My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 308

Chuck was completely ashamed, really? This old man is Grandpa Yvette? This is impossible.
But not grandpa, how could Yvette be with this old man? Chuck felt bad, what did this do?
What does this matter?
This old man hurt Aunt Logan, but how could it be Yvette’s grandfather?
When Chuck thought of it, what did Yvette use his mouth to say, now he actually killed her grandpa?
“Master!” Bettyla stopped Chuck. “Master, Yvette is murderous in his eyes now.”
Chuck sighed, what about murderous? This is a wife who has slept with herself for more than ten years. Today, Chuck is too surprised.
“Sister Li, I want to go.” Chuck sighed.
Betty hesitated, “Okay.”
She gave her eyes to the other five people and had to protect herself.
Chuck walked over and Betty followed, even taking out the dagger, because at this time, Yvette was really different.
“Wife.” Chuck walked to Yvette.
Yvette looked at the person in front of her. She closed her eyes and burst into tears. She was really sad. Her grandfather had known each other for a few days and had little affection, but how could she be her loved one!
Now that Chuck killed his grandfather, he saw it with his own eyes. Yvette was on the verge of collapse and could not accept it.
“Her husband.” Yvette shook his head, sad, desperate, and made her tears silent.
Chuck reached out to hug her, there was no other way, Chuck was thinking, even if he knew that the old man was Grandpa Yvette, he would eventually choose to kill, because that day, Chuck’s anger was too great, Tang Aunty was hurt like that!
This old man, Chuck will never let go!
Yvette shook his head back, this hug. Yvette couldn’t accept it, but Chuck forcefully hugged her, and Betty and all five others closely watched Yvette’s every move!
“Wifey, I’m sorry.” Chuck felt that Yvette’s body was cold, like wood, and there was no usual response.
“Hubby, your mother killed my dad, you killed my grandpa now, you killed me too!” Yvette’s eyes closed.
Chuck felt distressed, how could he do something with Yvette?
“Hubby, let go, if you don’t kill me, I will…” Yvette said.
“You killed me?” Chuck was calm.
“No, I won’t kill you. You were the one I grew up with. I will never kill you, but I won’t see you anymore.” Yvette struggled, but Chuck did just that. Arm around him, Chuck panicked.
Never seen, this is absolutely impossible for Chuck to accept, remembering the tenderness just now, how could Chuck be willing to give up? Chuck didn’t want to let go at all.
“Hubby, let go, let go.” Yvette shivered, and she couldn’t accept the fact that even if she had no feelings for grandpa, her grandpa died in the hands of her husband, and she pretended to continue life without happening? Yvette couldn’t accept it.
Most people can’t accept it. This is a psychological gap, and it can’t make up the gap.
In this case, Yvette could kill Chuck, but Yvette couldn’t stop it. Nothing at all, and this idea was suppressed.
On the one hand, my grandfather, who has no feelings, and on the other, my husband who has lived for a long time. My favorite husband, Yvette, made a choice and left.
“I beg you to let go.” Yvette cried.
Chuck felt distressed, how could he continue to force it? He sighed and let go, but looking at the tearful Yvette, he was so distressed that he wanted to help her wipe the tears, but Yvette stepped back, “Hubby, don’t touch me.”
Chuck sighed, her husband called Chuck’s heart broken.
Yvette looked at her dead grandfather, she walked over, but stopped halfway, “You leave!”
“Wife.” Chuck heartache.
“Old…Chuck, please leave,” Yvette squatted down to sort out his grandpa’s body.
“Master, let’s go.” Betty came over, she was relieved, at least Yvette didn’t do anything extraordinary, how did Chuck want to leave?
Once this leaves, when can Yvette be seen?
“Master, if you continue to stay, Yvette will only be more sad,” Betty persuaded.
Chuck understood this, he was really not fit to stay, but he was unwilling, he hesitated, and went back, “wife, you.”
“Chuck, how are you going? Please, please.” Yvette burst into tears.
At this time, Yvette was so sad and helpless to the extreme that Chuck couldn’t stay any longer, even though he was very reluctant, Chuck sighed and they went downstairs with Betty to leave.
Logan was watching this process. She had been staring at Chuck just now, but she did not find Yvette. So when Logan found out, Yvette had already gone upstairs. What can she do?
Seeing Chuck sad, Logan was also distressed.
When she saw Chuck going downstairs, she ordered that all the people retreat. Logan wondered, how should she comfort Chuck when she returns?
She was particularly distressed by Chuck.
“Huh.” Betty found some movements, which came from Logan.
Chuck was still stunned and didn’t even bother to listen.
Do not even know that Betty was surprised.
Bettymei found that she was relieved in her heart that there could be such a team in Beijing, one of which was few and not showing up, so it could only be Logan. Betty whispered so much about the young master in her heart, was this a favorite?
Betty took Chuck out and arrived at the place where the helicopter was parked. Betty decided to stay for the time being. At the very least, Chuck’s condition is not very good now and it is easy to have an accident.
Chuck said it was unnecessary. Betty also had a problem going back there. Chuck wanted to be quiet.
Yvette’s mood collapsed, and Chuck was actually not much better.
Betty sighed and could only take the horse back on the plane. At the very least, Logan was still here!
“Wait, Sister Li, can you find someone staring at Yvette?” Chuck thought of this, he could never see Yvette. He will think.
Betty nodded and said that there was no problem. Immediately, the two of them returned the same way. The two of them monitored Yvette and, without disturbing, paid attention to all the movements of Yvette.
Chuck was relieved, Betty left, and Chuckhun went back.
Yvette’s tears dripped, and she took away the dagger from Grandpa’s body, trying to make Grandpa die a little bit more safely, but suddenly, the motionless grandpa moved, and Yvette was surprised, “Grandpa.”
The old man was dying, and his voice was so inaudible, “I, I suffocated my last breath and told you that I can’t live, but all my heritage is in the country of the United States. You go back in two days, Don’t say I’m dead, or you won’t get anything from the legacy, this is my account, it will tell you how to do it, you take this account and go back… And, Karen Lee, Chuck, you must kill After them, or your dad and I will never die…”
The old man took out an envelope with blood on it. After giving it to Yvette, the old man was completely breathless.
He suffocated so much that he wanted to tell Yvette about this. He is the head of the family, and he is there, so it’s no problem to give Yvette all the money in the family, but the family’s situation is not that simple. The temptation to be rich, how can people in the family let Yvette, who has never returned home, take away his legacy?
This is the old man’s aim, how can he think that he will die so soon? He is only sixtythree! Fortunately, there was a little preparation.
Yvette cried even harder. She stared at the letter in her hand. This should be the inheritance allocation. She stood up and went to light down, watching her grandfather’s body burnt out.
Yvette’s eyes became colder and colder. She opened the bloody letter, and it did tell her how to do it…
Chuck went home and opened the door. Logan had been waiting for a long, long time. When she saw Chuck’s head down, Logan felt so distressed that she was more moved. She came and called softly, “Cer,”
“Aunt Logan.” Chuck also collapsed when he heard such a gentle voice.
Logan hugged Chuck distressedly, “What’s sad?”
Chuck’s emotion broke out and broke out in front of Logan. Logan distressed and hugged Chuck in a soft whisper of comfort. Logan sighed, how should he comfort him? ?

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