logan smiled, she thought, although she didn’t go out with Chuck, didn’t go out, but staying at home is also very comfortable.
Chuck was embarrassed to delay Logan so much, so he went to Logan’s company to check it out.
Logan of course agreed, and immediately changed clothes, and asked Chuck which company? Because there are too many companies in Logan, Chuck smiled and said that you can do whatever you want. Loganmei turned around and thought about it. Then she went to the resort to relax and relax, and she could eat again.
After all, Loganming Xiaguang Resort has more than a dozen, and it is particularly luxurious and large, this is also the company!
Chuck had no opinion and followed Logan out. Logan drove.
But at this time, Chuck’s cell phone bit, and Chuck discovered that it was the stranger’s number again. What on earth did this person want to do? Instructed himself to find Yvette, what should he do now?
Chuck looked at this message and found that he added WeChat according to the original number.
Chuck hesitated and added WeChat, a name called “Prince”. Chuck was helpless. Now that he is not in the era of the Emperor, is he still called Prince? Is this going to inherit the throne?
Chuck smiled, Logan driving saw it, and smiled slightly. What interesting thing did Ceer see?
What could it be?
Soon this “Prince” sent a video, Chuck opened it, Chuck frowned, because this was a video about Yvette, actually Yvette was sitting in the car, and the last kidnapping himself What the old man said, seeing this scene, the two knew each other.
Chuck was surprised. How could Yvette get along with this person?
The prince sent a message to know what Yvette has to do with this person?
Chuckfa had a question in the past, how did he know? Yvette was also kidnapped by this old man!
Chuck couldn’t understand the two sitting together.
Prince, your kidnapping was planned by Yvette, don’t you know?
Chuck was shocked and immediately annoyed. What are you talking about?
How is this possible? How could Yvette think of kidnapping himself? What does this prince want to do?
Prince I, nonsense, nonsense, you think, Yvette was kidnapped, but she escaped without help from a woman. The only explanation is that the two are together.
You bullshit! Chuckhui.
Ha ha, think for yourself!
At the same time, in a luxurious room, a man sneered. He continued to tell you that I was helping you. Yvette took your money and wanted to kidnap and blackmail you.
“Hum, don’t go back? Don’t you be fooled? My good cousin, you have become smart, Karen Lee cultivates you, wants to compete with me? Are you qualified? Tell you the truth, you don’t believe it, you are stupid! It’s either stupid or smart. You won’t be qualified for fighting with me.
See how I play with you!”
The man continues to send you unbelief. Can you explain Yvette’s recent anomaly?
“Humph, or not?”
The man sneered and continued to send a video in the past. This video was a video of Yvette hugging the old man. At that time, Yvette heard that the old man was his grandfather, so he embraced.
But it was used by this man.
Chuck was blinded when he saw this video. Yvette cried and hugged the old man. What’s going on?
Impossible, Yvette felt that he knew what the identity of the old man was, so he cried. Is Yvette and the old man a relative? Chuck thought of it, his mother had found it, so would Yvette, who had no parents since childhood, would also find it?
Otherwise, Yvette is self-righteous, and it is impossible to embrace an old man.
“What the hell do you want to do?” Chuck returned angrily.
“Tell you the truth about the video, Yvette will be detrimental to you, you will know immediately. Also, I have an interesting video, and I sent it to you to see.”
A video was sent again, and Chuck opened it. He was stunned. He was outside the bar the night before, kissing a woman with a cat mask.

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