My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 318

“How can I say that?” Murong Qing shook his head. In this way, she said to Chuck, Chuck would definitely ask!
What should I say then?
“Trouble you.” Yvette’s eyes were sad, she would not see Chuck now.
Murong Qing was helpless, “Well, I saw Chuck and told him, but where are you going now?”
“I have my own business.” Yvette decided to go to his cousin’s company again. This time, Yvette decided to make preparations. When necessary, his cousin would start working on himself again, and Yvette would kill him. !
Murong Qing saw that Yvette had a murder in her eyes. She asked, “What are you going to do? I might be able to help.”
Yvette hesitated. In her view, since Murongqing saved herself, she can tell her about her own affairs. At least Yvette felt that Murongqing was a woman she could trust.
Yvette said, but about her grandfather, Yvette did not say that her mother was still in the country at this time.
Murong Qing heard it and felt a little angry. He felt that Yvette’s cousin should return the company to Yvette. After all, how could Grandpa’s last words be here to forcefully occupy?
Murong Qing asked Yvette what help she needed. Yvette shook her head. What help did she use? Murong Qing has already saved himself, and continues to let Murong Qing help?
This is a particularly dangerous thing. After all, Yvette almost died in the hands of his cousin yesterday.
If Murong Qing, who helped him, also had an accident because of his cousin, then Yvette couldn’t do this no matter how cruel he was at this time.
Because Yvette didn’t know, she was very kind in her heart.
“No, I’m going to take a plane to the United States now.” Yvette must at least ensure his mother’s safety, and then recapture his own things, and then deal with Karen Lee…and then… Yvette’s eyes are sad , Soft-hearted can not continue to think.
Husband, why are you Karen Lee’s son?
“Then I’ll book your ticket.” Murong Qing can still do this. Just make a phone call and go to the first class of the United States.
“Thank you,” Yvette felt at ease.
Murong Qing started calling the people at the airport and quickly booked a ticket. Murong Qing said, “Okay, I’ll take you to the airport,”
“Yes.” Yvette had nothing to clean up and came out with Murong Qing. Murong Qing drove Yvette to the airport.
Soon to the airport, Yvette’s eyes looked outside. Suddenly at that moment, she didn’t want to get off.
“Don’t you tell Chuck personally? After all, he has been looking for an evening. At this time, he should still be looking for you.” Murong Qing was a little envious, certainly.
Yvette is silent. She knows that Chuck is still looking for himself. He must have not slept all morning. He must be very tired, but how did he see him?
Yvette opened the door and got off the car, “Thank you, your help, I will remember.”
After finishing speaking, Yvette walked into the airport and Murong Qingmei watched. At this time, the mobile phone thought again, and Murongqing took out his mobile phone to watch it. It was Chuck.
Confused, Murong Qing answered the phone.
Inside is Chuck’s weak voice, “I’m in a car accident…”
“What? Where are you.? I’m going to look for you now!” Murong Qing was shocked and asked anxiously, this was because one night was too tired, so there was a car accident? ?
“I’m…” Weak Chuck said an address.
Then there was no sound.
“Chuck, keep me awake, you jerk, talk, talk! Hello!!!”
There is still no sound of Chuck in the phone, only the sound of passing cars.
Murong Qing was anxious. Why was he so careless? Murong Qing immediately drove to find Chuck, but she heard that Chuck’s car accident must have been very serious. What if she died?
He just happened to find Yvette! He has Yvette in his heart and wants to see Yvette, so what should he do?
Murong Qing anxiously opened the car door and came down, “Hey, Yvette, Yvette!”
Yvette, who had just walked into the gate of the airport, turned around and looked at Murongqing’s anxious appearance. She returned with doubt, “Is there something wrong?”
Yvette thought that Murongqing wanted to bring his own, or what to do, no matter what, Yvette would not refuse, because Murongqing saved himself last night.
“Chuck had a car accident.”
Yvette froze, and his eyes were panicked all at once, “What’s going on? How could my husband have a car accident?”
She asked anxiously.
“He called me just now, with a particularly weak voice. I think I was looking for you to stay up all night. I was too tired. I was hit without paying attention to the passing cars.” Murong Qing felt anxious. not pay attention to?
Yvette panicked and quickly opened the car door, “Come on, take me to my husband.”
“Okay.” Murong sighed in relief, no matter what happened to Chuck, at least Chuck could see the person he met the most.
But Yvette stopped suddenly. The struggle in her heart prevented her from entering the car. She said that she would never see him again.
She finally felt sad, “I’m not going, please help me take good care of my husband, I won’t go, I will remember your kindness for a lifetime, and you will contact me later if you have anything, trouble must take good care of him…”
There were tears in Yvette’s eyes, and she rolled down. She turned and ran into the airport.
Murong Qing was surprised, “Yvette…”
But Yvette went in without looking back. Murong Qing called out several times in a row, and Yvette had drowned into the crowd.
Murong Qing sighed and immediately slammed on the throttle. After the engine roared, Murong Qing drove to the place where Chuck had the accident.
“Why are you so careless, Chuck?” Murong Qing sighed anxiously.
For Chuck, she really doesn’t know how to describe it. Obviously Murong Qing hates men who are younger than themselves, but during this time, she basically dreams of Chuck every day.
Murongqing didn’t understand himself, did he like Chuck?
Impossible, how could you like someone smaller than yourself, and you have always been sick. The reason for dreaming is because she hasn’t had a man for too long, she has been single for too long, and the woman also has an idea. Murong Qing herself does not deny this.
So dream like that.
Chuck saved himself just for this reason.
Murong Qing thought, driving faster.
Yvette ran out of the airport with panic in her eyes. She wanted to go with Murong Qing.
However, the crossroads in Yvette’s heart cannot pass.
“Hubby, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Yvette shed tears, thinking of the little things she grew up with together with Chuck, Yvette was even more flustered.
“When you were young, you secretly saved money to buy ice cream for me, you don’t eat, you don’t eat, I will do housework, you will help me, I will come back from the school accommodation, you will pick me up at the station, regardless of the wind and rain… …”
Yvette muttered to himself, “Hubby, you are really good, but why are you Karen Lee’s son?
What is it that killed my grandpa? Why.”
Yvette appeared in his mind, Chuck was lying in the pool of blood, and the scene of being motionless Yvette panicked, “Don’t.”
Yvette ran to the airport road, stopped the car to the place where Murong Qing said, and got on the bus, she was anxious, “Hubby, don’t die, I’m here to see you, don’t die…”

Here, Chuck is whispering. She was scolded so anxiously by Murong Qing just now. Chuck was surprised. How could Murong Qing be so anxious when he heard that he had a car accident?
Isn’t Murong Halal feeling a little bit about himself? Chuck shook his head like this, it was impossible.
She treated her so much the night before and she slammed it out.
If you have feelings for yourself, how can you beat yourself so hard?
Chuck didn’t think about it anymore. Of course he didn’t have a car accident. The reason why he called Murong Qing in this way was that Huang Tian was not disheartened. Chuck checked all the monitoring and finally found a place that was caught. Murong Qingfu got on the train alone.
It was dark, but Chuck was still able to tell. That person was Yvette. Chuck understood why Murongqing kept calling himself last night because she saved Yvette and told herself.
Just where does Chuck want to be?
Tell Murongqing that he has a car accident. With Murongqing’s personality, he should tell Yvette, so will Yvette come?

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