My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 322

Yvette sighed, it seems to be true, Chuck’s expression told her, Yvette would be angry before this, but now, Yvette can’t be angry, and he and Chuck can speak in the future. How can he imprison him?
“Wifey, I.” Chuck was anxious. He saw a little from Yvette’s eyes. How did she know?
Queenie certainly won’t say it. Chuck is puzzled. Is this the sixth sense of Yvette?
Or, what did Chuck suddenly think of? It wouldn’t be the first time when he and Queenie were in the room. Was Yvette waking up at the time?
Just didn’t say that at the time?
Chuck came up with this idea and found it impossible. Yvette did not have such a deep city.
“It’s okay, husband, we’re going up,” Yvette shook his head, and Queenie could not be seen upstairs anymore, and he beat her last time.
Chuck wanted to confess, but how did he confess? Say that in your room, Queenie helps herself when you Yvette is asleep? Yvette would be very angry after the words came out.
“Wife, me,” Chuck thought Yvette would be angry?
“Have you confessed to me?” Yvette looked at Chuck.
“It’s hard to tell?” Yvette’s eyes were curious.
Chuck nodded stubbornly, it was really difficult to speak, the first time in the room, it was difficult to speak, but the second time in the bathroom, it was really a misunderstanding, but the misunderstanding, he was finally what Queenie did, Ready to go, no way!
“Yes.” Chuck held back for a long time, if Yvette insisted on asking, then Chuck would be more frank.
“It’s okay, my husband, you and I are not as good as before, I can’t delay you anymore,” Yvette was gentle, and will definitely become an enemy.
It’s just this enemy, Yvette can’t stop.
Chuck sighed, of course, it was not good to continue. Going up with Yvette, but I owe it to seeing Zelda who is decorating. Yvette’s eyes are cold. “Hubby, you did a lot of things.”
Chuck is embarrassed.
After so long, Chuck touched Queenie and Zelda. The other Chuck did nothing.
Zelda saw Yvette and Chuck, and the grievances in her heart came out, but she was slapped by Yvette. She sighed and went in to continue to check the decoration, almost almost Opened.
In the face of Yvette, of course, Chuck could not go to see Zelda. Finally, Yvette was brought back, and Yvette was angry again. Chuck could not do it. He could only watch at night, could he? Call Zelda to comfort her.
The two went outside.
In the company, Sun Shangxue had a headache, and the company was temporarily maintained, but there was a person who was always looking for Yvette. This person was Wilbur Wendel!
That’s right, since the last time he told Yvette, the square owner was Chuck, but he didn’t see what he wanted to see. He wanted to see Chuck break up with Yvette and wanted to see Chuck.
Failed because he was particularly unhappy because of Zabrina’s last time!
“Yvette is really not here. You have seen it. I am helping her manage the company.” Sun Shangxue was helpless.
“No, I will come again tomorrow!” Wilbur Wendel stood up. He found that the square business was much better and the flow of people was much higher. His father regretted selling the square.
He regretted it even more. The key is that Chuck didn’t show up recently. What did you do?
“What are you doing?” Yvette’s eyes came down.
Wilbur Wendel was pleasantly surprised, but when he saw Chuck behind him, he felt a little bad.
Yvette would not tell Chuck about that? It should not be, because Yvette said at the time, as long as it was told, then Chuck would be killed by the car.
“What are you doing,” of course Wilbur Wendel pretended not to know anything, and he said hello to Chuck, “Chuck, where have you been recently? I’m going to play with you.”
Chuck smiled, “Something went out.”
But before Chuck’s words were finished, Yvette pulled Chuck aside. ”Hubby, don’t talk too much to this person.”
Yvette saw it, Chuck didn’t know what Wilbur Wendel told himself about the square. This is a villain.
Chuck accidentally, “Why?”
“No, why don’t you go out?” Yvette’s eyes were chilled, so angry, Wilbur Wendel was annoyed. “Chuck, what’s wrong with your woman, you…”
Yvette slapped out. Hitting Wilbur Wendel’s face, Chuck was forced. Wilbur Wendel was so stunned that even Sun Shangxue, who was very surprised to see Yvette, was stunned.
“You, dare to beat me?” Wilbur Wendel was shocked, he was beaten by Yvette? ?
“Go away, did you hear me? Get close to my husband again, I will kill you!” Yvette said ruthlessly.
Chuck was shocked. At this time, Yvette’s eyes were so cold.
Wilbur Wendel snorted. In front of Chuck, he didn’t dare to be arrogant. After all, he knew that there was a Beijing surname Tang behind Chuck…
Wilbur Wendel walked out with his swollen cheeks, and Chuck recovered, “Wife, you…”
Chuck didn’t expect Yvette to beat Wilbur Wendel at all. What happened?
“Hubby, don’t go with him, he’s a villain!”
Chuck understood, just curious, how did Yvette know this?
Chuck didn’t ask much. Yvette said that, it certainly makes sense. Wilbur Wendel may really be a villain, but he also helped him. Didn’t Ye Zimei’s last thing cooperate with him?
Sun Shangxue came over and gave Yvette his latest job. Yvette’s eyes were sad, “No, this company, it will be yours later.”
Sun Shangxue was shocked, “Yvette, what are you doing?”
Chuck sighed. He saw Yvette’s reluctance and could only come out on his own to see Yolanda and asked by the way how the square and the land were.
But Chuck just came out and saw that there were a lot of people below, what was watching, this seemed to be Lara’s milk tea shop, what’s wrong?
Chuck went on in doubt and happened to meet the panicking Yolanda.
“What happened to Yolanda? What happened?” Chuck felt bad.
“The Lara milk tea shop had an accident, and the person who drank the milk tea was poisoned,”
Yolanda was helpless. She had just learned about the matter and had to go on to deal with it.
Chuck was surprised and was poisoned? This is not a trivial matter, “How many people are poisoned?”
“More than a dozen.” Yolanda was serious. “I know Lara should not do this. She is still more conscientious in business. I am just worried that if someone deliberately targets the square, then it will be in trouble.”
Poisoning by more than a dozen people is not a trivial matter! Bad handling, who dares to come to the square? Also, no one should have the courage to face the square, right?
Still look at it and judge, Chuck and Yolanda ran down.
This was an emergency. Yolanda immediately asked the security guard to come and call the police. At the same time, Chuck saw that Lara had a slap mark on her face. She was beaten and she burst into tears.
The same is true for Charlotte. Chuck found that Lara’s eyes were all wronged. It doesn’t seem to be Lara’s problem. Was his square really targeted? Open your eyes!
“Chuck, Chuck.” Lara ran over crying. “Chuck, there is no problem with my milk tea. They must say that it is poisoned in my milk tea, huh.”
Lara was slapped a few times and grieved to cry. In this respect, she was very strict. She bought the goods herself. How could she do such a thing?
But at this time, so many people said they were uncomfortable and vomited. Lara was very panic. If these people had an accident, would they have to go to jail?
“It’s not your fault. It’s okay.” Chuck comforted, Lara nodded in grievance, and even moved.
Since I haven’t seen Chuck for a long time, it has become so gentle?
Chuck and Yolanda walked into the crowd and Yolanda dealt with it, asking what was going on? It is said that it became like this after drinking Lara’s milk tea. Yolanda frowned and walked to Chuck’s side, “I think someone wants to do something.”
Chuck felt the same, he looked at Lara, “Can’t come yet?”
Lara ran to Chuck, “I really did not mess up, you believe me,”
“I’m not saying that you are messing up,” Chuck looked at the people around him. “I’m asking you, did anyone offend you recently?”
“No, I didn’t go out.” Lara shook his head hurriedly.
“No?” Chuck frowned, his eyes chilling, “So is it really aimed at me?”

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