My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 320

Chuck smiled, and Yvette called her husband again. The voice was so nice. Chuck let go of her and kissed Yvette. She backed away, but did not struggle too much.
Chuck arrived as expected, this feeling is really wonderful.
Yvette’s eyes are sad and sad, “Hubby, you give me time, I can’t accept it now.”
Yvette was really surrounded by pain. On the one hand, he was a relative, and on the other was a person who grew up with himself. Chuck’s persistence at this time caused Yvette’s original persistence to collapse.
Chuck understands that in exchange for him, he can’t accept it for a while, but how to say, Chuck is also more tangled, how to say that his mother actually killed her father, how to solve this?
If Yvette wanted to take revenge, Chuck would definitely try his best to stop it. Chuck sighed in his heart and felt that this matter really needs to be handled properly. No matter what, his mother must be fine.
But how to deal with it, Chuck felt a headache now.
Seeing Chuck embracing Yvette, Murong Qing in the car hummed and closed his eyes, so he was too lazy to look at them, but if he thought so, Murong Qing’s eyes were still open.
She received the phone call from her Huagang restaurant.
Murong Qing answered.
“Hey, President Murong, will the couple’s meal at midday continue to be made?” The voice on the phone was polite, and he had to ask, because when Murong Qing came to Huagang, he let the restaurant airlift the ingredients for several days. Not much to eat.
“No, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow do not have to do it!” Murong Qing hung up the phone, angry to the extreme, disgusting people, and you come to Huagang you are like this.
Her eyes closed again, but she couldn’t calm down.
“Wife, you are injured. I will take you to the hospital.” Chuck is more concerned about Yvette.
“No, I’m going to the United States,” Yvette looked at the time, and the plane was already delayed. Forget it can only be postponed.
“But, my wife, it’s time to start school.” Chuck’s meaning is simple, and he wants to make Yvette continue to be a teacher.
“I know, but I can’t be a teacher anymore. I have changed and can’t teach people.” Yvette shook her head. How is she to be a teacher in her current state?
“You have to go to school. There are a lot of things to learn in the school.” Yvette’s pupils are a little gentle, before he is a freshman, he is still young, and he has to study, otherwise how can he control so much property? Without details, the family’s money will soon be wiped out.
“If you don’t understand, you can… you can,” Yvette intermittently.
“Can I ask you?” Chuck was disappointed. Sure enough, Yvette couldn’t go back, but she said that Chuck had hope.
“No, I can’t ask me anymore. I’m not a teacher anymore.” Yvette refused and could never ask.
She meant to ask Chuck to ask other teachers. As long as he is willing to speak, the teacher will teach him something, at least Yvette had been like this before.
Chuck sighed, can’t everything go back?
Yvette’s eyes were sad, and said hurriedly, “Don’t do this, husband. There are at least particularly rare questions. You can ask me, don’t ask others, is this all right?”
Chuck smiled, “I have a little question to ask you now.”
“What do you want to do? Don’t think about it.” Yvette shook his head and Chuck’s eyes reminded her when she helped Chuck at the Logan family that day.
At that time, she really thought that Chuck’s reaction was too cute, but now after these things, Yvette’s mentality changed.
Anyway, Chuck looked at her like this, Yvette sighed, “No, absolutely not!”
Yvette can’t do it for the person who killed his grandfather. Here, Yvette Yvettenan cannot cross.
Chuck said in Yvette’s ear, there was embarrassment in Yvette’s pale face, and there were some shame, as if he heard Chuck’s words like this, “Hubby, don’t talk nonsense, I never have that one myself. After that, don’t talk nonsense.”
Yvette found it difficult to speak, Chuck actually said that if he didn’t help him, or talk to her, then he would help himself in reverse…
How could she have this thought? I just want to go to the country and meet my mother.
Chuck believes that, with Yvette for so long, Chuck has never seen Yvette stay in the bathroom for a particularly long time, and naturally has no one of his own.
Yvette’s heart is still very pure, and he still controls himself.
Therefore, her willpower is so strong. After all, Yvette is 20 years old and still intact, and she has never secretly done anything. This insistence is the source of willpower.
“Hubby, don’t say, I’m going to the airport.” Yvette struggled to avoid Chuck.
“I will accompany you,”
“No, you are going to school.” Yvette insisted.
Chuck sighed, Yvette insisted that Chuck’s coercion was useless, but Chuck still wanted to find out about his mother. Is there any misunderstanding? My mother didn’t just kill people casually.
“Wife, are you going to kill my mother?” Chuck asked.
“I don’t want to answer this question.” The pain in Yvette’s heart was aroused by this sentence.
Karen Lee killed his father, and grandfather’s words, Karen Lee took everything from his father, so he was so rich. Yvette will never give up on this matter.
Thinking, the cruelty in Yvette’s eyes came out.
Chuck didn’t say anything. He certainly wouldn’t let his mother be in trouble. Now Yvette should not know that his mother is still in the country.
Hearing Chuck’s sigh, Yvette’s eyes were gone, “Don’t ask, OK?”
Chuck didn’t have this, and said to send Yvette to the airport. Yvette agreed after hesitation.
Chuck went to find Murongqing. Where did he have a car at this time? Only Murongqing was still waiting by the roadside.
Murong Qing hummed the car and Chuck pulled Yvette to sit back.
After these few days of thinking, Chuck was really reluctant to let go, still thinking about letting Yvette go to school to teach.
Yvette was helpless, but fortunately Murong Qing was concentrating on driving, did not look at himself behind, and Chuckshou was honest.
But just thinking about it, Yvette was speechless, “What are you doing, husband? Don’t mess up!”
The back of Murongqing’s car was spacious. Chuck was lying on Yvette’s lap, just looking at her like this. Yvette was so blushed, but there was no way to recall the matter with Chuck.
Yvette Jordan was gentle.
Stretching his hand to touch Chuck’s hair, “Hubby, you haven’t slept all night, so get a good night’s sleep.”
This is what Chuck means. What can he do in Murong Qingche? In fact, Yvette was forced to resist even in her heart, but she should not be willing to refuse herself. Chuck knows Yvette better. She has a soft heart in her heart. No matter what happens now, how does the thing in the bone change? ?
Arriving at the airport, Murong Qing waited in the car and saw Chuck and Yvette go out. She hummed and her eyes closed again.
Chuck sent Yvette in, but how could he be willing? Yvette dragged him to the VIP lounge, Yvette collapsed, especially collapsed.
“Hubby, what are you doing?” Yvette refused.
Chuck just didn’t want Yvette to leave. If Yvette was doing something for the country, it was not a simple matter to call his mother and let her help.
There is no need to go to the country alone!
“I want it.” Chuck actually didn’t want to. He just wanted to stay with Yvette for a long time, and asked Yvette what he was doing in the country.
Chuck’s voice didn’t shy away. Several people nearby heard it. Yvette collapsed and covered Chuck’s mouth, “What are you doing, husband?”
She saw Chuck’s innocent look, Yvette sighed, “Well, my husband and I will go to the lounge with you, whatever you want, but today I have to go, if you don’t agree, I won’t go !”
Chuck smiled, and Yvette compromised, which means that he can continue to be more precise.
Yvette refused to refuse.
Chuck took Yvette to the VIP lounge. In fact, Chuck wanted to find a hotel, but the hotel in the airport was still far away. Chuck spent money to get in and could enter wherever he had money.
Chuck specifically asked for a separate lounge and spent a lot of money. Yvette sighed. There was really no way for Chuck. Looking at Chuck step by step, Yvette’s eyes were gentle.

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