My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 304

Chuck was moved. This is Yvette’s first initiative to say so to himself?
Chuck kissed her again. Yvette closed his eyes and did not refuse.
The door opened, and Logan entered.
After seeing the surveillance video, she knew what Yvette intended.
For other things, she had nothing to worry about. She was just worried. What Yvette would do to Chuck. In case Chuck was hurt, Logan couldn’t help but came over directly.
But after seeing Chuck and Yvette kissing, Logan felt a little empty, but a little lost, a normal picture.
Husband and wife, what’s wrong?
Logan doesn’t think about it anymore, Chuck’s safety is the most important, and the rest, regardless.
“Aunt Logan, why are you here?” Chuck turned back in surprise.
“Cer, can I say something to Yvette alone?” Logan smiled.
“Of course,” Chuck is strange and understands, how could he come in suddenly just now, this club is Aunt Logan’s?
Definitely is.
Otherwise, how could you be greeted just now?
“Her husband.” Yvette stared at Logan.
“It’s okay, my Aunt Logan is gentle,” Chuck smiled. “Aunt Logan, you talk,”
“Ceer went outside, I asked someone to open a private room for you, it’s quiet over there,”
“it is good,”
After Chuck went out, he was Logan’s club.
Logan closed the door. She looked at Wen Shao on the ground and lifted her long legs to walk over. “The new poison from the United States can make people poisoned in a short time and lose consciousness. It is more suitable for new killers, right?”
She said that she took out a very small dagger and stabbed Wen Shao with a knife. There was black blood flowing out. After a few seconds, Wen Shao, who hadn’t had any consciousness just now, throbbed her eyelids, but hadn’t woke up yet.
Yvette stared.
Logan finished, she stood up, “I don’t care what you do, don’t hurt Ceer, this is my bottom line.”
Yvette’s eyes became cold. “You are the accomplice who killed my dad!”
“Yes, your dad did something, it should be dead.” Logan’s tone did not fluctuate, and came over, Yvette stepped back. alert.
“I won’t do anything to you because you just responded well. If you just moved a little, I won’t let you go, even if it’s a hairy hair. You can’t even go out today,” Logan said .
Yvette did not back away.
“You can go, this is the last chance, don’t mess with me,” Loganmei cooled down. The kind of cold made Yvette startled. How could such a gentle person, cold down, make people scared?
“Don’t think about what to do! Remember!” Logan said.
“He is my husband, and of course I will not do anything to her. But you, and Karen Lee, I must kill!” Yvette’s eyes were ruthless.
“This is whatever you want, I will find it again anyway, I won’t let you leave,”
“Kill me?” Yvette was fearless.
“No, I won’t kill you, and I won’t move you anywhere, because if I move, Ce’er will feel distressed.” Logan shook her head. She actually didn’t know how to do it. When she came over just now, she moved.
Because as long as it was someone who made trouble in his own place, Logan handled it that way.
But her killing just came out and disappeared. If she moved Yvette, what would Chuck hate herself?
Logan didn’t want this.
Yvette’s eyes were colder, “I will not appreciate you, I will kill you!”
“Come over at any time, but don’t move, don’t move!” Logan said. At this time, Wen Shao woke up, he was confused to see Logan, he was terrified, “Mr. Tang, why are you here?”
“Your birthday today, I should come over, happy birthday.” Logan smiled.
Wen Shao was flattered, and Logan actually said to her happy birthday? ?
He was excited, “Thank you Mr. Tang, do you have a drink?”
“No, play slowly.” Logan shook her head and walked out, but she turned back, “Not coming out yet?”
Yvette was silent and came out.
“Take good care of him, he cares about you, go.” Logan said.
Yvette came out, she went to Chuck’s private room, Logan went to the door, hesitated or did not go in. This is a private space, what do you do when you go in and make a light bulb?
Logan walked aside, Meimu had a dark night to prepare Ce’er for a good night’s rest, and let them rest quietly. Tomorrow, take Ce’er to take a walk, no, let them two stay together, at home.
Read the book now.
Logan thought so, waiting with a smile.
While Chuck was waiting in the private room, he received the Prince’s message again and told the old man who had hurt Logan before this time. After seeing these, Chuck immediately became angry!
Chuck vowed to destroy the old family!
Chuck asked for the specific address, he hated it all! It must be done. Aunt Logan’s injury and Logan’s blood are definitely not in vain!
At the same time, in the luxurious room, “Prince” sneered and found it interesting, “Oh, do it, kill your wife and grandpa, kill your wife’s family, and see what you do. I really want to see you kill Yvette, but it’s a pity that the woman like Yvette is too perfect, body, appearance… Well, you have good luck, even Logan has gotten it, should I boast about your good luck?”
“Prince” has a terrible face!
Yvette opened the door and Chuck was relieved to stand up.
“Husband.” Yvette whispered, Chuck hugged her, “wife, I’m going to do something tomorrow.”
Chuckxin had a little intention in it. Either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, he must grab this old man and kill him, but there must be someone around this old man, and he is also a master of fighting. He must be a long-term plan, but it is on these two days After all, if the old man ran away, Chuck would regret it.
“Hubby, what are you going to do, I will help you.” Yvette was soft-hearted, really, she swears in front of her grandfather, but was so hugged by Chuck, Yvette didn’t hate at all, and wanted to be so hugged all the time.
Chuck is innocent, and Karen Lee killed his father.
But Yvette struggled. If Chuck knew that he had killed Karen Lee, how would he face it?
“No, wife, let’s go back and go to Aunt Logan’s house to have a good rest.” Chuck saw that Yvette was tired.
Yvette hesitated, what should his grandfather know? She wanted to refuse, but Chuck’s tender eyes made her unable to refuse.
“Okay, husband, I listen to you.”
Chuck took Yvette out, came out so quickly, Logan smiled deeper. Is this child afraid that I have waited too long? that’s nice.
Of course Logan didn’t say anything. He drove Chuck and Yvette home and cooked, and everyone ate. Chuck and Yvette returned to the room, but Chuck walked out of the balcony when Yvette took a shower , Call your mother.
That old man is so powerful. Chuck can’t figure it out by himself, it must be supported by his mother!
Fortunately, Chuck was relieved that his mother answered the phone, but she was very tired.
“Cer, is there something wrong?”
Chuck said quickly, meaning that his mother sent some people to come, of course, Logan couldn’t be shot. Chuck had to avenge Logan!
“Well, I’m still in the country of the United States. I will let Betty come over night. After three hours, she will bring people over. You can do it, but be careful, that person is still very strong, right, that People are very alert, who told you?” Karen Lee is strange.
My son hasn’t developed in this direction, not yet, that is to say, Chuck does not have his own information network, how can he find people?
Of course Chuck said the truth, he also said the prince.
Karen Lee frowned here, “Prince?”
She hasn’t heard of it, but she knows who it is, her eyes are cold, “Cer, this prince, you rarely contact him, you have not been able to deal with him.”
Chuck was always vigilant, and of course he said yes in a hurry. After all, this prince suddenly appeared and didn’t have any requirements to tell himself so much. Chuck is not a fool. Of course, he knows that there is no good thing in the world.
Hang up the phone, Karen Lee hummed, “Prince, with my son, what is your prince?”
Chuck is at ease, Betty and others will bring people over, so tonight, you can go and kill this old man! !

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