My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 302

Logan came out suddenly, and after saying such a sentence, Yvette Ran’s friends were frowning.
Of course they saw that Logan was so beautiful. This kind of temperament, just look at it, you know that it is not an ordinary person.
However, Yvette Ran’s friends were of course upset.
In addition to Yvette Ran, she had met Logan before and knew that Logan was Aunt Chuck, but at first, she thought Chuck was adopted by Logan, but not…
This Logan, looking at his temperament, is very rich. This kind of cultivation really comes with him.
“My family has a lot of land. My family has three houses in Beijing, with a total of more than
700 square meters. You go to sweep it.” Yvette Ran’s friends sneered.
“There are also four houses in my house, more than 500 square meters, you can also sweep it!
Rest assured, you will be given money. It won’t let you do nothing.”
Chuck is annoyed and wants to beat these women with cheap mouths. Aunt Logan sweeps you away? Are you worthy?
Logan’s smile didn’t change.
Yvette Ran hurriedly lowered her voice and said, “Xiaohua, Xiaowen, don’t talk about it, she is rich.”
“Rich? Why can’t I see it?”
“Yeah, why can’t I see it? Even if you walk out of this film company building, even if you are rich? Not everyone in it is a billionaire?” Her friend’s voice was loud, and the voice was louder, and the tone was even more. ridicule.
Yvette Ran is anxious, these friends!
The conditions in their home are worse than the Yvette Ran’s, but there are hundreds of millions in the home, but there is no one in the eyes. For this, Yvette Ran is particularly helpless!
Chuck is really rich, will his aunt have no money?
“No problem, how much do I pay?” Logan asked with a smile.
“How much is it? I have a friend’s house that runs a babysitter’s agency, and cleans a house or something. At her price, I’ll make a little more of it. I’ll give you three hundred yuan each, and a house can be built. You have been on shift for a day or two, I have three sets.”
“I have five sets, so eight sets are two or four thousand, okay! You have been paid for most of the month?”
Yvette Ran ridiculed, of course, had to talk about her.
They were already unhappy, not to mention Logan is so beautiful, the eyes of their two boyfriends are straight, but they have to despise her!
“This is not enough, I make money in seconds. Two thousand four hundred, not enough for me a second.” Logan still smiled.
Chuck feels sure that the business gangster of this level of Logan is just making money while lying down, and it is an inestimable amount of money. More than two thousand in Logan’s eyes is really nothing.
“Haha, are you going to laugh at me? You make money in seconds? Are you selling it?” Yvette Ran’s friend laughed.
Yvette Ran was shocked, she believed, Chuck was so rich, this woman is definitely rich, but what Yvette Ran did not expect was that Logan actually made money by the second.
Chuck couldn’t help it, actually said Aunt Logan was going to sell it? Chuck slapped Yvette Ran’s friend.
Her friend was stunned while covering her cheek.
Logan was stunned, but in the beauty of the eyes, he was gentle on the child, which is really good.
“Shut up for me!” Chuck was annoyed.
It is absolutely unbearable for Chuck to sell Logan.
“Made, do you dare to hit me?” Yvette Ran’s friend screamed like crazy.
“What’s the matter with you? How many companies does my Aunt Logan know? This building is hers, you said that she doesn’t make money by the second? By what?” Chuck was annoyed.
“What? This building is hers?” Yvette Ran’s friend shuddered, feeling incredible!
Yvette Ran was even more shocked. It was so rich that the building was hers, so was this international film company?
“Yes, this is my Aunt Logan.” Chuck said.
Yvette Ran’s friends were stunned. Chuck said that the company was not his, it was the woman.
At this time, Yvette Ran froze, because a few people came out of the building and walked respectfully to Logan, as if asking something.
She has seen these people before and stayed in her hotel before. These are all executives of the film company!
“Sure, is it true? This film company is hers?” her friend asked, the voice was eager, which is incredible, these few people have not seen them, but this posture, certainly not ordinary people!
“Really, the few people who come out now are all executives of the film company. You can be so polite. You said, how could the company not be hers?” Yvette Ran also completely believed, not believe it!
Yvette Ran’s friends were dumbfounded.
If it is really the boss, then more than two thousand in a second!
“Yes, you make your own decision without asking me.” Logan said.
“Yes.” Several executives went back.
“He Dongwen, Li Shaobin’s daughter, I cleaned the house for them. One room counted as one day, eight rooms were eight days, and they worked ten hours a day, that is, sixty-four hours.
According to the minimum standard, one hundred thousand per second Well, this is the lowest, you need to give me…” Logan said with a smile.
Yvette Ran’s friends were frightened, so they are not enough for all of them!
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Yvette Ran’s friends quickly apologized, which really scared them to tremble. They are not fools. Of course they know what an international film company can represent. This is not a level at all. In other words, what are they doing in front of such people? Farts don’t count.
“No, I have taken over your business. There is no distinction between earning money. You are ready.” Logan shook her head.
“No, I’m sorry, but I’m sorry, isn’t it? We’re wrong.” Yvette Ran cried a few friends, which was terrified.
If this is known by the people in the family, then they will not be killed? ?
“I’m sorry.” Yvette Ran also said that she didn’t say anything about the whole thing, but she couldn’t cry like her friends!
Loganmei glanced at Yvette Ran and smiled still.
“Of course, help us, you ask Chuck, let him intercede for us!” Several of her friends pleaded.
They felt terrified, and the more they wanted, the more they were afraid.
“Chuck, help, my friend knows wrong.” Yvette Ran can only ask Chuck.
Chuck frowned, he was real fire, he did not intend to help.
“Yes, we knew it was wrong, we really knew it!”
“Cer, let’s go to dinner, I’m hungry.” Logan said to Chuck.
Chuck gave Yvette Ran a look, Logan let them go, Chuck felt helpless, “Aunt Logan…”
“I’m hungry, really, go eat.” Logan smiled.
This gentle smile, where Chuck has a little resistance, can only agree. At this time, Logan’s driver pulled out a Rolls-Royce from the parking lot and stopped beside Logan.
The driver opened the door and Logan sat in the driver’s seat. “Cer, let’s go up and eat.”
Chuck sat up and Yvette Ran bit his lip, “Thank you.”
Chuck turned back, “I didn’t do anything, it was because my Aunt Logan was too lazy to see you in general.”
Chuck sat in and Logan drove Chuck away.
“Roslaus, this woman is really rich!” Yvette Ran’s friends were envious.
“Don’t talk nonsense in the future, this lady will deal with you. It’s too easy. Did you almost finish it just now?” Yvette Ran felt terrified. Her father said it, as if there was a surname Tang in the capital. It is absolutely impossible to provoke, is that the woman just now?
Chuck has always called her Aunt Logan, so surely yes! !
“How do we know that Chuck is hanging… Chuck is really rich, and his aunt is even richer.”
Yvette Ran’s friends pouted.
Yvette Ran sighed, “Get in the car, do you still go out to play?”
Several friends got on the bus, and they said, “Hey, sure, Chuck and you are classmates. Did anything happen when you two were studying?”
“No, don’t you think about it?” Yvette Ran was annoyed when he mentioned this. When he was drunk the day before yesterday, Chuck said in person, while reading, he secretly looked at his figure.
“I think this is good for Chuck, but of course, otherwise you will be fine with him. I see, just now his eyes can be fixed on your legs.”
Have it? Yvette Ran didn’t find it himself.
“He saw a ghost, he was the most obscene, and caught it directly. Last time at the bar, he caught me, I…” Yvette Ran said.
Several of her friends were stunned and forced Yvette Ran to ask for a long time. Yvette Ran had no choice but to admit it. Several of her friends were shocked. “Do you mean that you like him?”

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