My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 321

Chuck approached Yvette, and she said seriously, “Hubby, don’t touch my body first. If I do something, I won’t be able to explain it later.”
Yvette will not let Karen Lee go, but Karen Lee is Chuck’s mother. If she and Chuck have accidentally got it, what should they do?
Chuck stopped, he didn’t want to do anything, Yvette was haggard, Chuck could see, not to mention that she was seriously injured yesterday, Chuck just wanted to hug her, talk to her, ask questions clearly .
Chuck came and hugged Yvette.
Yvette was moved. Chuck was very honest. She didn’t do anything with her hands. She still felt pain in her body. It was indeed impossible to do anything else.
The two of them sat down, and Chuck was still lying on Yvette’s lap. Yvette sighed, “Hubby, we two are destined to become enemies.”
Chuck didn’t answer. He saw the struggle in Yvette’s eyes. She must be suffering now. Chuck decided that she must figure this out.
“I answer your question, husband, your mother, I will do it, I will, because she killed my dad… husband, you can kill me now, I will not resist.” Yvette continued.
Chuck sighed, how did he do it to Yvette? Yvette has suffered a lot recently.
“I am reluctant to deal with you, but…”
“But won’t you let me do it to your mother?” Yvette’s eyes were calm.
Chuck did not deny it.
“This is definitely not going to work. I am reluctant to deal with my husband. That’s because my husband and I have lived for so long. I like you. I don’t deny it, but I’ve seen your mother once. I have no feelings for her, let alone her. Also killed my dad, and her…” Yvette stopped.
“What else?” Chuck felt that when Yvette said the last time, there was a lot of cold in his eyes.
“It’s nothing.” Yvette didn’t want to say that Karen Lee took away his father’s family property.
Having said that, Chuck would have greater psychological pressure. Chuck is innocent.
“Hubby, you can sleep for a while, I hug you, sleep with confidence, I will not do anything to you.” Yvette did not sleep, she felt that watching Chuck was sleeping, she could be calm in her heart.
It is even more impossible to make a sneak attack on Chuck while Chuck is asleep.
Chuck sighed, how could he sleep? Even if he is sleepy.
“Hubby, you don’t want to sleep, then I… help you,” Yvette said softly. “After all, after this time, I don’t know how long it will be like this.”
Yes, Yvette went to the United States. I don’t know when to come back. Maybe he won’t come back. Yvette can’t be sure.
“If so, I prefer my wife to do nothing.” Chuck said.
Yvette’s eyes were sad, she was really making a fuss. She bit her lip and bowed her head to kiss Chuck. “Cute husband, go to sleep.”
But after she said this, the phone rang. Yvette took out his mobile phone and wondered, this was an unfamiliar number, but the place of attribution was actually from the United States. She was puzzled to answer the voice of a strange woman in it. Yvette had never heard it, but heard this After the voice, Yvette’s tears came out.
Chuck was surprised and sat up busy.
“Well, mom, I know, I will go back and wait for you. Mom, how are you?” Yvette cried.
This is her own mother’s voice, saying that she is coming to China to discuss things with Yvette.
“Grandpa is dead, do you know? So I am coming to Huaxia, right? Well, I know.” Yvette’s eyes could not stop her tears. This was the first time Yvette had heard her mother’s tenderness in so many years. sound.
I can hear that my mother is still very young.
Hanging up the phone, Chuck is ignorant, why does Yvette have a mother? where is this place? Want to come back to China? Did Yvette return to the United States just for his mother?
“Hubby, I’m not going to the United States.” Yvette collected his mobile phone. Just now his mother said that she had something to say to herself. She also knew that when Grandpa died, she would take back her own things, which is not possible now. If you fail, you will die, so you must come back to discuss.
Chuck was pleasantly surprised. Is this your mother-in-law who is coming to China?
“That time, it’s time to start school, and be a teacher again.” Chuck looked forward to, and Yvette Cenan’s school, Chuck had the mind to learn.
“I can’t do it.” Yvette’s eyes were sad, how to do it?
“Hubby, I will teach you well, but I can’t be a teacher,” Yvette added.
Chuck didn’t force it. Anyway, Yvette wouldn’t go to the rice country, so he could take her back.
“Is the husband still sleeping?…Hmm,” Yvette asked, and Chuck kissed her. Yvette collapsed, and there was no way to resist. He didn’t let go until Chuck was enough. “Wife, let’s go back.” .”
Yvette’s mother called and said that she would take a plane to Haishi Airport after solving the matter over the country in the past few days.
“Okay, but your mother, I won’t see you now. I will desperately meet her when I see it.” Yvette emphasized.
“But you can’t be my mother’s opponent.” Chuck sighed, how powerful is his mother? Ten Yvette are not opponents, and it is not even an exaggeration to say that my mother is really serious. Dozens of the current Yvette are not opponents, let alone only one?
“I know that even if she dies in her hands, I want to…”
“I won’t let my mother be in trouble, nor let you die.” Chuck said softly.
Yvette’s eyes were sad, but his heart was moved, but how would this develop?
Chuck took Yvette out and arrived at the parking lot. Murong Qing waiting in the car was annoyed. After so long, what did he do? Why don’t you come out? not? ?
What Murongqing thought of, “Asshole, let me wait for you, did you do that with her?
She wanted to drive away and forget to go back, but she couldn’t move. When she was angry, she suddenly saw Chuck and Yvette coming. Murong Qing was surprised. Why didn’t she go to the country?
Chuck opened the door and sat in. Chuck decided to take a good rest today and take a plane back tomorrow. Chuck was ready to start school.
“President Murong, please take us to dinner, then Yvette and I decided to go back tomorrow, how about you?” Chuck asked, all of them came together.
If Murong Qing said to go back, then Chuck would book her ticket.
“If you don’t go back, I’ll stay here for a few days.” Murong Qing was angry. Why do you follow me when you go back? But being sulky is sulking, and Murong Qing was a bit lost in his heart.
She drove ChuckYvette and Jordan to dinner. After eating Chuck and Yvette, she opened the room and slept. In the middle of the night, Yvette Ran called the wronged to ask Chuck, where is it? Did you forget her?
Of course, Chuck said no, and explained that Tian Tian was going back. Yvette Ran was even more wronged. He told Chuck for a long time, saying that Chuck didn’t talk about credit at all, and said that she promised her one thing, but it was like this.
Chuck couldn’t help it. She could only promise her one more thing, otherwise the phone could not be hung up.
Early the next morning, Chuck and Yvette took a plane back to the sea market, which was sent by Murong Qing. She saw Chuck and Yvette entering the airport. She was angry for a long time, and finally she could only sigh. What can you do?
Chuck and Yvette arrived at the airport. Chuck simply told Betty to reassure her that she didn’t let her come to pick up. Anyway, she could take the car back.
Yvette was silent because he came back again.
Chuck asked Yvette where to go? Would you like to visit the company? Recently, Sun Shangxue has been taking care of it. Yvette agreed, and she also wanted to see it, because that was her own hard work.
Chuck stopped the taxi and went to the square with Yvette, and Yvette came down. It hasn’t been here for a long time, but after Yvette saw the part-time Queenie, she looked at it for a few seconds and looked back. Chuck. ”Hubby, I ask you something.”
Chuck casually asked casually, Yvette’s eyes were a little weird, “Is there anything between you and Queenie?”
Chuck felt bad when he heard this. He only saw the upstairs. Queenie had just walked by. What did Yvette know? impossible? Chuck insisted, “What do you want to ask, wife?”

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