My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 303

Yvette Ran blushed, “No, don’t talk nonsense!”
“What nonsense, you didn’t say it yourself, he has a very good figure, and his muscles have a sense of lines. You’re fancy, so I took the initiative to talk up!”
“Yes, he has a good figure, but if I knew it was him, I wouldn’t take the initiative to strike up a conversation!” Yvette Ran pouted, it’s impossible, absolutely impossible.
That night, if I knew it was Chuck, then I was guilty of going to talk about it? how can that be possible?
“But don’t you like him a little bit in your heart? Or why are you so angry?” her friend analyzed.
“Absolutely not, he is a liar, obviously so rich, but when studying, he pretended to be poorer than me. What do you mean he is not a liar? He, peeping at me while studying, peeking, Look at me while I’m bending down, do you say that it’s abominable?” Yvette Ran felt that the explanation was unclear, so it was even hotter.
“He peeked at you, how do you know?”
“Yes, he certainly won’t tell you this kind of thing!”
“Who said that? In his room that day, he admitted it himself!” Yvette Ran was angry!
Actually also said that at that time, the figure was not good, hey, how old were they at that time? ?
“Sure, not right, what are you doing in his room?” Her friend was curious.
“I also find it strange that the two of you are in the same room. Is this something he said afterwards?”
“No, I was drunk. He sent me to his room. Don’t talk nonsense, OK!” Yvette Ran collapsed, what was he talking about!
“Drunk? I’m leaning on. Did this put you to sleep?”
“No, no! How could I let him sleep with me? This is absolutely impossible!” Yvette Ran vowed.
“Of course, I think you two are wrong. You are drunk. You don’t know what happened. Then, go to the hospital and see if you are pregnant.” Her friend kindly analyzed.
Yvette Ran collapsed!
How is this possible? I’m still pregnant. What harm are you doing?
“Don’t talk nonsense, nothing really happened with me and him.” Yvette Ran stressed silently.
A few of her friends looked at each other, really? They don’t believe it.
“I rely on, what expression do you have?” Yvette Ran wanted to chase Chuck immediately, confrontation, but such confrontation, that thing is not pierced?
This pierced, Yvette Ran is absolutely unable to face Chuck! After all, Chuckming knew that if he talked to him, wouldn’t Chuck laugh?
“Of course, I think, you two are sleeping together, so at the very least, you have to try to fall in love!”
“No, don’t say it, let’s go to dinner!” Yvette Ran drove. She didn’t want to ask this question anymore and fell in love with Chuck. Is this possible? Yvette Ran would never do it.
I thought it was that day, wearing a mask!
But I saw Chuck with my own eyes!

Logan took Chuck to a restaurant, and the two of them had dinner in the private room. In fact, Chuck really wanted to be with Logan too, mainly because it was very easy. Loganshan was kind, and she knew what you wanted.
After the two had finished their meal, Chuck was reluctant and insisted that Logan go to the company. He didn’t want to delay Logan. Logan had no choice but to agree. The two went to the parking lot, and Logan was going to send him back, but Chuck WeChat, The prince sent a message again and told Yvette where he was at this time.
Chuck decided to go over and look again, it was nearby, after all, Chuck was really worried about Yvette.
“Auntie Tang, let me stop here, I’ll go shopping for myself,” Chuck can only say so!
“Cer, I am willing to accompany you all day long, no matter how long I want,” Logan’s tenderness is helpless. The child is too sensible, too simple.
Chuck was moved, opened the car door, briefly said, and then went to Yvette.
Logan was sitting in the car, worried, she parked the car, and then followed, she didn’t want Chuck to have an accident.
Chuck arrived at the place according to the address stated by the prince. This was a private club.
Chuck was not a member and could not enter. However, this club was Logan. She saw it and immediately called to let it go.
Chuck was just trying to figure out how to get in. At this time, the security guard came over to greet him, and he was confused.
I wanted to see Yvette so I didn’t think about it.
Logan arrived at the door, and immediately ordered Chuck to receive the highest reception. The manager inside came out to greet him, and Logan followed him to the office.
Through the monitoring screen, Logan saw Chuck in the clubhouse. She was relieved and sat down to watch quietly.
“Inform all the industries in my name in the capital that anyone who sees my family can’t stop him. He wants to go wherever he wants,” Logan ordered.
“Yes, Mr. Tang.” The manager arranged.
There are too many Logan’s industries in Beijing, but he is curious and envious, who is this strategy?
Logan so instructed, then this strategy is too cool!
Just play casually.
Logan continued to smile and read, “Cer, what are you doing here? Play? Is the club fun?”
Chuck was looking inside. The prince said that in a private room of this club, there was a rich second-generation reporting birthday party. Yvette was in this private room. Chuck thought, Yvette would definitely not know anything here. How can people attend such a party?
Chuck came to the door of this private room suspiciously.
“Mr. Tang, this is where the young master of the Wen family holds a birthday party.” The manager whispered.
“Cer doesn’t know this Master Wen, how could it pass?” Logan expressed concern, “Show me all the monitoring, today.”
“Yes.” The manager immediately followed suit.
Logan immediately looked, very fast, and soon she pressed the pause, the picture is a woman, this woman is Yvette. .
Seeing this, Loganmei turned a little colder.
Chuck opened the door and went in. There were too many people in it, and the private room was too big. The emperor enjoyed the same. Most of them were women. They wore little, twisted their heads and shook their heads. They were very happy.
Just now no one stopped at the door, just enter casually. After all, this clubhouse is very strict, and it is not that ordinary people cannot enter.
Chuck looked around, but did not see Yvette, what’s going on?
“Haha, just now Wen Shao pulled a beautiful woman in. It’s been so long, I don’t know if it’s over.” Someone was laughing and envied.
After all, Shao Wen, the woman who pulled in, was so beautiful! That figure is simply mouth watering!
Chuck heard it strangely, and came to the door of this room curiously. The private room was so big. Some rooms must have it. Chuck opened the door and went in.
One of the men inside was drunk, this was poisoned, yes, it was Yvette who shot, and she came to start revenge!
Her grandfather made a plan of revenge and training for her. First, take this Logan and get started.
If a person died in Logan’s place, and he was still a family junior, then the video was not so calm.
Yvette was ready to start, but the door opened suddenly. Yvette’s eyes cooled down and took out a dagger to rush over, but when she saw that Chuck was coming in, she froze, and the cold inside her eyes disappeared. As if instinct, “Husband…”
Chuck was pleasantly surprised. Yvette was really busy. He closed the door and hugged Yvette.
“Wife, where have you been?”
Yvette was stunned. She still had a dagger in her hand. She was too busy to put it away, and she might accidentally hurt Chuck.
“Hubby, I. I…” Yvette lost, why is this so? Why did Chuck’s mother kill his father?
There is only Yvette in Chuck’s eyes. He didn’t see Wen Shao lying on the ground. He kissed Yvette.
Yvette stepped back, “husband.”
Yvette felt pain in her heart. She swore in front of her grandfather that she would kill Chuck, but when she saw it, she didn’t have any hatred. This man, but the man who grew up with herself since childhood.
How can I be able to hurt myself?
Yvette burst into tears suddenly, “Hubby, I’m sorry,”
Chuck distressed, why should I say that? Chuck hugged Yvette, Yvette only had warmth in her heart, “Hubby, I have encountered many things, husband, I love you,”

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