My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 300

Chuck looked at it carefully, and remembered the dragonfly’s kiss in his mind. The feeling was unforgettable.
Although Chuck specifically wanted to know who this woman was, Chuck suddenly thought of a problem and felt serious. This “Prince” is actually monitoring himself?
So unknowingly, Chuck had hair on his back.
What does this prince want to do?
“What do you mean?” Chuck was wary!
“It looks a little interesting. I asked you to look for Yvette, but you kissed this woman. How about, wondering who this woman is? I can tell you.” Here, the man sneered.
“No, I’m not interested in knowing it.” Chuckhui shouldn’t meet this woman anymore. This is just a beautiful encounter.
“Oh, is it? Tell you well, this woman is Logan!”
Chuck was frightened, and Logan who was driving was also frightened. Why was Chuck suddenly so sick? She parked the car to the side of the road and asked, “Cer, what’s wrong with you?”
Chuck thought it was impossible. How could Logan be the one who kissed that day? The relationship is wrong. If she wants to kiss Logan, then she will definitely refuse.
Chuck felt that Logan regarded herself as a pro-junior, and she especially spoiled herself, but she also had a degree of pampering. How could she allow herself to kiss her?
“Aunt Logan, it’s fine.” Chuck felt impossible.
However, Chuck thought that Logan’s figure was actually very similar to Yvette’s, and they were all so perfect, and the bumps were conspicuous.
Although Logan never wore tight-fitting clothes, how could her figure be covered by loose clothes?
Especially when she is wearing a dress, although the skirt is just right to the knee, but looking at her calf, you can see how perfect the whole figure is.
Chuck feels that the only difference between Logan’s figure and Yvette is that Yvette’s lines are a little worse than Logan’s. After all, Logan is a master of fighting and training all the year round.
That figure has been exercised to the extreme.
Although Yvette usually does exercise, there is still a gap with the combat master. This is the difference between exercise and, more simply, compact.
Thinking of this, Chuckxin thumped and thrashed. If Logan was really that night, did he lose his luck? Logan who kissed her tenderly! !
“Well, Ceer, just tell me if you have something? Don’t bury it in your heart, you can tell me anything. As long as you want, I’m particularly willing to listen.” Logan said softly.
Chuck’s heartbeat accelerated even more. He looked down at the mobile phone video. At this time, it was exactly the picture of Chuck actively kissing the cat mask woman.
Is it really Aunt Logan? But why doesn’t she look the same? The eyes are so pure and so gentle.
Chuck was disappointed, it should not be Logan, this is impossible, Logan spoiled himself, but when something extraordinary was done, Logan would definitely be angry.
“Aunt Logan, where were you the day before yesterday?” Chuck asked tentatively. He was nervous, really Logan, so Chuck couldn’t sleep tonight.
“The day before yesterday? I was at home.” Logan smiled, feeling awful in her heart. Did Ceer know anything? That’s a shameless death, how could it not be admitted, absolutely not admitted!
Chuck is disappointed, it seems not Aunt Logan, her expression is too natural.
“Well, Aunt Logan, keep driving.”
“Okay, tell me if you have something.”
“Aunt Logan, can I ask you a personal question?” Chuck didn’t give up.
“Okay.” Logan still smiled, but she was so nervous that she couldn’t do it. Why don’t you ask? I don’t know how to answer it.
“Aunt Logan, what would you do if a man kissed you suddenly?…Aunt Logan, am I not very polite about this question?” Chuck was surprised when he saw Logan, and felt that he had been asked. Logan may be angry.
I am too stupid, whether it is Logan or not, I cannot ask such a tentative question!
But when asked, Chuck can only be upset.
“This question, I think I will beat this person, and hit hard.” Logan said.
Chuck was disappointed, it should not be her, then she was pro-Logan at that time, her first reaction was to hit someone, and maybe she would be abandoned.
“It’s all right, Aunt Logan.”
“Okay, then I drove.” Logan turned her head, relieved, just didn’t admit it.
Don’t ask about her smiling driving strategy, I won’t admit it.
Chuck continues to talk to this person. Why do you say Logan?
“If you don’t believe it, you can go to her room and see if you can still find the mask. You know I haven’t lied to you.” Here, the man sneered and it’s not too good for you to hook!
Go to Logan’s room? Chuck’s heartbeat accelerated again.
Um, should I go? Chuck was entangled, just went to see if there was a cat mask, Logan should not mind, otherwise Chuck would feel that a stone in his heart had been falling.
Chuck struggled with this matter, of course, did not return, this question, go to Logan’s room? ?
Chuck continued to ask Yvette about Yvette, Chuck must make clear!
But this “Prince” replays the heart, I will tell you more about Yvette, but you still don’t believe me, so tonight, you’d better go to Logan’s room to find, the mask should still be in her In the room, missed, be careful she lost, then you can never be sure she is!
Chuck considered that he didn’t return, but he said, “Aunt Logan, I might be monitored.”
Logan was in a daze for a while, and her eyes were cold. “Don’t worry, Ceer, I’ll help you find this person,”
With the words of Logan, Chuck felt at ease.
Are you stared at? Chuck didn’t want to be overwhelmed by people.
Logan drove Chuck to the resort and called when she got out of the car. This is what she was arranging for Chuck to be monitored.
Logan and Chuck were in this resort. After a short stroll, they ate. When it was more than eight o’clock, Logan said that he would stay here. Chuck thought about staying in Logan’s room all night. Where can he live? Chance to see Logan’s room?
Chuck said that when she went home to sleep, Logan certainly agreed, so she drove Chuck home, and Chuck went to the room and had been watching this video repeatedly. She felt more and more that she might really be Logan, but why didn’t she resist? ?
Are you too spoiled for yourself and don’t want to beat yourself? So I kissed myself and left at the time. Chuck analyzed that it should be like this, which made Chuck want to re-enter Logan’s room.
Suddenly thought of Chuck, she went to Logan’s room herself in the morning, and she pushed the drawer beside the bed herself, so is the cat mask in that cabinet?
Chuck became more and more tickled, he opened the door, walked back and forth in the hall for a long time, and finally found the courage to knock at the door of Logan’s room and whispered against the door, “Aunt Logan, Aunt Logan, I’m hungry…”
It’s early in the morning, let Aunt Logan be a supper.
“Hungry? Wait a minute, I’ll come out and cook for you right away.” Logan’s voice came out.
Chuck was pleasantly surprised, and Logan quickly opened the door, wearing the usual loose clothes. “Cere, wait for the wind and wait. I will make it for you now. What do you want to eat?
Porridge or noodle?”
Chuck said face-to-face, Logan smiled and stretched his hand around Chuck’s hair, so gentle that Chuck would melt.
She went to the kitchen.
Chuck’s breathing was tense, and opened the door to enter.
He first went to the cabinet beside Logan’s bed, opened the drawer, and found that there were books, all in English, as well as some documents, materials, and some contracts.
The others are gone. Chuck is disappointed, isn’t he here? Chuck continued to go through other places, the wardrobe, and in a delicate box, he saw the clothes that Chuck wanted to see, but Chuck didn’t dare to read too much and couldn’t think too much, he quickly covered it and found a circle , Did not find it, Chuck was disappointed, not Aunt Logan!
Chuck sighed and walked to the door, but at this time, Logan’s voice came out of the kitchen,
“Cer, yes, the face is ready, I will bring it out for you to eat.”
Then there was Logan’s footsteps. She came out of the kitchen and Chuck was terrified. If Logan saw herself in her room, she would be angry immediately!

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