My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 307

Chuck and Betty are close to this room. Betty is particularly good at surprise attacks. Chuck is stunned in this respect. Just learned a lot from Betty. Chuck has already brought out a dagger.
He must kill the old man today! !
At the same time, in a luxurious room, “Prince” smiled slightly, “It’s almost time to do it, if you let Yvette know that you killed her grandfather, it should be fun! But , That old self-considered thing is too useless, hasn’t it been found yet? Huh, you can make Chuck so easy to succeed.”
He took out his cell phone and called someone, but he didn’t say that this was the old man’s.
Here, the old man woke up from his sleep. He looked at the strange number on his phone. He answered in doubt, and there was a sneering voice inside, “Old stuff, no wonder your son will die! You are so alert, you three How good will my son be!”
“Who are you?” The old man got up annoyed in bed.
“You don’t have to worry about who I am, it’s about time, it’s almost the same. You can look outside and say it yourself!” The phone hung up.
The old man walked to the window alertly, took out the infrared telescope, and soon he was startled, “How is it possible? How did these people find this place? Yvette brought it?
He hummed, “Want to grab me, hum, is it so easy?”
He immediately walked into the dark door of the room, where he had prepared a helicopter, and could leave here at any time.
He got into the helicopter, then turned on the switch on the top, and he started to launch the helicopter.
“Master, you… too nervous.” Betty turned around, she was embarrassed, because Chuck actually touched his back, Betty knew this was not intentional, but. .
“Sister Li, I’m sorry.” Chuck was embarrassed. Of course he didn’t do it on purpose. Why did he deliberately touch her behind?
Mainly Chuck was worried that the old man ran away. After all, it was too smooth. He just felt wrong.
“It’s okay young master, you didn’t do it on purpose.” Betty’s complexion soon returned to normal.
“Sister Li, don’t tell my mother what happened just now,” Chuck was nervous. He didn’t mean it just now. It’s not good to let the mother know.
“No, rest assured, young master.” Betty was speechless, how could she say that? Having said that Karen Lee didn’t know what the expression would be, she couldn’t think of it anyway.
Chuck was relieved, “Thank you Sister Li.”
“It’s okay, young master.” She suddenly heard the voice, and she was startled. “The rooftop, everyone is on the rooftop, that person is going to escape!!”
Betty finished, and turned back to Chuck, “Master, be careful,”
Betty climbed up after the talk, the speed was too fast, as if climbing, Chuck was shocked, and he also climbed up in a hurry. After more than 20 years of training, his physical fitness has long been different.
When he climbed up, he suddenly heard the explosion.
Chuck was shocked and saw Betty take out a round thing and throw it directly to a place. At this time, a helicopter flew up, but Betty’s thing just hit the propeller and exploded. Too.
The helicopter fell like a crash and fell on the roof.
Betty and five people rushed in, and the old man came out in embarrassment, and immediately fought fiercely with Betty, but these five people were all masters of combat. With Betty, the old man was injured soon, after all, six people besieged him How can a person who has just fallen from the sky fall and be injured?
Logan saw the scene in the distance, and was relieved that all the people she called were lurking, and there was no movement. She watched everything closely, especially staring at Chuck’s every move throughout the process, afraid of Chuck. There is nothing unexpected about the policy.
Fortunately, the process went smoothly. Betty’s surprise attack, experienced, this time is perfect! !
But Logan was still nervous, “Are you planning to surprise me?”
“It’s still running!” Bettyfei kicked out, and the old man spit blood, and fell to the ground like a prawn.
Betty’s dagger sprang out, poof, stabbed the old man’s thigh, and nailed his leg to the ground.
“Broken my hand!” Betty told the other five people to do it immediately, stabbing the old man’s hand with a dagger. The old man screamed, “You, you…”
Betty stared at him, “You are finished today! Young Master.”
Betty called Chuck, he came long ago, he felt happy, and finally he could catch this person, last time he made Logan seriously injured!
The old man saw Chuck, he was angry, “It’s you!”
“I said I was going to kill your family! I said!” Chuck’s eyes were cold. When he saw him, Chuck thought of it. Logan hurt his picture in order to save himself. Chuck felt distressed. .
The old man struggled painfully, but his hands and feet were broken. How could he escape?
“You say, there are still a few people in your family, you say!” Chuck stared at him!
“You can’t kill it,” the old man knew he couldn’t live today. He was afraid and useless. It must be dead now, but he regretted why he didn’t kill Chuck on that day!
Today actually fell into the hands of Chuck.
“Really?” Chuck took out his dagger.
Betty reached out and stopped. “Let’s come, Master.”
This was explained by Karen Lee, and Chuck nodded. He was not professional in these matters.
What traces would be left, and there might be any accidents afterwards, let Betty shoot it.
“Master, do you need to torture him?” Betty asked.
She could see that Chuck was very angry!
“There, stab me a few knives, Aunt Logan just hurt there.” Chuck said.
Betty took out the dagger and took a photo. The old man screamed and fainted. “Master, do you need to continue?”
Chuck nodded and must continue!
Betty did the same.
“Let me die, let me die!” the old man begged, Betty’s thorns were the most painful places, he was too old to really carry.
Chuck stared at him, and Betty continued. Finally, the old man was dying. Betty turned to look at Chuck. Chuck nodded and said, OK, Betty was about to prick the old man’s neck.
The old man sneered suddenly, “You are all going to die!”
Chuck was shocked because he saw the old man holding his fist all the time. Wouldn’t it be a bomb? “Sister Li, be careful!”
Chuck pounced, first stabbing his hand with a dagger, the old man screamed, “Ah!!”
Betty was shocked, the dagger stabbed in a hurry, the old man screamed and stopped.
“Master, you step back first.” Betty was vigilant, but Chuck shook his head. The old man had a unicorn. Betty opened the old man’s hand with his hand. Sure enough, there was a small remote control.
Betty breathed a sigh of relief, if this exploded, that piece of policy would be injured if he died!
Chuck reached out and drew the dagger from the old man’s neck, but a trembling voice sounded,
“Hubby, you, did you kill my grandpa?”
Chuck froze, he turned his head subconsciously, what? Yvette? ? What did she just say? grandfather? This old man is Grandpa Yvette? How is this going? Chuck seemed to have been punched by someone and was stunned.
Betty was immediately vigilant, and everyone else was guarding Chuck.
Yvette had just climbed up and saw Chuck killing his grandfather. That scene was branded in Yvette’s mind. She was desperate and sad.
How could this be?
Yvette felt particularly painful. He just gave Chuck that just now, but Chuck turned around and killed his grandfather?
Although this grandfather only met for a few days, this is also his loved one! Is it so dead now?
“Hubby, this is my grandpa, your mother killed my dad, and now you have killed my grandpa, husband, are you my husband?” Yvette burst into tears, and she sat on the ground.
Chuck was shocked, what did she say? My mom killed her dad? how can that be? When did this happen? Chuck was even more embarrassed.
Betty pulled Chuck vigilantly, because she found that Yvette’s mood was different, she began to change, and her eyes changed.
“Wife, how could he be your grandfather?” Chuck thought of it suddenly, bad, not grandpa, how could the two know each other? But what is going on here?
“Hubby, you made me sad because you killed my grandfather,” Yvette stood up from the ground.

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