My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 31

Manager Yarn was once again tongue-tied. What did he mean? Was he really supposed to kneel and beg Chuck Cannon for forgiveness?
He froze like a statue, feet glued firmly to the floor. His eyes widened in disbelief at Chuck, whose calm and expressionless emotions contrasted his own. He could not understand. He had a good relationship with the boss. How could the boss force him to kneel down to others? Who exactly is this Chuck Cannon? The shock on his face slowly subsided as he realized the truth, now looking more complicated than stunned.
Yvette Jordan froze. If she hadn’t heard it from Director Wendel with her own ears, she wouldn’t have believed that something amazing and unbelievable just took place because of one phone call that Chuck made. Who did Chuck call just now? Yvette racked her brain trying to think who it could be. No one elsas the power to do so, apart from Zelda Maine. It must be her! Who knew that Zelda was acquainted with the store owner. Yvette was taken aback, what a turn of events in her favour! She looked at Chuck. For a moment, she felt a lingering thought cross her mind… Chuck really wasn’t joking and didn’t disappoint her.
“Yarn, are you fucking listening?” Director Wendel’s steel-cold voice boomed out of the speakerphone.
“Yes, yes!” Manager Yarn’s arrogance and ego from just now was already long gone. He looked at Chuck with a complicated expression, bowed his head and knelt down!
Although there were a lot of people around, but so what? Did he dare to disobey orders and refuse to kneel? Director Wendel would really kill him. But!
“Hold on!” Chuck waved his hands to stop him.
“Thank you so much, Mr Cannon. Just now, it was a misunderstanding…” Manager Yarn was overjoyed and hurried to deliver a cigarette to Chuck.
“I think you’re mistaken. I don’t want you to kneel down. You….. you kneel down to Yvette and slap yourself ten times!” Chuck ordered coldly.
Manager Yarn was stunned again, his face burning with shame, as though someone has just slapped him. He turned his head and looked at Yvette who was equally stunned, his expression freezing into place. It would not be a big deal if he knelt down to Chuck since he was a man. However, Yvette was a woman, and it would be a disgrace for him to kneel down to a woman!
“Still not listening to Chuck? If so, be ready to say goodbye to your legs! I’ll break them through minute you get back!” Director Wendel threatened once again.
“Don’t, I’ll kneel!.” Manager Yarn was so scared that his face turned pale. He immediately knelt down in front of Yvette. She was stunned beyond words.
Manager Yarn raised his hand and slapped his face, the loud slaps echoing throughout the corridor. Some people who were nearby started to gather around to see what was going on. They were all puzzled, what was going on? As they saw the once high and mighty manager kneeling on the ground and slapping himself, they started whispering and snickering.
The slaps continued. Yvette could clearly hear the slaps in her ear, reminding her that this wasn’t a dream. Slowly, she could feel the unease and disappointment in her heart vanish, replaced by an unexplainable sense of comfort. Yes, Chuck did fufil his promise of helping her! She was on cloud nine, and had to constantly remind herself that she wasn’t dreaming. She turned and looked at Chuck.
Soon after, Manager Yarn’s cheeks was red and swollen. The onlookers laughed at him, which made him even more ashamed as he lowered his head and tried to cover his face.
“I know this man, he is the manager of the square! How could he kneel down to a woman and slap himself? It must be this woman’s boyfriend who made the manager kneel down. Her boyfriend is really amazing!”
“Yeah, I heard that this manager is often very perverted and loves to harass people. I’m pretty sure he must’ve harassed this woman, but didn’t expect her boyfriend to be someone with so much authority. The guy’s so handsome, plus he has connections too. Why don’t I have such a boyfriend?” The envious voices of the onlookers seemed to hope that Chuck was their boyfriend instead.
Yvette couldn’t help herself but stare at Chuck. She couldn’t believe that the little boy she had known for so long had actually grown up, and was now even able to help her get back at someone. The man, who had slept with her for almost ten years, and used to be her husband. Her gaze was fixated on Chuck for a few seconds before she avoided his eyes: why didn’t she find him so attractive before? Especially now. She felt different from before. What was this feeling?
Manager Yarn turned his head. “Mr. Cannon, is that enough?”
“What do you think, Yvette?” Chuck asked.
“Ah? That’s enough.” Yvette Jordan came to her senses in a hurry, blushing furiously on her face.
“Stand up!” Chuck said calmly.
“Thank you!” Manager Yarn was already close to tears. He was flustered and got up from the ground, running over to Chuck’s side. “Mr. Wendel, please come with me to meet Director Wendel!”
“Okay.” Chuck nodded. Since his mother has already bought this square, he definitely had to meet this Director Wendel.
Manager Yarn immediately led the way, but not before Chuck walked up to Yvette. “Wait for me for a moment. I’ll be right back.”
“Yes.” Yvette nodded. Despite whatever that happened, she was still willing to wait for him.
Chuck followed Manager Yarn upstairs, but Yvette came over halfway and asked, “I want to ask you, did you call Zelda Maine just now?”
Chuck was stunned.
“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to tell me.” Yvette coerced. She thought it was Zelda who contacted the owner of the square, thus leading up to the facade that happened just now. If not, she couldn’t imagine who Chuck would call even if she racked her brain for answers.
“Okay.” Chuck didn’t want to say much and just followed Manager Yarn upstairs.
Since he didn’t explain, Yvette assumed that he did call Zelda. She thought, Zelda Maine was indeed an amazing person!
“Beautiful lady, is that your boyfriend?” A beautiful woman came over and asked.
Yvette didn’t know how to answer. Was he, or was he not?
Yes? However, the two of them had already separated.
No? But they had been sleeping in the same bed for more than ten years. Although they didn’t do anything suspicious in bed, what was the relationship between them?
Yvette couldn’t figure it out either. The only thing she felt was that Chuck gave her a different feeling today. What was he doing these few days? For the first time, Yvette was a little curious about Chuck.
Meanwhile, Manager Yarn took Chuck to Director Wendel’s office and pushed the door open. Immediately, he was shocked by Director Wendel’s broad smile. He could see a tinge of respect appearing on the director’s face, this…
Most importantly, Director Wendel was someone influential and had a net worth of around one billion dollars. Yet, he was so respectful to this Chuck Cannon. Amidst Manager Yarn’s shock, he immediately regretted what he did just now and started sweating buckets. Who exactly did he mistreat just now? He was full of regrets.
He looked at Chuck secretly, only to find that his face was calm and expressionless, completely void of any fear a normal person should have towards a big boss. Who on earth was he?
“Yarn, you’re fired!” Director Wendel announced coldly.
“Ah? Director Wendel…” Manager Yarn could only stammer on the spot. He thought that since he had followed Chuck’s orders, everything was now in the past. However, he was now being fired? He could not believe it.
“Get out, now!” Director Wendel continued berating him.
Manager Yarn looked at Chuck complicatedly for help. “Mr. Cannon, could you please say a few words for me? I really need this job.”
“I can’t help you!” Chuck shook his head. Since he was taking over the square, the first thing he had to do was to get rid of such people! Even if Director Wendel didn’t do this, Chuck would still do it on his own.
With no choice, Manager Yarn turned around and walked out. Then Director Wendel immediately walked over with a smile full of flattering respect. Just now, when he received a phone call from that person, he was almost scared to death. How could she call him herself? Even Director Wendel couldn’t believe it. Although Director Wendel had some money, it was really nothing but petty cash in front of that woman. When he had heard that she wanted to transfer the ownership of the square to Chuck, he wanted to refuse because business in the square was not good. Wouldn’t he be offending that person if the business was running on a loss? To be honest, he was nervous now.
“Master Cannon, please have a seat here.” Director Wendel greeted him in a hurry.
Chuck took one look at him and found Director Wendel’s face to be slightly familiar. Suddenly, he found himself thinking of Wilbur Wendel, the guy who made him buy a car. Could Wilbur be Director Wendel’s son? Chuck chuckled, it was such a coincidence. He sat down.
“Regarding the transfer process, the contract is slightly complicated to complete on such a short notice. Since it’s quite late now, it’s probably impossible for us to do it today, so I’ll prepare it the day after tomorrow. Young Master Cannon, why don’t you drop by then to sign the contract?” Director Wendel asked politely. This square was not a house, so the procedures were more complicated. Besides, the salary of the employees in the square and the rent had to be calculated too, which was more troublesome.
“Sure.” Chick had no objection since the whole square was now his. He didn’t mind waiting for another two days.
“Thank you, Young Master Cannon!” Director Wendel breathed a sigh of relief, and then said cautiously, “Young Master Cannon, do you know Zelda Maine from Modern Restaurant?
Zelda Maine? Oh yes, she had taken a fancy to Yvette’s company’s shoplot. What was he going to do now?

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